FFmpeg – an integral part of VLC Media Player

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In the world of multimedia, video has evolved a long way in the last few years. There have been different formats coming up each day, with each bettering the other. However, the problem has been to use different formats in one media player itself. Mostly, it has been a frustrating experience for users, having to download separate codecs for different formats.

However, VLC Media Player has been able to solve the problem with the help of FFmpeg, a set of software library that enables recording, uploading, streaming of video files, apart from its main feature: converting one video format to another. FFmpeg is free and open source software, much like VLC, which has implemented parts of the project and is now reaping the benefits of it.

VLC is a media player that supports a lot of different audio and video formats, along with file formats like CD and DVD, and protocols like HTTP, UDP and RSP. Its main feature is to stream over the network and provides the user with the ability to transcode and save them in various formats. It is a cross-platform player, which makes it possible to be used in most operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux to name a few. It is also licensed to GNU General Public License (GPL) which gives developers the freedom to view the source code, edit and then distribute the modified version without any copyright issues.

The feature to support so many video formats is due to the fact that it includes a lot of codecs from the libavcodec library of the FFmpeg project. However, it has its own muxers and demuxers and therefore doesn’t include the libavformat library of the FFmpeg project. However, VLC also supports a few codecs that are not included in the FFmpeg’s libavcodec. However, the inclusion of libavcodec allows the player to support DVD Video and MPEG-4 playback, along with MKV and OGG file formats without needing external codecs.

VLC also has certain features that set it apart from others in the market. It can play videos that are incomplete or damaged in nature. Thus, if an user is downloading video files using a torrent client, he or she would still be able to view the content in bits while downloading. Moreover, it also has the ability to play TS files while they are being transferred from the HDV camera via cable, which makes it possible to view the video while being captured.

This free and Open Source Software is the talk of the town with so many features associated with it. However, the best feature of the player is attributed to the FFmpeg project, and with the development of the FFmpeg project, the VLC Media Player is sure to get better. BounceWeb provides FFmpeg hosting. Please visit us at http://bounceweb.com/ffmpeg-hosting.html for more details. Here are some YouTube Clone Scripts that is fully compatible with our hosting.

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