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There are many websites on the internet, though only a few of them receive heavy traffic regularly. The rest of them just hang around waiting for the occasional user to make an appearance. Let’s say you want to make a website and wouldn’t want your site confined to the outer fringes of cyberspace, what would you do? Well, you could part with large sums of money and launch the biggest advertising campaign in the history of the internet. Yeah, that would work pretty well, only that the average web developer does not have that kind of money to begin with. What do we do now? Lets see, I think you should make the website as great as possible, then let its fame spread slowly, with satisfied customers doing all the advertising for you. Come to think of it, the big league websites, the mega sites, most of them began as small time (sometimes experimental ) sites with little or no claim to fame. However, they were winners just waiting for the right time to reveal themselves to the world. So, how do you make sure that your site is a winner? Well, I will tell you what features set the winning sites apart from the competition. It’s up to you to incorporate these ideas into your site.
1. Memorable name
The first thing a web user will probably come into contact with is the sites name, e.g. in a search engine`s result. It’s up to you to put as much appeal and creativity into the site as possible.

2. Site layout
Let’s say the user has been sufficiently drawn in by the name, and decided to check out the site to see what it’s all about. The site must have an appealing layout and should be relatively simple to navigate. Remember the KISS principle: keep it simple, stupid!

3. Color coordination
Color coordination and a great layout go hand in hand since they work together to create an impressive first impression. Don’t go mixing up crazy colors like luminous green and screaming red-unless you are targeting the punk rock crowd.

4. Functionality
The website should be able to justify its existence in the sense that it is useful to its users. It should do what it is intended to do and do it well. A search engine should, for example be able to do a thorough search and display correct results. There is no excuse for a perfectly designed website which does everything but the very thing it was created for. Remember, users will judge it on how well it carries out its intended purpose.

5. Originality
Let’s say you have all the above points nailed. The finishing touch should be a dash of creativity and originality that sets it apart from all other (read similar) sites. Give your site an edge over the competition and it will draw traffic to it like a magnet.

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