Fantastic Features of Fantastico

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Fantastic Features of Fantastico

Hi all,

Ever wondered how your favorite web applications get added to the website so easily? Well, there’s a commercial script library, known as Fantastico that executes script from the control panel of the website. According to the official website of Fantastico, it is operating on over ten thousand servers and is used by a million users all over the world.

One may add several popular and useful systems with the help of Fantastico scripts and it includes shopping cart software, wiki sites, blogs and photo sharing applications. So, what is it that makes Fantastico so fantastic? Read on, and we will discover.

The vast range of software applications that Fantastico scripts support is a big argument for its popularity. We’ll discuss some of the scripts available in Fantastico that make it so indispensable for website control panels.

Fantastic Fantastico Features

i. Blogs – Blogs have become an integral part of any community-based websites, especially after the advent of Web 2.0. Writing blogs or even commenting is a sign of collaborative approach towards the Web content creation, which happens to be the essence of Web 2.0. There are certain blog applications that are supported by Fantastico scripts.

While some applications provide features like multiple blog support, advanced search options and search engine friendly links, others provide future post option, bookmarks and many more. WordPress arguably the most popular blog application also provides password-protected posts, cross-blog tools, multiple author facility and many more.

ii. Content Management Systems – Content Management Systems or CMS is the future of web development. People no longer write codes from the scratch to make websites. CMS provides in-built templates for adding content and customizing the features. With plug-ins, modules and extension, developers can also add new features.

A few CMS that are supported by Fantastico generally have the features of search engine friendly URLs, online help, rich text editors, user-made templates, third-party applications and many more. The script library of Fantastico also supports Drupal, the most popular CMS.

iii. E-commerce – This is becoming an important part of the World Wide Web with each passing day. People are now shedding their inhibitions and transacting online for purchasing or even managing financial accounts. E-commerce comes with the added benefits of real-time transactions, dealing from your comfort point, etc.

E-commerce applications supported by Fantastico include shopping carts where one can add unlimited products and categories and many payment gateways with easily modifiable designs. These shopping cart applications also come with a certain modules that can be installed for enhanced functionality.

iv. Image sharing applications – The web is the newest place to share things ranging from documents to images to videos. With higher bandwidth available, people are now more eager to upload images on to the WWW, so that others can view and appreciate them.

Fantastico features a host of scripts for applications dealing with Image galleries. Most of these applications allow both web-based and FTP uploads, along with unlimited uploads, search features, thumbnailing pictures and other specific customization options.

Fantastico scripts do a lot more than what is mentioned above. However, one would argue in Fantastico’s favor that it makes adding web content a lot easier, and thus the whole web designing process truly becomes fantastic!

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