Education 2.0 – what it means for web hosting?

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Education 2.0 – what it means for web hosting?

Soon after the term “Web 2.0” was coined by Tim O’Reilly at a conference, a host of other 2.0 terms came into existence, one of them being Education 2.0. The main idea behind the term is revolutionizing the methods of learning by incorporating concepts like e-learning and sharing of knowledge through the internet.

What comprises of Education 2.0?

Like Web 2.0, it encourages collaboration and thus most e-learning websites have user-created content. Wikis have come up as a major tool for the purpose, where information about a concept, or updates on a project can be easily shared.

Better means of communicating

Boring text has been replaced by crisp yet informative slides, videos and online classrooms. These are not only more effective in communicating the message but leaves a scope for interaction with the audience.

The change in web hosting needs

The changing environment of e-learning has an impact on the web hosting requirements as well. Such sites require more bandwidth, more space for videos to be uploaded and played on a real-time basis. Online classrooms are basically multi-user multi-tasking software programs, and need extremely robust servers to handle the huge number of users and amount of data.

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