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When you want to make money with your website, or at least generate a large audience, creating a presence is the thing to do. Of course, just building a website is already something that is creating you a presence, but it might not be enough. Just picture a room full of people, with each person representing a website. You can go stand with those people, but you’ll just be one of many. Now, if you have not only a website, but also a blog, a YouTube channel, a MySpace-page, a Twitter account and a Wiki-page, suddenly there are six of you standing in the room. It will be hard to get around you then.

That’s exactly the point of creating a presence; you have to make sure that people can’t get around you (even if they wanted to, it’s okay to be annoying). You have to be careful about the way you’re doing that though. For example, it’s not smart to copy the content of your website, and just paste it in a blog to increase your presence on the web. The extra exposure you’re adding has to be something different. For example, if you have a website about how tough it is to be a man (and boy, it’s tough), you place a new article on the website. Then on your blog, you would post an article about the fact that you just wrote a new article, and provide people with some background info. Then on Twitter you could simply suffice by saying: I posted a new article on my manhood, check it out.

This way you are presenting your content in different ways, to attract people from different sources. And it’s not like you’re cheating. If you’re just duplicating, you’re cheating. Well, actually you’re just being stupid, because some people may buy the double content, but Google doesn’t, and your content won’t be indexed. Way to go. You can talk about the same stuff on different places, just make sure you do it in different ways, and add something special for every location.

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