Features of CPanel- Fantastico

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Features of CPanel- Fantastico

“Fantastico De Luxe” is a third party add-on which can be used with cPanel interface. It is used to install a variety of web applications and scripts. It supports mostly open source programs. The installed application is ready in minutes. There is also a provision to check for the latest version of installed application. It is required when developing a website for the first time. Even novices can use this tool without much prior knowledge. It is mostly used to create databases, adjust permission, install software, manage configuration files etc.

features of cpanel fantastico

Numerous scripts are available, that can be utilised according to the needs of the user. Some of them are

Discussion boards

These are very popular discussion forum or a bulletin board. Various websites use these to make their own forums alongside their main site. SMF is full featured form of the application, but phpBB2 is the most popular choice.


This has gained huge popularity over the last few years because of its simplicity of implementation and ease of use. eCommerce websites can be accessed right from our homes with the help of internet. We do not have to go to the market to do shopping. Because of its huge success every organisation tries to have their own eCommerce website and thousands of eCommerce sites have popped up by now, and the number is growing exponentially. Cube Cart and Zen Cart quite popular open source eCommerce sites. osCommerce is a little difficult to manage but highly powerful and configurable.

Portal sites

These are actually link sites that present information in a much unified style on a single web page from various other web sources. They make getting updates about popular events, news columns and articles very easy. “Mambo” and “Joomla!”are very popular dynamic web-management system holding pages up to several thousands. “Drupal”, “PHP-Nuke”, “phpWebSite” are good modular portal site builders with high modular integrity.

Blog sites and image galleries

These are blog sites for simple information sharing or image sharing. Blog sites and image galleries can be made personal or for a company. “WordPress”, “Nucleus” are very good blog sites. Among image galleries are “4images Gallery”, “Coppermine Photo Gallery” etc.

Website Builders

These are web applications that help the novice site builders with a web interface through a normal web browser. This is the reason it has gained huge popularity and it is the defacto standard for numerous web hosting sites both free and paid. Notable among these are “Templates Express”.

Wiki sites

These are wiki style sites that can be hyperlinked with many pages of the same site. The pages can also be directly edited without the need of authentication and through the easy interface of a web browser. “Tiki Wiki” is a good wiki-style site with everything including image galleries, forums, blogs, tracker, newsletter and many more.

There are numerous other varieties of scripts for auction sites, customer support desk, survey and poll sites etc. This makes “Fantastico De Luxe” a dynamic, fast, powerful and easily manageable web development tool.

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