Creating cool Joomla themes on your own

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Creating cool Joomla themes on your own

Creating cool Joomla themes on your own

Joomla is a famous award winning Web Content Management System (WCMS), which allows you to design websites and build powerful online applications. It is one of the most popular web-site software, its features like extendibility and easy to use has made its popularity to rise up. It is an open-source software, which is easily available to anyone free of cost. It helps you to keep track of each detail available on your website. The biggest advantage of joomla is that you almost do not need any technical skill or knowledge to operate and manage it.

Joomla can be easily installed manually from a source code from a system, which is running a web server that supports PHP based applications. Several companies provide a control panel that is used to manage a Joomla website.

Creating joomla themes are pretty easy. There are several tutorials available over net. You just need to go through them to understand and know how to work in a text editor such as Adobe Dream Weaver. You just need to download the software from internet and install it into your machine.

A template is the basic layout and overlook of a site. Once you install Joomla several templates are automatically installed. More than thousands of Joomla templates are available free of cost. The special features that can be implied using a template are:

Interesting layout

you will have the power to develop various layout and improve the overall outlook of the site.

Choosing Background

You can choose between as possible variants of colour for the background and other details.

Display Images

Images can also be displayed on the pages and you will also have the privilege to select the desired fonts.

Some basic templates are available over internet. You can download these templates and after some editing you can create your own theme. Else you can also create a basic template of your own. You can even upgrade a template just by few clicks. The next step is to create a basic index.php file.

Now the index.php file consists of a header and main body and sometimes with footer if essential.

The main features that Joomla provide are that it is easy to use and versatile and inexpensive. You can create any sort of website using the Joomla software. Commercial sites, forum, business directory sites, e-commerce sites, article directory sites, learning sites you can build any of them. You can sell eBooks using this software, you can launch coaching classes, and you can even make booking. Hence you enjoy complete freedom with this one piece of software. Even free Joomla training tutorials are available over net which will teach you as beginners and help you make your Joomla website up and running..

Creating cool Joomla themes on your own

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