Fantastico: Enhanced Web Hosting

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Fantastico: Enhanced Web Hosting

Fantastico is a php based Web application which in used in conjunction with cPanel, an integrated online panel, to automatically install different open source applications, scripts or programs into your website.  Fantastico is the ideal platform for an enhanced web hosting experience, with the ability to install hundreds of scripts and applications, along with regular auto update features which keep your website updated. When a new website is created, or a new application is added to an already existing site, Fantastico scripts are executed. The Fantastico scripts usually create new tables in a database, install some particular software, adjust permissions for that particular software/application and then modify the server configuration files to allow the script to be executed. Although Fantastico primarily runs open source applications, there are certain proprietary products can also be installed using Fantastico scripts; however, these instances are extremely rare. It is designed to run on Unix-like platforms. Fantastico scripts are used to install some very common applications to websites. These include Content Management Systems, Wikis, Blogs, Photo sharing software and online shopping fronts.

Web Content management

Webmasters can efficiently control their websites using Control Management Systems (CMS), with increased control over addition of new applications and building new features into the website. Most web hosting accounts provide some form of integrated site builders, which are of a much inferior quality when compared with CMS. Fantastico offers CMS facilities, ideal for operating medium to large sized websites where various levels of accessibility and permissions need to be assigned for proper administration. Community-based sites often utilize CMS facilities offered by Fantastico, such as Joomla, Mambo and Drupal.

Fantastico-Enhanced Web Hosting


The blogosphere is one of the most powerful mediums for both discussion and advertisement. Blogs marked the advent of social networking platforms. Fantastico offers a large variety of blogging applications, which includes WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms.

Fantastico-Enhanced Web Hosting

Building Customer relations

It is absolutely essential to establish a good rapport with the customer base, and to keep them satisfied so that they can contribute towards a permanent loyal customer base. Fantastico offers certain interactive facilities such as online support centers, online help centers, php support tickets, all of which help to build a proper support infrastructure, to properly assist the customers in their queries. Apart from this, Fantastico has facilities to offer video tutorials, downloadable assistance documentation and manuals as well as FAQs.


Fantastico can also be used to develop an efficient online store for services and products. With the advent of online shopping, it is mandatory that e-shopping portals combine efficiency and simplicity with enhanced functionality in order to woo customers. Using Fantastico, web based store-fronts and e-shopping portals can be designed using easily available open source applications. As opposed to other shopping cart software, which can be quite heavy on your pockets, Fantastico is free and easily available.

Fantastico-Enhanced Web Hosting

Fantastico offers numerous other popular applications, such as discussion boards, photo sharing platforms and wiki facilities, without the pre requisite of extensive technical knowledge on the part of the developer, which is one of the main reasons why Fantastico is one of the most preferred web hosting applications used, both by novices as well as veterans.

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