Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

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Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Internet now-a-days has become such a necessity for the general body and hence the use of internet as the result has reached at its pinnacle. Therefore, a safe and sound implementation of internet must be undergoing so that there must not the violation of privacy destruction and data stealing. Gone are the days, when the internet safety was concerned about only the protection of computers from malware and viruses. Today, the internet’s immense range, changes in technologies and growth of social nature constantly have made people more endangered particularly to privacy violation, identity theft and even self-harassment. So, some steps must be definitely taken in account in order to rectify the issues of safety.

The important steps are as follows:

Protection from Viruses and Malwares

A good and basic defense against the general threats on internet is practicing a good antivirus program, or anti-malware software. It protects the computer from corrupt websites, tainted email attachments, net worm viruses, spyware and many more. In the dense traffic of antiviruses in the market, a antivirus software can be used which must protect against fishing sites, viruses, malware and has a good firewall, spam filtering as well as anti-spyware tools with latest updates.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Protecting e-mails from Scams and Spam

Now-a-days, a great no. of emails are spam, it’s because it’s very inexpensive and easy for a spammer sending an spammed email to many people simultaneously as well as anonymously, and the malware phishing and scams  are generally included in spam. So certain steps must be carried out to effectively reduce the spam in our inbox, like:

  • Using a spam blocker in the e-mail.
  • One must not reply to the spams and must not follow the links.
  • Keep turned off the image and the preview pane.
  • Check the spam folder and clearing those spams regularly.
  • Turn on the firewall of the pc.
  • Never download the unexpected attachment if required download it after scanning.

Protection against monetary and online transaction crimes

The internet has facilitated the common public with shopping, banking and other financial transactions online very conveniently. But as far as the money is concerned, it must be made sure that the transaction operation is in safe hands with some precautions:

  • Before sending any sensitive or financial information online a user must confirm the “https” before the site address, which assures that the information is encrypted.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

  • Notice the “security symbol” in the address bar (shown below in Mozilla firefox), which is a verification of a secure website by the browser before any transaction.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

  • Compose strong passwords and never share them.
  • Find the SSL certificate of the site and look for the “issued for”, “issued to” and “validity”.
  • Use a pop-up blocker, if not then never reply to the pop-ups messages.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Password safety

The steps for avoiding password misuse and theft must be implemented as passwords plays a very important role:


  • Never use the same type of password for every account.
  • Avoid using the predictable password pattern.
  • Include symbols, numbers and both upper and lowercase alphabets.
  • Never set passwords at any disclosed place or at public view.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Protection against the cyber addiction

Cyber addiction is mushrooming day by day which does not only kills the precious time of the people, especially teenagers but taking many shapes of internet crimes also these are the major sources of data theft. It can be reduced by the self-assessment and a few efforts of users, like:

  • Avoiding online gambling
  • Avoiding online gaming(money involving).
  •  Avoiding porn sites, as these are the main sources of major Trojans and viruses.
  • Using the social networking sites consciously.

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IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

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IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

When an online organization considers its cloud security, it should determine the best working options comparing all the aspects  of the cloud computing functionality and the decision must be selected taking care of the business requirements and demands. Cloud computing service is categorized in three business driven models of cloud computing: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as a service (SaaS). The terms are generally used to depict the various combinations of services and levels of cloud computing. This classification helps to choose the best combinations for various data, processes and applications according to the functionality of the business.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

It is also sometimes referred to as Hardware as a  Service (HaaS). It is a provision model  whereby  equipment  are outsourced  and are used to help operations, including hardware, storage, networking components  and servers in an business organization. The equipment is owned by the service provider and is responsible for  running, housing, and the maintenance of the equipment. It is mainly a physical server box used as hosted information storage solution, whereby computing resources  and base hardware are offered by the cloud provider . The client generally pays on the basis of per-use, and can maintain the operating systems and other applications and can run through equipment of provider.

Some important features of IaaS are:

Automatic administrative functions.

Utility computing facility( cost signifies the amount of resources consumed) and billing model

Services are policy based

Virtualization of Desktop.

Dynamic scaling.


IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

Platform as a service(PaaS)

It is a way of renting  operating systems, storage, hardware and network capacity. This service model allows the user  to rent associated services as well as virtualized servers  to run the present applications or development  and test of  new ones, as it provides application developer tools and hence it reduces costs with the incompatibility problems. It is an outgrowth of SaaS and lies between the IaaS and SaaS, can be said intermediate. It provides an integrated development and pre- installed setup, which allows a user to manage the underlying infrastructure and hardware with the options deployed on the internet. The most versatile instance of  PaaS is Facebook.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

Advantages of PaaS:

Operating system features is editable and easily up-gradable.

The primary focus is on security, data protection, storage and database integration.

Its services can be used from various international sources.

Application hosting, testing, deployment and development environment.

Overall expense can be reduced by conjugation of program development attempts.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

Software as a service(SaaS)

It is a software distribution model whereby  the service provider hosts the applications and makes it available to users  over  the Internet. It is somewhat is related to the ASP (application service provider). It is basically concentrated on management of  access to the business applications. The capacity provided to the user is to utilize the  applications of the provider which run on a cloud infrastructure without any management procedures. The consumers of the cloud do not supposed to manage the infrastructure of the cloud and platform over which the applications run, which easily eliminates the requirement to install and run  the applications on the cloud and this simplifies the support and maintenance. Gmail can be taken as the popular example of SaaS.

Advantages of SaaS:

Simplified administration and collaboration.

Updated automatically and patch management

Global accessibility and compatibility.

Software application and data are centrally hosted.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice


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The relevance of COBOL as a programming language

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The relevance of COBOL as a programming language

COBOL was something of a specification before fully developing into a full blown programming language. Grace Hopper’s FLOW-MATIC was the precursor to COBOL, as well as one of its principal inspirations. The specification was designed by a committee of qualified research personalities who had converged from the private industrial sector, eminent universities and government agencies, in the later half of 1959. Even though the committee considered a number of other contemporary languages like the COMTRAN and the FACT language specification, it was FLOW-MATIC that contributed most to the development of COBOL. The acronym COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language, and it continues to be one of the primary players when it comes to business, finance and administrative systems. Even after weathering through half a decade, COBOL still remains one of the most preferred programming languages in the business scenario.

The relevance of COBOL as a programming language

Simple Programming

Traditionally, COBOL was simple as a language, with a restricted scope when it came to functions, without the use of pointers or user defining capabilities. The coding style was straightforward and relatively simple, which made it extremely popular in the field of business computing – where complex business rules and scenarios had to be computed, and using sophisticated algorithms and complicated programs can only compound the problem. The simple, straightforward programming that was provided by COBOL was welcomed by the business computing community. In cases where sophisticated algorithms have to be used, COBOL usually uses suitable verbs such as SORT or SEARCH to get the job done.

The relevance of COBOL as a programming language


One of the primary goals of the committee while designing COBOL was to make the programs comprehensible to the non-technical personnel involved in the systems. Supervisors, managers and users who are involved in the business but are not conversant with the details of programming languages could understand the basic functioning of COBOL codes because the program structure used English-like elements like clauses, verbs and sentences. However, even with a simple structure, it was difficult and sometimes impossible for the common layman to fully understand the intricacies of the logic behind programming, so the actual objective of a simple coding structure went unfulfilled. However, it made COBOL programs significantly more readable, comprehensible and thus more flexible to later revisions, even by programmers other than the creator of the program.

The relevance of COBOL as a programming language

Portable and Platform Independent

COBOL does not belong to any specific proprietary vendor, which makes it independent of platforms and fairly portable from one machine to another. The ANSI COBOL committee decides on the non-vendor –specific language semantics and syntax formats, so that COBOL can run smoothly on virtually any platform.


Obviously, the high readability of the code ensures that COBOL codes do not become obsolete with time. The codes can be upgraded and revised to introduce new requirements at much cheaper rates as compared to implementing new codes written in other languages. COBOL’s rigid hierarchy also helps in enhancing its maintenance capabilities. All external references are defined in the Environment Division, so any change in platform or hardware, or transfer to a new machine – all these issues can be easily handled by the programmers by only making appropriate changes in the Environment Division. They will not have to search for parameters to modify in the whole program.

Critics of COBOL argue that its language structure and programming inflexibility make COBOL unsuitable as a programming language. However, these are the very cornerstones which contributed to COBOL’s readability and made it into one of the most sought after programming languages in the business computing domain. And with recent additions in the COBOL arsenal, like the OO-COBOL, there has been a significant increase in the programming capabilities of the language with the introduction of facilities like object orientation and user defined functions which were not present earlier.

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Online Transactions: Are They Safe?

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Online Transactions: Are They Safe?

Online Transactions-Are They Safe

Newer technologies bring with them great comfort. But this comfort is then accompanied by newer worries and this cycle goes on. In the days of yore people used to carry money with them. Then there was the problem of safe storage of the money. Later the concepts of banks, financial institutes and liquidity of the currency in the market arose. Owing to huge growth in the daily financial activities of people round the world the necessity of the easy transaction of money arose. As is rightly said necessity is the mother of invention; the online money transfer schemes came into play. Online money transfer made life very easy. People can sit at their home and purchase or even sell things online. They can participate in the activities of the stock exchanges with a few clicks. Parents can even transfer money to their wards through net banking facilities available. Booking of traveling tickets can also be done likewise. But then all these things were just the roses overlooking the thorns attached to them. The problem of identity theft and theft of one’s money through hacking came into being.  Some of the problems are discussed as follows.

The main concerns regarding online money transactions is the theft of one’s personal as well as financial information during the transactions. People may even fall prey to corrupt businessmen or some con men.  So, one has to take care of certain aspects while going for any online financial transaction.


  • The first thing one should do while banking on net is not to save log in information on the computer as the computer may be used by someone else also.
  • Before logging onto the account one should disable the password saving option given in the web browser.
  • It is very essential to erase the tracks i.e. to erase the history of the web browsing session should be deleted before logging off from the computer.
  • People should be careful about the over-the-shoulder snoops. While entering the login id and password people standing behind may tend to oversee the login information. So it is essential to be strictly vigilant about such snoops.
  • It is strictly advised not to enter any sensitive information on the public computers or computers having more than one user.
  • Then while dealing with the people or financial institutes, one should have a vivid idea of the people communicating at the other end.
  • While purchasing any goods online or selling them on the internet should be done only through authenticated networks.
  • Many a times it is advised that one should keep on changing his/her login id and password frequently.
  • One should have a clear statement from the banks about his/her account transactions.
  • It is also advised to people not to store or write down the log in information in places which are easily accessible to others.
  • It is said that prevention is better than cure. So being a bit vigilant about certain aspects may ensure proper enjoyment of the comfort provided by the modern technology.


Online Transactions-Are They Safe

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The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

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The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Mobile phone industry is not only developing in its hardware sector but the mobile phone software sector is where the development is being concentrated these days and the most phenomenal progress is in the mobile phone operating systems development. The biggest software giants in the world are up and fighting against each other to get hold of one of the fastest growing areas in not only the marketing and sales field but in the software field as well. The companies are spending millions of dollars to get the best operating software for the mobile phones and it is a continuous process which also includes constant debugging and improvement in the operating system so that it never loses its worth.

Here are the top 5 popular mobile phone operating systems in the world:



The most popular mobile operating system though not by a very large margin but a very convincing one, iOS has always been the favorite of mobile phone lovers and the gadget geeks. iOS has been an operating system which has never went out of the market, even for a single day. Apple has been updating the world’s most popular OS ever since it launched it and has always been successful in grabbing eyeballs. It still continues to rule the market even after years since its inception.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever


Android is the newest kid in the block which has taken the whole world by surprise. It has risen to a position in such a short span of time which is unprecedented in the mobile phone operating systems market. This OS by one of the biggest software companies in the world has truly stood by its brand name. Google proved once again why it is one of the best when it comes to software development and has brought the mobile phone operating system which has straightaway given way to one of the greatest tech wars ever-  iOS vs Android.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Research in Motion (RIM)

