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Hi all,

Ever dreamed of hosting your own site where you can share videos and ask people to upload their videos too, something on the lines of YouTube? Well, if you have, then ClipShare has a great product in offer for you that could turn your dream into reality.

ClipShare is basically a video sharing application, and allows its users to create a website with video sharing facilities. This type of websites are often known as “YouTube clones”, but ClipShare has lot more to it than comparisons with other such sites.

ClipShare, made out of simple yet extremely powerful language PHP and the most popular database, MySQL comes with a lot of notable features. However, the service is not free, and is offered in two marketing packages. In this blog, I would like to point out the main standout features of ChipShare.

  1. ClipShare is a template driven application. So users have the full liberty to change the look and feel of their site without disturbing the content, and can even modify the template designs or apply their own designs by integrating it.
  1. Uploaded videos are converted almost instantly, thus members can stream videos using the flash player with excellent buffer support. ClipShare is known to support about 20 different video formats, which includes avi, divx, mpeg, wmv, flv, 3gp and lots more.
  1. Videos on ClipShare hosted sites, can be viewed with the help of a built-in flash players, which has a full-screen mode, and the video can be embedded in other sites and blogs too. The viewers can also rate a particular video instantly, and even put comments on it.
  1. If you were the ClipShare host administrator, you would have enough reasons to be happy. Firstly, you would be able to offer free as well as paid services to your site’s users and do away with the hassles of payment system as ClipShare comes with an automated billing system. More importantly, as admin you would have control over almost all aspects of your site, including the video conversion configuration, channel and video management.
  1. Besides being a video sharing site, it also is partly social communities too, where in you can create groups, make friends, and compose messages and broadcast it over your network of friends. This is quite a strategic move in order to promote the videos that are uploaded in the site.
  1. If you are still not satisfied with such extensive features, here’s more for you: ClipShare supports multi-language system, and has about 21 language packs in total. Moreover, it has plugin for multi-server support too and generates user-friendly URLs.

So, there is a lot you can do with ClipShare, if you are planning to join the band of video-sharing websites, which are quite popular in the current market scenario.

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