Difference between Managed and Unmanaged hosting

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Difference between Managed and Unmanaged hosting

Web hosting is a service which makes the websites by individuals and organizations accessible via WWW (World Wide Web). The companies that own or lease the space on the server used by clients are the Web Hosts. Web hosts also provide internet connectivity and data centre space. The main scope of web hosting is web page hosting and file hosting which is used for uploading files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Web hosting may be required for personal websites where the number of web pages would be less. On the other hand, complex websites with server side scripting is also hosted on server which allows users to write and install scripts by making use of comprehensive package providing database support and can be developed using applications like PHP, ASP.Net. Hosing can be classified into Managed and Unmanaged hosting. The difference of using managed and unmanaged hosting services can be known while using a dedicated server.

The managed and unmanaged hosting can be differentiated as:

  • Managed servers: The web hosting companies manage and host the managed servers. The clients are able to set up domains and mailboxes but the sole responsibilities of necessary configurations and maintaining the server lies in the hands of the web host company.
  • Unmanaged servers: these servers are self managed by the clients or users, i.e. unlike the managed servers, the responsibilities of necessary configurations and maintaining the server lies in the users’ hands, hence it’s their duty to keep the server up to date and safe from hackers.
  • Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting: Though it’s known that unmanaged hosting is less expensive than managed hosting; but since all the responsibilities of the server now lies with the client, it requires technical knowledge and time to maintain and configure the server. Hence, it can be said that along with price, managed hosting also lessens the clients’ burden. Also unmanaged hosting cannot be used if your UNIX knowledge is limited.
  • Dedicated vs. Shared Hosting: It is advisable to adopt dedicated web hosting instead of shared hosting in case of hosting complex and large website which may affect the service to serve the clients. In shared hosting, the resources like disk space, bandwidth are shared by all the websites on that server resulting in limiting your growth to serve the clients. Dedicated hosting works by renting or owning space on the server for sole use. Hence, dedicated hosting is expensive than shared.

So the bottom line is which type of web hosting suits you the most. The main differences lie with factors: flexibility, cost-effective and control. Mostly, web hosting does not require great deal of flexibility unless the client wants to run own web applications. In most cases, the clients mainly want to setup a simple site with hosting account. It is also necessary to figure out the space required, and knowledge and experience of working on UNIX.


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