Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

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Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

The social life and activity of people has been affected enormously by Facebook. It allows people to continuously stay in touch with their relatives, colleagues and other acquaintances even if they are anywhere in the world. It provides gaming applications for the users which makes Facebook more spicy and delightful using it. Facebook’s prominence as a platform of gaming and video sports rocketed in 2009 and 2010, and now more than 60% of registered Facebook users play the games provided. Day by day, social gaming is going entertaining for people and great business for the social networking companies. Some of the popular gaming application provided by Facebook are:

Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

Farmville (about 30 millions daily players)

Mafia wars

Angry birds

City Ville

Gardens of time

Doubledown casino

Castle ville

Indiana jones

Empires and allies

Slotomania- slot machines

Diamond dash

Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

Fun, Addiction or both?

Facebook gaming is a sort of addiction besides fun.  Here people play games against the real persons in the social network and also they swash their achievements  to the friends by sharing the scores. Taking an example of the game Farmville, which has about 30 million registered users on daily basis, the mania of gaming among their users can be justified clearly. The duration of the use of application was average 6 to 7 hours daily, which gives a shadow of the idea how addictive the game is. Although, many other people hates the Facebook gaming also, little strange for Facebook gaming fans.

Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

Acts as Bridge of communication

It is a good source of networking and communication. Most of the time, people generally play with the unknown people online on Facebook, which makes a sense of familiarity between the players even though they are from different countries and never met before. Hence, these also act as a river bridge of  interaction for those users who believe in being frogs of well.

Used as business branding purpose

Some companies use the gaming application of Facebook as a publicity token. Let us take an instance of NBA Legend Facebook game application, an official game in Facebook of the NBA( National Basketball association), which is in collaboration with Lionside, a social developer of games and applications. It was launched on feb’11 and has been played by more than 1 million monthly registered users. And getting 4.8 out of 5 rating by the users would surely help any company to enhance their business branding and publicity(with some appreciable shares for the Lionside game developer) .


Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs


Market: Growing together with the popularity

Today Facebook has more than over 700 million users worldwide and exponentially increasing day by day, and hence the users of Facebook gaming application. Zynga, which is one of the leading social gaming companies, approximates the profit of $630 million in 2011-12( $1.8 million of revenue).

Finally concluding , Extreme of anything can be harmful, and it is also applicable on the Facebook gaming.

Game owning companies are expecting their own profits and advantages, so people must also aware of the use and overuse of these games and applications. They are good for Entertainment and networking until they become an addiction.

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