Your web site is your home, treat it as such.

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Have you ever drove down the street and seen a house with like 10 cars on jack stands, piles of who knows what lying around everywhere. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind…? It’s probably something like, “Those guys are disgusting, I would never go over there for anything”. Well, that’s kinda what people feel like when they come to your website and it looks cluttered.

Your home on the net should be clean and presentable, especially if it is for business. This not only means that the layout needs to be clean in terms of code, but also in design. Now I don’t mean that it must be a top notch high scale site, but it should be consistent and clean.

Try to curb most of your new found skills. There’s almost nothing more frustrating than going to a site where someone just learned how to animate gifs. Everything is flashing or flying around everywhere, and you can’t read any banners because they are causing your head to hurt from all the flashes. Keep it simple. If you did learn how to animate a gif only use it when it is called for, and try to keep it at an absolute minimum.

Keep your images small, and again, only if you need them. Most of you know that large images make your page load s-l-o-w but did you know that the rule of thumb is somewhere around 68kb per page? That’s not very much, if you want to speed up your site kill those big images. I know that you like to put up a nice ocean background to set the scene but come on… would you put an ocean wallpaper on your walls at home?

I’ll give you some basic tips here …

Consistent design is key – Use the same background, the same header, and the same font throughout the site.

Stay away from big images – Image files kill a sites load time.

Test your page across multiple platforms – Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari are most popular, open your website in all of these to test for bugs or stuff that got placed wrong.

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