CPanel software- making life easy for web hosts

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CPanel software- making life easy for web hosts

cpanel software

CPanel has evolved as an organization winning loyality of its customers by providing them applications full of new and dependable features. Panel organizations are backed with a team of technical engineers, program developers and quality experts to provide excellent support and customer service. CPanel provides Multilevel of administrations which include reseller, end user, admin and email based interfaces. The advantage of cPanel lies in the fact that the multilevel provide easy usage, security, and flexibility to every user i.e. from server administrator to mail account users. Cpanel software can be purchased online or from any stores and can be installed worldwide on any server.

CPanel along with WHM (WebHost Manager) provides an interface to allow website owners manage their site efficiently. They help in management of websites by simplifying complex assignments and providing the novices power to manage their accounts. The lovely combination of cPanel with WHM provides the following facilities to fulfill the needs of hosting customers.

CPanel software


CPanel interface provides faster understanding and provides video tutorials to help users onscreen. This provides customers to manage their account efficiently without help from customer care staffs.


CPanel with WHM provides virus protection, root kit detection, and other tools for locking the server. It not only keeps the server safe but also protects against new threats like-XSRF and XSS attacks.


The service of cPanel is quite reliable as if it detects a failed service, it automatically logout and restarts the service. New improvised version which includes DNS Clustering system provides healthy and hassle-free performance.


A variety of APIs are available for extending the functionality of this software. Many functions like creating and modifying of accounts are done using the combo of cPanel and WHM. A variety of new tasks which allows users to insert their own maintenance script while cPanel performs its own task like- changing the password of a user or update of MySQL. These tasks are possible by introducing the new XML and JSON API applications.


CPanel software automatically updates itself as well as the server’s software too. Fine control over automatic updates, allowing to disable it too if required is provided by the cPanel softwares.

Control of Server

Using cPanel a user is in full control of the server. The choice to use which version to run is entirely of the user. But the server can disable any specific function for a specific user if required. At times website owners can password protect a part of their sites and can even deactivate an account sharing the same password.

White-Label Reseller Support

CPanel and WHM allows white-label resellers to sell accounts. The cPanel logo and the name server can be replaced by resellers according to their own convenience.

Web Developer Friendly

CPanel gives wide range of facilities to web developers but keeping in view that their task doesn’t affect other users on the server.

Winding up shortly, the cPanel and WHM software packages is not only reliable but also makes life easy for website owners, developers and servers. It performs essential tasks easily, fastly and most reliably giving full freedom and satisfaction to the users.

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