Choosing Between ASP, JSP And PHP

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Choosing Between ASP, JSP And PHP

Websites are the integral part of internet, so if you need to promote or make people aware about something through internet then you need to have your private website where you can post all the information to make it available to the whole world. But the problem is that there are millions of such websites available on net, so your website must be something different from others to make it more appealing than others.

Choosing Between ASP, JSP And PHP

This can be achieved by using dynamic scripting languages. These languages are actually scripts which are meant for carrying out some extensive work on the server. All these scripting languages gives you power to properly manage all yours hosting accounts over internet. The most popular scripting languages that are available for all these purposes are ASP, PHP, JAP, python and many others. But among them, ASP, PHP and JSP are mainly used as they are easy to learn and implement. Also each of these scripting languages has their own field of expertise, so one should choose the appropriate scripting language depending upon requirement and other external factors.

ASP is one of the most popularly used scripting languages and its full form is “Active Server Page”. Microsoft is the owner of this scripting language and one has to buy its license before using it. The most important feature of ASP is its dynamic scripting capability.  The next higher version of ASP is which further improves its dynamic capability. is also provided with the power where one can use more than one type of language in designing the webpage. This software is compatible in all Windows servers as both the products are owned by Microsoft and can be used along with Microsoft SQL.

JSP is another popular scripting languages and its full form is “Java Server Pages”. As the name itself suggests this scripting language runs on Oracle Sun Java which is a very powerful programming language. This scripting language is mainly helpful in enterprise solution companies as this script is mainly functional in the server side. This scripting also is very popular among programmers as it uses servlet, a very well known architecture which can work with HTML language in creating websites. But this language is more complex compared to Asp, so it is advised for expert use but on the other hand it gives more flexibility than ASP.


Choosing Between ASP, JSP And PHP

Another well known scripting language is PHP whose full form is Hypertext Pre-processor.  This is the easiest among all scripting languages and can be very easily learnt by reading books without any expert’s advice.  This is an open source scripting language and is common among both webmasters and developers. There are a lot of tools present which guides the programmer in the right direction and makes programming easier.

Choosing Between ASP, JSP And PHP

So we have discussed the properties of various scripting language and from that one can easily identity that each of these scripting languages have some benefits over others. So it’s completely up to the user to select the correct scripting language to achieve his or her objective to the optimum level.

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