Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability

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Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability

Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability


Introduction and working

Cloud hosting is a cloud computing based web hosting service presented from a connected servers’ group. It is also Known as Cluster hosting. The term “Cloud hosting” is not exactly  defined till now and so the definition varies. It is delivered by a multi-server system which is fully redundant, whereby the resources are scalable dynamically and can be virtualized.

As it is known that the dedicated servers do have resources but very limited. The limit confines on the number of hard drives or processors that a user can save on a dedicated server. It is not possible to run 100k no. of websites from just one dedicated server. But it can be done with cloud hosting, in which one can add the hardware of same server to a cloud, and the total capacity or power of the cloud just increases. All the servers and computers resources are shared in the cloud, and hence, billions and billions of sites can be virtually hosted by a reseller hosting company which looks like just one server, but indeed it is a cloud of many hundreds of servers.

A Cloud hosting provider basically measures the compute cycles, which is an indicator measuring the time of processing which the applications need.

Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability


Characteristics of Cloud Hosting:

It uses the Advanced Dynamic computing infrastructure.

It facilitates On demand self-managed and self-service platform.

The approach of IT service-center is followed.

Consumption-based billing mechanism.

It allows Resource sharing and grouping.

Spacious and wide Network Access.

Rapid and frequent Elastic behavior.

Parallel sharing possible, dissimilar to the traditional hosting.

Advantages :

Cloud hosting provides very good scalability. The resources can be easily increased or decreased without displacing the websites to other servers.

It costs only for the resources which a user needs.

There is no need to install any hardware or software. Instead, cloud facilitates the user with the software or hardware he requires.

Deployment of servers can be done at any instant.

The cloud can tackle the problems of Traffic spikes.

Various technologies can be implemented together which cannot be used together without the help cloud hosting. For instance, .asp and .php files can be applied on the same website, even in the same folder.

Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability


It isn’t yet explored and hence it is not yet offered or used widely.

It lacks in root access which signifies that it has less control.

The sites which use it can still have the downtime even if the links between servers get disconnected.

It doesn’t have a long competition history in market because it is very new.

Simplifying further, it uses a many servers all of them connected together (forming a cloud), and the sites on the servers may utilize the resources from all the servers in that particular cloud. Hard drives, processing power, and memory are shared. Servers are editable easily removable when, and if one server is out of order, then sites can use its resources from other available servers instead, which is effectively minimizing the costs and maintenances so making it more and more affordable.

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