Cloud Computing and its security threats

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Cloud Computing and its security threats

Cloud computing is the new technology in the block. It has already passed tremors across the nation with its launch. Though it is in its neo natal stage yet it has thrown up immense possibilities. Cloud computing is enabling the users to communicate seamlessly with every ounce of technology being hosted in a single place with no environment requirements. A virtual world is being built that is incognito for every user who gets connected to the network. This idea seems enticing and in actuality this is the main fact that is driving the security personnel of internet into nuts.

Cloud Computing and its security threats

The cloud connections are the most vital issues that have come up in the recent times. Domain name server is a recognizable path that every user gets to know once he or she is using a webpage or connection. The vulnerabilities f cloud computing is evident from the fact that it can bypass any dependent connection without even getting recognized. If you are not able to secure the connection there is immense possibility that the security code can be breached.

Routing is another aspect that is closely connected with the Domain Name System. The services that we are mentioning are predominantly available in the client side of the inter-connecting network. The client cloud can be susceptible to various attacks because of the failure of proper protective measure in the client side of the system.

The data security threat is one of the prime threats that the system poses to its users. The businesses and organizations that provide support services on software and other related licensed products are in the most vulnerable zones. Cloud has immense potential when it comes to the cost reduction part since the storage capacity of a cloud connection is virtually unlimited.

Most of the times the Data protection Act would be breached in cloud computing. If you are using a cloud system knowingly or unknowingly, you may transfer any sensitive data that can be easily intercepted and used against the authorization laws.

Cloud Computing and its security threats

When dealing with sensitive data, you would never risk a situation where the possibility of data theft or data loss arises. In that case the cloud computing environment comes into a serious spot of concern. Cloud environment can be used and the norms of it can be used in an illegal manner quite easily. If there is any malicious software that a person wants to incorporate within the system he can do so without much of a trouble. Hence hosting of malwares in cloud environment is quite easy. This may even lead to unethical hacking. Cloud computing service providers do provide the service to almost anyone who has a valid credit card. This is a major flaw in the system which any unethical person can exploit to ill-effect. Unauthorized users can use the flexibility of cloud computing in order to phish someone else’s account. Masquerading is a very simple way of breaching a cloud computing system.

The APIs provided by the cloud service providers to their customers have generally got poor authentication system. This API is basically used by the user to avail the services provided by the vendor. The customer rarely has any control over his own security system as cloud follows a separate and independent security conduct. Due to this reason a user is always open to any outside attack. Insecure APIs lead to theft of identity on a cloud network.

Cloud Computing and its security threats

A cloud framework uses an infrastructure which can be exploited by an unrecognized user to get access to the resources with no bounds. There is no proper encryption in a cloud security system. This lack of protocol may lead to a break in control over the system and that too on the client side of the network. The irregularities that are carried out over a cloud network are hard to retrace because the data that is provided from a user account remains scattered all over the network. It becomes tough to join the pieces when there is an absence of data integrity.

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