Developing a Target Audience Profile

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In another article I talked about knowing your visitors. But what if you’re building a new website, and you don’t have any visitors yet? Do you just start doing something until visitors come, and find out who they are later? No, of course not, that’s like inviting kids to a horror flick and rating it PG13 when one of them starts to cry! What you need to do, is develop a Target Audience Profile.

As I’ve said before, building a website just because you want to have a website is a bad idea. Especially if you want to make money with it or attract a large group of visitors with it. You need to know who you’re writing for, and if there is no audience yet, you need to decide who you WANT to write for. What kind of people do you want to have on your website. Do you want men? Women? Adults? Children? At this point it’s good to create a virtual character, someone that will help you focus. The person that you are going to create, will be the person that resembles your target audience.

Don’t think that just thinking about a person will be enough (get a pen and write, you lazy person!). You need to really create this character. Think of a name, draw a posture, a face, even decide on the color of his or her face. Think of the job this person has, if he or she likes life, if there are kids, how much money there is to spend, don’t be shy on the details, create this person.

Once you’ve created this person, you have the base of your target audience. You can leave it at this one person, but you don’t have to. You can create two, three, even five persons, als long as it makes sense and it enables you to write one article to please them all. Then, after a month or six, look what kind of visitors you’re attracting. If the visitors match your target audience, don’t change a thing. If it’s a total mismatch, then decide if you need to start writing differently or if you need to change your ‘person’ to fit your current audience more. It doesn’t matter which of the two you choose, as long as you find out who it is you write for.

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