Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

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Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

A content management system (CMS) is a specialized software package that can manage the contents of a website. Content of a website refers to almost everything that one can see on a website- photos, text files, music, video, etc. The principal advantage that comes with a CMS is the effortless management of the website without the requirement of detailed technical know-how. Since almost all CMS packages have a relatively simple and interactive console, it can be easily operated by individuals without extensive technical skill.

Joomla is a free, open source CMS package which can be used to provide the website with its basic structure and navigator controls. Features and add-ons can be easily installed onto the basic platform by the end-users as well, due to the open-source platform which helps them to develop their own additions on the existing platform rather than having to start from the very beginning. The Joomla advantage also includes the fact that now business owners, with very basic technical knowledge, can easily maintain their websites instead of having to outsource it to webmasters. They can edit and modify their content according to their requirements, instead of depending on the webmasters.

Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

The impact of social networks on the lives of Internet users cannot be denied. Through social networks, we can virtually connect to hundreds and thousands of people, from all over the globe. As such, it is imperative that these networking sites have emerged as potential publicity mediums for products and services. Through these websites, it is possible to reach out to a specific target audience all over the world. In this age of social networking, Joomla has become another indispensible adage in the arsenal of the web developers.  That is because Joomla provides the capability to connect any news feeds, videos, RSS updates, or virtually anything to your favourite networking site, or your blog, be it Twitter, Facebook, WordPress or MySpace, just with the click of a button. Small but useful widgets like the share button, Facebook Like button, the Tweet button are now standard issues on almost all websites as more and more web developers warm up towards the idea of the power of publicity through networking sites. Other plugins help to keep you connected to your network profile even while surfing. You can now see what your friends have shared or commented, what your favourite celebrity has quoted, how your favourite soccer team has fared and so on. And as with everything else in Joomla, these widgets and plugins are really easy to install, requiring just a few clicks at most.

Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

The advantages of using Joomla to remain connected to social networking sites are enormous –

Joomla extensions are easily available and can be installed easily at the click of a button. They don’t require detailed technical know-how to manage, and can be easily maintained by almost anyone.

Joomla being an open source package, these plug-ins and widgets are available free of charge

In case of business pages, sharing business updates about products and services on networking sites ensures that individuals interested in them can regularly follow these updates

Sharing links and videos with your virtual friends gets much easier and simpler

Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

Enjoy the world of social networking with Joomla Hosting and Bounceweb!


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