Comparing Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and Tortoise SVN

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Comparing Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and Tortoise SVN

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe or VSS is well known source control software. It is a developed and used efficiently for small enterprise’s requirements. It is easily implemented for the small software projects. The source code is the raw element of any project. It is at the heart of any programming software produced. Thus to have control on the source code means you gain access to the whole system that has been developed under it. The Visual Source safe has been created by Microsoft. It can simplify how you go about dealing with your project. The programs are developed by a host of developers. It never remains in a single hand. Thus during the developmental process to ensure that your project is in a safe custody you must use something like the Microsoft’s Visual SourceSafe. A project requires an object model that acts as a control environment for your project.

Comparing Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and Tortoise SVN

A software project undergoes several life cycle stages. It is every much possible that during the phases transformations the software may undergo some unwanted change that may not have been incorporated at the previous developmental cycle.

When we compare the Microsoft Visual Source Safe we must agree that the software is primarily built for the users on the windows. The development is not based for a particular platform. But it is necessary that the source code is preserved over various environments. It may so happen that software in itself is developed across various platforms.

Comparing Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and Tortoise SVN

Now when the single software passes from now phase to the other along with the change of hands the software may as well undergo a change of platform upon which the whole system is being developed.

The problem that arises while using VSS is that the team mates of a single project working on different parts of it should communicate regularly and in the best possible way in order to preserve the soul of the project. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe has some flaws which are resolved easily by the Tortoise SVN. In tortoise the communication has not got to be so particularly rigorous. It can be just be formal. The whole feature is dependent upon the single mode of communication. A single file once checked by a user should be left unhampered to preserve the uniformity of the project.

If the project is altered once it has passed that particular phase this may lead to creeping up some inherent errors of the software that may not be resolved before a long time. In VSS the user is never warned while a file is checked out. It is because Visual SafeSource allows multiple checkouts. This feature is by default unchecked and this allows the future developers or users to tamper with that part of the software that has been already coded and debugged. The warnings are however flashed quite frequently in the Tortoise SVN if you have multiple checkouts allowed. Other users of a file have already checked out means that the future users would be warned whenever they check it.

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