This operating system by Blackberry has always been the first choice of executives and people for whom internet is what they live with and live by. Blackberry has made a position for itself which has made it a separate device people love to possess apart from other mobile phones. It’s the continuous work of their software developers that has made a mark.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Windows for mobile phones

Microsoft is not only ruling the PC world but also has invaded the mobile phone operating systems and has made a mark for itself and is one of the most popularly used mobile phone operating devices from among the many in the market today. It has striven hard and has developed a very good platform for mobile phone users.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Symbian 60

Nokia’s phones are one of the most selling phones in the world and it has one of the most used mobile operating systems. It is not only Nokia that uses symbian OS but almost every mobile phone manufacturer has models which have Symbian OS. Out of the many Symbian OS produced, Symbian 60 is the most sought after. It has ruled the market for a long time and still is one of the most sought after by people looking for simple OS.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Mobile phone operating systems provide a lot to choose from and it is the user and his or her needs that define which mobile phone operating system they want to use and it is not that a single OS is ever going to satisfy the needs of all the users and so the variety in the market of business and technology is a much needed one.

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Manipulating with date and time on PHP

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Manipulating with date and time on PHP

The websites that are most updated is considered to be the most visited and sought after domain. However it is not possible for all the organizations to constantly upload volumes of articles and contents in a web page. So instead of laboring uselessly the website owners that have built their web pages upon PHP seek to use it in a different way. PHP allows manipulation of web pages along with their date and time. The features of PHP’s date and time manipulation function allows a website to appear to any visitor as if it is up to date.

Manipulating with date and time on PHP

This date and time function of PHP is mostly used in printing out the current date and time on the web page. It allows the user to view a page which seems recently updated. The dates function represented as date() is used in PHP in a way so that it is able to draw out the required data from the available resources. This extraction of dates may involve what time of the day it is. Is it before noon or after it that is whether the time is am or pm. The date function is called during the date manipulation stunt in PHP. Here the string arguments that are provided in the function are vital in obtaining the exact date that would be showcased on the webpage.

Manipulating with date and time on PHP

The list of parameters that may be used in the date function can be like: AM or PM, hour, day, month and minutes. Even the format of the months may be changed. It can be represented like from 1 to 12 or from January to December. Similarly the hours in the day can be represented in two formats. That is if the format is being followed on the basis of 24 hours then the range is made from 00 to 23 hours. Even the time zone of the server can be regarded as a parameter of the date function. The days in a year can be different. Therefore the information regarding whether there are 365 or 366 days in the year can also be deduced while using this function during manipulation.

Manipulating with date and time on PHP

Year can be represented as two digits which is a tried and tested convention. When we only take the last two digits while referring to the year we may use that parameter. Whereas we can also take the more formal method of writing the full year number which in that case would be comprised of four digits. It is always advised that while writing these parameters in PHP we should use single quotes to denote the values. Using double quotes may lead you into trouble if you by chance any character.

This PHP time stamp accepts the numeric values. It is notable that the time stamp of PHP uses a base time or reference time of 1st January, 1970. The time and date manipulation functions of PHP are used by numerous websites and within them quite a few are reputed ones. It is evident from this fact that the time and date is a vital factor in keeping a website appears updated to its users. This in turn produces a lasting effect on the user. When a website appears updated the general feeling about the content posted in the site and about its authors becomes better. The time stamp on the website can verified with the echo function which only shows the manipulated dates. The echo date format is also represented in the month-day-time form.

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Understanding the CICS family of servers

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Understanding the CICS family of servers

CICS stands for Customer Information Control system. This is a product of IBM that carries out online transaction processes. Programs are built on its base which uses a number of tools. This process is mainly implemented in building applications that are suited for business computing. The customer transactions are the real basis of business computing in today’s world. Therefore CICS mainly implements this logic of online transaction in its applications. The mainframe computers in any business organization utilize the CICS applications in order to execute the monetary transactions.

Understanding the CICS family of servers

Comprehensive business survey reveals that any entrepreneur or a business would ideally like to be in a position where the cost containment is no more an issue. The business goals are therefore always revised in order to achieve such a state where the cost is minimal and yet the business is not volatile. The companies that have introduced web based models for online transactions and sales of goods would therefore love to possess such a system that would be enable them to carry out online monetary transaction without any security threats looming at large.

