The difference between a strong and a weak password

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When you create an account somewhere or when you need to pick a password to secure your web server, the advice always is to pick a strong password. It’s a bit of weird advice, much like telling someone to pick a good man or woman if you want to marry. If you didn’t think the person was a good person, you wouldn’t have married, and if you thought your password was weak, you wouldn’t have picked it. Luckily there’s a simple way to pick a strong password.

Unlike what you may think, strong or weak, are not just a matter of opinion, there are criteria that define what’s strong and what’s weak. For example, you may think that iwasbornonthefourthofjuly is a strong password, when in fact it’s not. It’s not weak because it’s easy to guess (unless you really are born on the fourth of July), it’s weak because a password generator would be able to crack this password very quickly. So what can we do to make it a little stronger? Well first of all, we can take the word four, and turn it into the number 4. So then we would have the password iwasbornonthe4thofjuly, which is stronger, but still not strong enough. It needs at least two numbers to be a medium password, so it would have to be iwasbornonthe14thofjuly or iwasbornonthe4thofjuly1979.

Is it a strong password now? No, it still isn’t (yes I know, life is hard, live with it). Now, you need to add capitals and symbols. Something that would result in the password !Iwasbornonthe4thofjuly1979#. Now that is even a little strong password. And don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be that long, as long as it has symbols, capitals, numbers and letters. That’s a combination that’s still not impossible to hack, but why would a hacker try to hack a difficult one, if there are thousands of people that use a weak password?

Truely I would say that you need to choose a password that has no sequential algorithm. I don’t think I really know what those words mean but what I’m trying to say is that it should be something that can never be guessed. It really should be a combination of letters (capitol and lowercase) numbers, and symbols that have no relation to each other, just totally random.
something like lQp!96R; . Now that is a secure password and no it’s not mine 🙂

How to get new friends on Facebook.

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Well first off Facebook is one of the leading social networks out there that does not make it easy to go spam everyone into being your friend. They actually try to make it so that it can be used to actually engage in meaningful contact.

The first thing you want to do as in any social atmosphere is to be honest. The purpose of being on Facebook is to tell people about yourself so don’t just say “I’m not giving anyone any information about me”, unless of course you just want to have a private network of friends that already know everything about you. I’m not saying you can’t do that, but if you are reading this because you want to make new friends on Facebook then you probably should include as much truthful info as possible.

Now Facebook does have some cool features that will help you also to get in touch with past friends. You can include the school (s) you went to and or companies you worked for and they will show you people who also have that in their profile.

If you have changed your name at all in your life (most commonly if you got married and changed you last name) you may want to list your past names (maiden name) in your full name i.e. Jane Doe Smith. This way when old classmates look for you it will make it easier for them to determine if that was really you.

So what if you want to make new friends that are not in your networks? That’s easy too, get involved in groups. You can also add some game apps and find people there. