Ethics of Online Advertising in a Website

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Ethics of Online Advertising in a Website

Web developers often display advertisements to the visitors to earn money. It is a popular approach to use services like Google AdWords that display customised advertisements based on the customer data. But advertisers should follow certain ethics when giving out customer data to advertising services –

1. Privacy Statement

A website dealing with client data should always display a privacy statement that is easily noticeable to the user. It must state in clear words what rights it reserves with the data supplied. In case the data is used, a statement should be made available to the client proclaiming that the website reserves all rights to use the supplied data in a way as and how they wish to.

2. Safety of Personal Information

Personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses and passwords should not be revealed to the advertising service, since this grossly breaches privacy of a client. Such data must be stored with proper security. Clients should be made aware that their personal information is not used, this increases customer trust.

3. Content should be more important

Advertisements must not be obtrusive and imposing on the user, and web designers must make it a priority to serve the contents demanded by the client in a way that it assumes prime importance in a web page and is easily available.

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