Five Basic but Useful MySQL commands

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Five Basic but Useful MySQL commands

MySQL is the most popularly used database query and maintenance software. It has an excellent API and language bindings with most major languages – PHP, Python, C++, Ruby. Below are listed five very basic but useful SQL commands –


This command is used in almost all interactive queries from a MySQL database, to request for tuples (rows). It is the most easy to use and basic command in MYSQL.


This command creates a table with the desired name and attributes. If necessary, it can borrow fields from other tables.


This command is used to insert new tuples (rows) in a table. It has 3 variations – INSERT … VALUES, INSERT … SETS, INSERT … SELECT. The first two statements insert explicitly mentioned values as tuples (rows), whereas the third is used to insert values from one table to another based on certain queries.


This command is used to alter the structure of any table after it is created, for example, create, destroy or rename fields (columns), or change column attributes.


This SQL command is very commonly used, to update the tuples (rows) to some changed value based on certain queries.

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