Drupal Hosting: How good is it?

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Hi all,

If you are looking to create a web site of your own in a jiffy, loaded with cool features and lots of functionalities, a content management system is the thing for you! And, just going by the popularity scale, Drupal comes first into the mind.

So, what exactly is a content management system or CMS? A content management system is basically an application that helps normal users with no or very little knowledge of programming, to create, store, control and manipulate web content and create web applications easily. You would probably find hundreds of such content management systems in the Internet providing such services. However, Drupal seems to be the best of the lot, as most people generally prefer to use it.

So, the question remains: How good is it actually? Or rather, what makes Drupal such a successful project? Well, read on and we will soon discover.

Drupal’s main strength lies in its vast and widespread community that includes developers, testers and general users. Being an Open Source product written in PHP scripting language, anyone can download, use, distribute, modify and redistribute the modified version without any fear of getting into any copyright issues. It is licensed to the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL) and is therefore available for free with extensive customization features.

The other big reason behind its popularity is certainly its support for multiple platforms. Be it the free Apache servers or Microsoft’s IIS; Drupal runs on them perfectly. If you are apprehensive whether your Drupal would be compatible with your operating system, then you can be rest assured that it supports most operating systems including Unix, Linux, BSD, Sun Solaris, MS Windows and Apple’s Macintosh OS. Drupal also provides quite a few options for storing your web content, and presently supports the mostly used MySQL and PostgreSQL.

That’s not it! For people who are looking forward to adding cool stuffs to their websites, Drupal has a huge list of such feature-rich applications to choose from. With its modular approach, you can select your desired application module and add it to the main Drupal core (the main Drupal package). You can create polls on your site, simply by installing a poll module in your system, and then probably you can allow users to create polls in your site.

If designing means a lot to you, then Drupal gives you enough reasons to fall in love with it! Drupal segregates the content from the design, so you can probably manipulate the look of your site and also, you get to choose from a massive list of themes, already available on the Drupal site, courtesy the community contributions.

If you are still hungry for more, then Drupal has it for you! Drupal provides an application interface for creating weblogs with the help of a rich editing environment. If your site encourages discussion through comments, Drupal suits your needs perfectly, as its threaded comments model enables presentation of comments in a hierarchical manner. Drupal also has a powerful news aggregator that helps you publish news and articles from external sites. On the other hand, your content can be available to others in RSS format with the help of its Content syndication feature.

Well, Drupal has lots more than what can be discussed here. With so many features, and so much freedom to customize, its immense popularity over the Internet is completely justified.

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