Colocation hosting: Redefining Web hosting

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Colocation hosting: Redefining Web hosting

Colocation hosting: Redefining Web hosting

Colocation is a option of hosting for small scaled corporates or businesses who demand the  features of a vast IT department without much costs. Many of large corporate sectors have the net infrastructure to host web servers and have a group  of IT professionals for managing and designing the site which small companies do not. Options are available in a wide range  from typical hosting up to the running of their own Web servers in a dedicated link.  One of such options is Colocation. It is a type of web hosting service that allows the companies for buying rack spaces in the data centers. There users can store and manage their server equipment. These Data Centers eases the built for Colocation services of hosting and following it companies can do have their own working servers without putting them on their  campus. Colocation provides the associated Companies with the much better defined flexibility of installing the operating systems as well as other important tools according to their requirements. It also facilitates to choose and configure the hardware of the server as well as software which goes on it.

Price involved

Colocation hosting generally requires a greater startup cost as compared to rent a server from a hosting company (according to figures taken from Digital Nation). The server itself cost about $9000 for a middle range server and about $4000 for a low-end model. At the colocation facility, half-rack of space costs across $500 to $700, to start up and monthly the same amount. Ultimately, a user has to buy a router or a switch, at the low end which costs around $1500 to $2000. This results in an initial cost of minimum $7500 excluding setup and configuration charges, or the equipment depreciation costs.

Colocation hosting: Redefining Web hosting


Hardware and software can be managed even if the company is far away and does not have enough in house IT-staff.

Most efficient advantage is that it provides a high ratio of potential bandwidth and the user is charged for its exact usage.

The users can buy the software and can install it on their respective setups, means it provides the ownership both of hardware and software.

More efficient security as compared to the environment of typical office, by providing the intrusion-detection techniques and firewalls.


It is very difficult to find the suitable and convenient centers of colocation.

It is much expensive as compared to managed web hosting.

Significantly, the total monthly expenditures  have variations.

Displacement of business may lead to additional problems related to chore of moving the systems.

The excess to the equipment may be very limited by the service hours and travel time.

In Colocation, the hosting company takes a unique location and saves multiple servers of many other organizations in various rack spaces. Since commercial spaces and the facilities such as high potential bandwidth, uninterrupted supply of power and surplus network are reused between the different  users, the overall expense that each of the organization has to bear for the colocation reduces, which efficiently  minimizes the IT costs for keeping the server.


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