Decoding the new Google Plus Look

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Decoding the new Google Plus Look

Google Plus is a social networking site launched by Google on June 28th, 2011 and now has over 170 million users. The Google+ user base is expected to increase more now with the new look. Competing with the social networking kings Facebook and Twitter, Google+ received a setback as it wasn’t able to capture the market as desired. However, to meet the user demand, Google+ is constantly adding new features since the beta launch. The new up-gradation of Google+ has rectified some of its flaws to attract new users. Though it has still got some blemishes, Google Plus seems to be a potential contender to be at the social networking world’s pinnacle.

Some of the changes brought in Google+ are:

Integration with Picasa: The integration of Google+ with Picasa Photo Editor makes it much easier to add pictures and edit them as required. The photo viewer is also better and the pictures can be easily shared with friends and families.

Explore: The new Explore page keeps you updated with what’s new in Google+.

Video Hangouts: Starting video hangouts or free video conferences with up to 10 people in a hangout is a lot easier now. The hangout section is expanded and has added several new features along with the list constantly updated of all the hangout invites.

Editing: Google+ now allows the users to edit the ribbon. Now it is possible for the users to place their favorite services at the top for easy access to them. You can similarly drop the applications or services not used by you to the “More” box at the bottom-right as you won’t be using them.

Easy Access to Actions: When you are hovering over an application, a set of actions for quick access will be presented. For example: hovering over the photos application will give you options for adding new images from an online album or your phone.

Activity Drawer: An activity drawer is a sliding out box displaying the +1s and the no. of shares of the post.

Google+ Vocabulary: A “Card” is a box containing all the posts and the related comments, +1s and shares. It has made scanning and joining discussions easier.

Customizing Circle Feeds: Using a slider that has now been provided with each of the circles you have created, it is now possible to determine the amount of message feeds of the circles to be displayed in the main all circles feed of your page.

Profile Pictures: The size of profile pictures has been increased.

More Space: The different icons have been shifted for providing more space for the posts.

All these feature upgrades have made Google+ more user-friendly and expects to attract more joining. However some flaws still remain. Comments in a post are displayed in white and light gray making it difficult to read. Also the new look has not been implemented for mobile and Smartphone versions. Also the “Whitespace” between the online list of friends and the news feed is very disturbing. Google+ needs to rectify these flaws to be able to capture the market.

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