Understanding the CICS family of servers

The servers are used as the main frame computers that are an integral part of any computer architecture that incorporates a web based model. The CICS transaction servers can play a huge role in realizing such goals. The businesses can be built around CICS servers of IBM in such a manner that there is always the required amount of flexibility which allow modification and even expansion of the business. During such expansions we have to keep in mind that the costs are kept under proper control. Therefore CICS servers play a key role in that aspect. They can allow you to remodel you business and even reengineer it in spite of remaining within the limitations.

Understanding the CICS family of servers

The web services that are offered by the companies now require to possess a CICS server at its core. This allows them that amount of dynamism which may allow the added functionalities to be integrated with the existing systems. The exploitation of the existing resources to the maximum extent can be properly done by the CICS servers. The system management becomes easy when a web based company utilizes a CICS server for all its business purposes. The new CICS servers from IBM contain along the basic facilities the event processing capability.

Understanding the CICS family of servers

Organizations that value their customers would always take care of the interests of their clients. So a CICS server which virtually acts as a transaction manager runs mainly on an IBM framework. The technical support of IBM allows the CICS servers to perform in a better way. It has the ability to handle immense transaction volumes at a single time in comparison to any other server of its kind. Because of its high profile the CICS servers find their use in reputed organizations. Banking sectors along with numerous financial institutions along with government bodies make use of the CICS servers. They are also vastly used in the medical and insurance industries that have to keep in touch with their customers on a regular basis. ATM systems and companies that are involved in industrial product generation also use the CICS servers.

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How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter?

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How to create online presence of your business on Facebook and Twitter?

For anyone with a small or medium sized business and wants to develop an internet presence, there are some simple steps to follow. Many business owners do not know how to use online business presence to leverage their business opportunities at a very low investment. Facebook and twitter are two of the most visited social sites in the world and making a social online presence there could be of great help as it can target the audience at a low price.

Setup a website

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

This is the starting element of any business which wants to be known through the internet. Choosing a good domain name is necessary. It gives the first impression to the visitor. A lot of web designers are available and for a small to medium sized business, the site should take less than two weeks. The cost of development varies and many a times, free simple web builders are also available for personal use. The content of the website should be crisp, clear and eye-catching. A good communication with the developer is also necessary as the website needs to be updated regularly for new content.

Few things to consider are:

  • The website should be simple enough. Abundance of content confuses the customer.
  • User-friendliness is also very crucial to a successful web presence as people finding it difficult will switch over to other places.
  • Quality of the content should also be taken care of. Websites lacking in quality is missing everything.


Registering the website in general directories

Many online directories exist where people regularly go searching for their specific needs. So registering in directories like yellow pages and other local directories is also very necessary for a fast growth in business. The details should be specific and easily findable.


Create a Face book and twitter page

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

A personal Facebook page for your business will give a boost to the growth. It is because of the millions of viewers of both Facebook and twitter. These are places where people can follow the particular pages and thus get updates easily of any new upcoming product or offer. These sites also spread the news very quickly through the help of social networking. A twitter page works almost similarly as a Facebook page and the status update can be used to promote newly launched products. These provide a very good two way communication channel, which is also very fast and self-advertising.

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

Get the business located

Along with a twitter and Facebook account, Google maps can also be used to draw attention of the customers. By getting the exact location of the business, customers easily build up trust in the business.

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

The whole procedure should not take more than three weeks. Once setup perfectly, there is not much work left to do. Regular updates and quick offers increase the interest of the customers. You can also easily monitor the growth through “like” and “recommend” feature in Facebook. In short it is the cheapest and fastest way to develop a web presence.

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Exploring the different phases of application development

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Exploring the different phases of application development

An application is basically a collection of programs which satisfy certain requirements. The process of developing an application begins with gathering the requirements and then designing the application, simultaneously with the code development and ends with the testing of the application

While designing an application, there are many ways to classify the data requirements which an application needs to operate on. The applications process and manipulate data and then present the results. A few types of requirements are; accessibility, availability, security, connectivity, portability, performance objectives, failure prevention and fault analysis, etc. Each application design has a separate case but may have many unique requirements, which may also be common to all the applications of the same system. Also it is because they have the same installation, which is connected to the external systems.


