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Features and benefits of cPanel Fantastico

Fantastico is one of the 3rd party cPanel add-ons that can be purchased and be added to the standard interface of cPanel. Fantastico will let you to install wide range of open source scripts quickly. Within minutes, the scripts can be installed by selecting the script and by providing with some of the basic information. Fantastico is designed in such a way that the entire script you install will always be the newest available.

cPanel Fantastico Scripts

Some of the scripts that are available for the installation in Fantastico are:
-b2Evolution: it is a Blog script featuring categories/sub-categories, multiple Blogs etc.
-Nucleus: it is one of the powerful Blog scripts featuring the multiple Blogs, bookmarklets, bookmarklets, multiple authors etc.
-WordPress: this is a personal publishing tool that will help to focus on featuring cross-Blog tool and aesthetics, password protected post etc
Content Management:
-Drupal: it is one of the advanced portals with collaborative book, online help, full content search, search engines friendly URLs, threaded comments etc.
-Mambo: it is a professional level CMS and it is easy to use featuring the inline WYSIWYG content editors, syndicated news, news feeds, banners, links manager, mailing users etc.
-Php-Nuke: it is one of the popular community based portals along with the huge choice of modules and languages.
-SiteFrame: it is a straightforward CMS which is designed for the rapid deployment of various community-based websites. It has the features of Nice-looking templates, clean interface and oriented towards the document-sharing,
Customer Relationships:
-Crafty Syntax: this is a Live Help chat room system featuring the monitor of your visitors, multiple chat sessions; proactively open a chat session, referrer tracking etc
-Help Center Live: this is a very powerful help center which includes Live Help, FAQ and Support Tickets and the Features include monitor visitors, unlimited operators/departments, initiate chat etc.
-osTicket: this features email piping, unlimited email addresses, pop3 login, admin/staff/user panels etc.
-Support Logic: this is a support tickets system that has the features of multiple email addresses, canned responses, admin/staff/user panels etc
Discussion Boards:
-Invision Board: this is a popular open-source for bulletin-board packages that works well with admin panel and simple user interface
-SMF: powerful, Elegant Effective and free. SMF is the community software package for the next generation and is packed with wide variety of features
-CubeCart: this is an easy to use powerful shopping cart available
-OS Commerce: this is a power-user shopping cart along with variety of modules
-ZenCart: this is a free, open source and user-friendly shopping cart system.
Image Galleries:
-4Images Gallery: offers the unlimited categories/subcategories, FTP and web-based images upload etc.
-Coppermine: With albums and categories, intermediate and thumbnails size pics etc
-Gallery: Features albums within the albums, captions, thumbnailing the specific picture area, rotate etc.
Mailing List:
-PHPlist: this is a powerful mailing list having the features of multiple mailing lists and also the attachments as well.
Apart from the above mentioned features, there are whole lots of other features as well.
If you are a hosting company and using the cPanel with Fantastico, then you can add many attractive features to your site.

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