Cloud hosting Vs. Dedicated hosting

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Cloud hosting Vs. Dedicated hosting

Cloud hosting Vs. Dedicated hosting

While a user seeks for cloud business, cloud hosting presents many benefits and seems as the most promising choice for any hosting requirements, as it offers a highly scalable and very dynamic form of web hosting in contrast with the solutions available in the traditional form of dedicated hosting. Both of them have many unique and special features and advantages, and hence the precise consideration must be taken to tally between business and technology objectives to face the competitive edge. For many business purposes, suitable solutions are provided by the cloud, which offers high flexibility and resilience in other hand for maximum performance, a dedicated server still holds the most prominent option including safeguarding and online business improvement. According to most users Cloud hosting is cheaper alternative than that of the dedicated servers, depending on the business requirements. Although a good business benefit can be achieved by combining both the cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting solutions creating a required business hybrid solution. For the well settled, stable and established companies, dedicated hosting possibly would be the right choice for them but for newer businesses which are still developing and in the path of progress, the cloud hosting acts as the suitable choice.


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting Vs. Dedicated hosting

1)      If a user has a business plan which depends mainly on the web hosting based technology,  currently has shortage of required resources  for investing on the online website-hosting but has plan to undergo some significant improvement forging in the near future,  the business benefits will then maximize with cloud hosting.

2)      Cloud hosting allows you to adjust your programmed plan of hosting very efficiently and quickly making it more flexible with the advantage of ease.

3)       The hosting like this allows a company to lease a virtual server, easily scalable with the requirement.

4)      Many of the cloud providers also facilitate you with the option of operating system to operate (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc).

5)       It sometimes provides you with the facility of self-serving flexibility which is offered through the flexible billing, dedicated hosting, and a web-based interface for configuration of server.

6)      The traffic is more scalable as compared to  a dedicated server, so when a huge spike in the traffic is found, the user has to pay extra cost to handle it instead of choking down the server.

Dedicated hosting

Cloud hosting Vs. Dedicated hosting

1)      In the dedicated hosting, one or greater than one servers are leased by a company with complete handling control over the server(s) but in cloud hosting you only buy a part of the server’s space.

2)       It is generally located inside a stable and safe data center, which means that you don’t have to expend any cost in the  investment of any infrastructure and hardware.

Cloud hosting Vs. Dedicated hosting

3)       Dedicated hosting implies that the questioning server is completely committed to the applications of your business, platforms and websites.

4)      In this hosting, your website enjoys the complete power, control  and server bandwidth, unlike the shared hosting and without letting it, the performance of the servers are not affected by anything like load times.

5)      In this procedure, your IT branch has complete reign is capable to totlly customize performance of the server to the requirements which perfectly favours its business.

6)      Unlike the cloud servers, user doesn’t get various IP address assigned uniquely to different websites.

Cloud hosting Vs. Dedicated hosting


Comparing both at price points, cloud computing may look a bit costlier than dedicated server, but you pay for only virtualised resources uses, while in other you pay the same cost regardless of the use of the server.

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