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First of all, let me clarify that Deep Freeze is not the perfect software to safeguard your computer system because of a downside that we will explain later. Deep Freeze is the kind of software that will greatly help you by reducing IT costs. It can make your PC indestructible, and it can ensure 100% workstation recovery with every start.

According to Wikipedia, Deep Freeze by Faronics is a useful application for operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and SUSE Linux. It allows the system administrators to protect the core operating system, and workstation files by restoring a computer back to its original state configuration every time the computer restarts.

How does Deep Freeze works?

Technicilly speaking, the Deep Freeze is a kernel-level driver that protects hard drive integrity. When the Deep Freeze is activated, the information being written to the hard drive will no longer be referenced once the computer is restarted, and leaving the original data intact.

Deep Freeze can even protect your computer from harmful malware, and spyware because it will automatically delete the downloaded files when the computer is restarted. However, it does not provide real-time protection, and if you think that your system was infected by malicious spyware, or malware then all you need is to restart your system to remove them.

Deep Freeze by Faronics serves as an antivirus application. It does not slow down your computer noticeably. It only protects computer in a fresh-booted state, and it has a limited protection for your hard drive, operating system, and it can only protect hard drive partitions up to 2 TB (using NTFS) only.

As the name implies, Deep Freeze is the nearly perfect software to protect your workstation, most especially if you are running a computer rental shop. Remember, that once installed, Deep Freeze has two states, “thawed and frozen”. Frozen state will restore your system to the original state while the Thawed state will deactivate the Deep Freeze into your system.

What are the downside of Deep Freeze?

Actually, Deep Freeze is not perfect for office, student, or important use. It can’t save your file in the computer system because of the frozen state. From time to time, you will need to save important file or documents in a USB drive or any other storage device that doesn’t have a deep freeze installed in it. Most especially if you are downloading a file or video then power failure occurred.

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