Changing the Web Host Provider: Steps You Should Follow

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Changing the Web Host Provider: Steps You Should Follow

Changing the Web Host Provider: Steps You Should Follow

Web host providers can often be deceitful in their promises and guarantees provided. If the client fails to look through the flaws in the contract, your website will be affected and so will your business. So you might want to change you web host provider but prior to doing that following certain steps are advised to avoid any problems of website downtime, data loss etc. The 6 steps to changing the web host are as follows:

Local back-up of website

All the files, dlls, scripts and the database maintaining records of your website must be copied to any local computer along with the configuration information. Secure your SSL certificate from the current web host provider. Also get the key and any information on software, security settings, drivers, modified or updated registries and also the user names along with the passwords for your email accounts.

Finding a better web host provider

After backing up all your stuff you are ready to break off your bond with the old web host provider and find a better web host which can support your site contents and also guarantee high uptime and credit back facility in case the downtime exceeds the maximum downtime they have guaranteed you. Do proper research about the web host’s services, equipments and professionals and technical helps provided before selecting one.

Changing the Web Host Provider: Steps You Should Follow

Get the information regarding Domain Name registration

Make sure that your name is registered as your domain’s owner by checking any WHOIS site. Get help from the new host provider to retrieve the Domain name registration info incase the old host permits moving your website because of your relation ending on bad terms.

Move the website to new host

Load all your databases and files to the servers of the new host. They can provide a temporary domain for testing till you make the switch. Change the path specific information like script paths or relative links which might have changed and also the database name and primary user id. Give a test run and set up your email and make sure to let your visitors know that you are making the switch in case there is some downtime.

Update Domain Information

Take help from the new host provider to retrieve your domain information from the old provider or re-register so that you can re-own your domain if your domain is transferred by the old host so that you get listed as the administrative contact. This can take some time.

Cancel the old hosting plan

After making the switch and giving a full run of the website, you can cancel your old web hosting plan after making sure that you own the domain and site and checking all the related website information and registry entries.

Changing the Web Host Provider: Steps You Should Follow

Changing the web host provider can be a hectic task but make sure you don’t end your terms with the old host on a bad note. Else you can get into problem with your domain information and website entries getting scrambled up intentionally by the old host as revenge. It’s better to secure all your related domain and website information before snapping your relations.

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