Create simple applications with help of Android

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Create simple applications with help of Android

Android is actually a Linux dependent Open Sourced Operation System. It operating system is JAVA enabled which makes is more popular as various JAVA based mobile applications can be made here. Though Google has taken the major imitative in developing Android but it’s not the only owner of this software. There is an “Open Handset Alliance” consisting of a set of sixty five technologies, mobile companies and operators, handset manufacturers, semiconductor companies and many software companies. Google combining with this “Open Handset Alliance” forms the entire owner list of this software and they all contributed a lot in the development and commercialization of this operating system Android.

Android operating system has been released in three different versions; they are Android 1.6, Android 2.0/2.1 and Android 1.5. As already stated Android is an Open Sourced Software, so its source code is visible to all, thus any one can use this software and can even rebuilt the source code to make it more useful. Android operating system has an application known as “android application developers” which is very much useful for creating various applications for publishing and feedback purpose. Android is very flexible software, so those applications made from “android application developers” can easily execute on other platform like any version of Mac OS, Linux or Windows. Thus this application software is very common and is used for making various applications.

Things to be done by Android Application

Create simple applications with help of Android

Android’s Application Development

Android’s Application Development has given a new definition to the mobile technology. Android’s Application Development has given us various tools for developing dynamic and innovative applications for mobile phones.

Various important tools given by Android for developing dynamic and innovative mobile applications are

Android is compatible with various  advanced technologies like EDGE, GSM, CDMA, WI-FI, Bluetooth, EV-DO, UMTS  which is very much required for sending and receiving data via mobile network.

Android’s Application Development software also had various comprehensive libraries to incorporate 2D and 3D graphics in various applications.

Playing audio and video files and viewing high definition images are the necessary requirements for any modern mobile. So Android includes all types of audio and video file formats like MPEG4, H.264, WAV , MP3 , MP4, AMR-WB, 3GP and many others. It also supports all types of image format like JPG, BITMAP and GIF.

These days camera is another important crazy feature in mobile phones. Android gives this feature too in various modes of camera starting from VGA camera to high definition camera.

Touch screen, accelerometer, GPS and accelerometer are the other important features in modern mobile phones and Android are capable providing all these features.

Mobile application developed through Android

Create simple applications with help of Android

Four basic components of Android’s Application Development


This includes those applications running on the display screen, this the most active application running at that moment.

Broadcast Receiver

It is the ultimate reaction of some event like while calling, the phone starts ringing and vibrating.


This includes those applications running in background.

Content Provider

This shares data with other services and activities.

Interaction of Android with the application programmed

Create simple applications with help of Android

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