Designing starts with first analyzing the characteristics of the application. The best designs are those that start with the end result in mind. One must know what is to be down before starting the design.  Once all the requirements have been analyzed and verified and the application design is produced, the process passes on to the coding requirements.

Exploring the different phases of application development

In this phase the programmers take into account the programming requirements and then start with the iterative process of revising, testing, coding, etc. A common misconception is that the coding part of an application development is the most important and time consuming part. Programmers also deal with quality factors and have to take care of the code in virtue of its readability and maintainability.

Exploring the different phases of application development


Testing is a very important aspect of any application development. Every program is tested through a series of tests run by formal users. This is done to ensure the usability and functionality from a user point of view. Testing is basically the validation and verification of the developed software. Also “testing” is not only ensuring the quality assurance of the code but also about the quality of the design, the GUI, etc.

Exploring the different phases of application development

Every application developed enters its final phase when the development team documents the internal design of the application for future enhancement and maintenance. Good application documentation allows the application in various level of abstraction, allowing the user to understand the functioning of the application and to assess the areas where implementation is required. Documentation may consist of two parts, user training and operational procedures. In the former the users familiarize with the new application and the later enables the operations to take over responsibility for the smooth running of the application.


In the production, all the changes and the enhancements are implemented and maintenance is performed. The testing process is rigorous before entering into the production phase.

The entire development process can be broken down to the following steps.

Gather requirements.

User, hardware and software requirements

Perform analysis.

Develop the design in its various iterations:

1)       High-level design

2)       Detailed design

Hand over the design to application programmers.

Design Phase

Code and test application.

Perform user tests


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Why SSL Certification is necessary for your website

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Why SSL Certification is necessary for your website


With the popularity of the Internet gaining steam in full flow these days, the cases of network fraud have been considerably on the rise. This happens basically because most of the website owners these days are ignorant about how the whole network protocol works and malicious hackers take advantage and rip them off! A network is a connection of numerous computers connected to a web server and when information is exchanged from one site to another, it usually travels through all of the connecting nodes in the network before it reaches its actual destination. So, if this information is sent just in plain text, then there lies the risk of any middle node intervention which can lead to disastrous results if the information sent is something confidential as a credit card number. So, to protect the website from such a hazard, SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Certification is required.

Why SSL Certification is necessary for your website


Diagram showing how SSL encryption works

  • SSL Certification, once enabled, forms an encrypted connection between your website and any visitor’s web browser so that any information that is exchanged between the two of you is not tampered with by anyone else. It ensures it by converting the plain text into an encrypted one thus reducing the chances of eavesdropping.
  • But that is not the primary purpose of SSL Certificates! Certification Authority (CA) provide SSL Certificates to legitimate websites just to ensure their authenticity, so that when a visitor logs on to the website, they understand that it is genuine and one they can trust.
  • So, what happens if a website is actually secured by an SSL Certification? Its URL gets changed and it always begins with an “https” in front of it. This is different from the normal “http” protocol and this “s” at the end ensures that the website is safe and has got an SSL Certification.
  • Even many websites who have got an SSL Certificate, because of their procrastination, don’t show it in the correct manner to their visitor and therefore can lose business. For better functionality, make it visible that you have got your website secured by displaying the safety seal as they are difficult to scam and do make all your site information available for any customer.
  • But many companies nowadays dole out “free certificates” nowadays which are not at all safe and secure. If encountering one such case ask specifically whether your website will get a dedicated IP address and a certificate with your domain name. If not, don’t get certified by them.

Research has shown that online shoppers and social networkers are growing more and more conscious about website security and protection. As much as 60% of online shoppers cancel out orders on the websites they find to have no authorised SSL Certificates. So, if your website doesn’t have that all assuring seal of approval that an SSL certificate provides, then business can get really rough. Therefore, go get your website SSL certified by any government or commercial Certificate Authority for a very small sum and make it safe and secure for its users.

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