Creating Web Applications made easy with Struts 2.0

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Creating Web Applications made easy with Struts 2.0

Struts 2.0 is an open source web application framework used to create web applications on the J2EE framework. It encourages the web application developers to adopt a model view controller (MVC) architecture. It was actually created by Craig McClanahan. The main aim of Struts is to separate the model, view and the controller. Struts 2.0 provide the controller and facilitates for the view of the presentation layer. The web application programmer is responsible for writing the code for the web application creation. The central configuration file that binds the model, view and the controller is also created by the web application programmer. This central configuration file is ‘struts-config.xml’. The “Actions” defined in the configuration file are actually the requests sent by the client to the controller. “Action Forward” is sent by the model to the controller telling it what output is to be sent to the client. Struts 2.0 is an example of a request based web application framework.



Creating web applications made easy with Struts 2.0

Here are a few important features of Struts 2.0

Thread Safety


It is a concept associated with computer programming and is used in context with multi-threaded programming. Any code made by a web application programmer with the help of struts 2.0 is thread safe, which means that the code prepared by the programmer can be used in multi-threaded environment.

Creating web applications made easy with Struts 2.0

Ajax support


One of the ways to create interactive web applications, used by the clients is Ajax. Struts 2.0 is very acceptable because of the Ajax support that is used to create web applications which are very interactive and user friendly and hence are very much in demand. One of the most important things in a program is its interactive behaviour with its users and that is what Ajax support in struts 2.0 does.

Creating web applications made easy with Struts 2.0

Simple testability


Struts 2.0 are http independent and are neutral towards the framework. It means that the struts 2.0 applications can be tested very easily on a system or server without being a hindrance or obstruction to the other objects present in the system or server and this independent structure of struts 2.0 is very much appreciated.

Creating web applications made easy with Struts 2.0

Simplified Actions


Actions are actually simple POJOs. An action class is precisely any java class having an execute() function. It is not needed to implement the interface on our part always. While developing the action classes, Inversion of control is introduced that in turn makes the action classes neutral to the framework?

Creating web applications made easy with Struts 2.0

Best Tag features


Style sheet driven markup capabilities are enabled by struts 2.0 tags. They are much more capable and very result oriented when it comes to creating web applications. The tags can be changed very easily just by changing an underlying spreadsheet.

Struts 2.0 is a very mature and well developed framework which is very popular among clients and the web programmers as well. There are other frameworks available in the markets which are termed as lightweight MVC unlike struts 2.0. In future there is always a possibility that these can form complex web applications by combining with struts. The future of web application creation seems very bright with Struts 2.0 and its capability to merge with other frameworks. So it is not long that we will have applications which we have only imagined till today.


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