CPanel and FTP: File sharing and Website hosting

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CPanel and FTP: File sharing and Website hosting

Internet access is something which is taken for granted, and most individuals depend on the Internet for sharing their files, be it music, videos or documents, with their co-workers, friends, relatives and family. However, as the Internet gets more and more cluttered and congested each day, gradually sharing and moving files will become more problematic. Even though there are a host of service providers who provide free file sharing and storage in the form of e-mail accounts, where files can be shared by attaching them with e-mails, the principal problem here is that there is a limitation on the size of the file that can be attached. Similarly, there is a restriction on the total storage space available per account.

cPanel and FTP -File sharing and Website hosting

FTP Hosting

FTP hosting is one of the easiest solutions to the limitations of online storage and transfer that are imposed by free service providers. Online FTP site hosting is a cost effective way to sending large files via e-mail, and has a large number of other benefits as well. The main advantage that FTP hosting has to offer is the fact that there is a separate bandwidth and storage space for downloading and uploading files from the web. As such, you will not have to expend your main bandwidth or storage space for downloading files; it is left for website traffic. Using the main website bandwidth for downloading would expend the available bandwidth at a rapid rate, which is undesirable. FTP hosting sites also provide a greater storage space, which can be used to store your files. Even though it is a paid service, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Advantages of FTP hosting

Fast and secure means to transfer and share files over the Internet

Greater storage capacity and files can be accessed from anywhere

Access to all files and folders are password protected. Access permissions can be modified

Extremely cost-effective

cPanel and FTP -File sharing and Website hosting

All FTP hosting services come with a control panel, which can be used for controlling the applications on the front page. One of the most popular control panels is cPanel, which is used in several websites.


CPanel packages usually offer Fantastico scripts which can be added over your existing domain name easily and swiftly. These applications can then be utilized by visitors to your website. Some common applications offered include wiki software, discussion forums and photo galleries. These applications can also be updated depending on the requirement. With cPanel, it becomes much easier to set up your website. The domain is automatically linked to the database, and application installation is simple and easy, quite unlike traditional hosting services which require everything to be done manually, leading to several complications.

cPanel and FTP -File sharing and Website hosting

cPanel and FTP -File sharing and Website hosting

CPanel hosting

CPanel hosting usually acts as a control panel for the website, a panel which has the controls to the applications which have been installed into the website. This makes it easier to access and modify the website content as and when required by the owner, without having to depend on a webmaster’s services. The file manager is easy to operate and allows easy access to the files stored with the host domain. This makes it simple to add new features in the website for the benefit of the site visitors. Using cPanel, it is possible to set up email accounts associated with the current domain. Additional sub domains and FTP protocols can also be created easily for ease of file transfer and sharing, especially when the files are large. Users will also find it simpler to execute Perl scripts, or use the Sendmail option for automatic emailing. Thus, it is easy to see why cPanel is the most popular platform when it comes to web hosting.

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