Hackers in Facebook are on the loose

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Yes, it’s true that hackers worldwide are on the loose to invade Facebook, but take note that their intentions are to find a bug for the popular networking site in the world.

How does it work?

Facebook, has released a program called the Bug Bounty. The company will pay professional hackers or programmers to try to find the vulnerability in their system. It was also reported that Facebook pays $500 per bug but will shell out more money for exceptional issues. The reward will increase on how serious the bug is, and only one bounty per security bug will be awarded to the person.

The following bugs aren’t eligible for a bounty (and we don’t recommend testing for these):

Security bugs in third-party applications (e.g., http://apps.facebook.com/[app_name])
Security bugs in third-party websites that integrate with Facebook
Security bugs in Facebook’s corporate infrastructure
Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
Spam or Social Engineering techniques

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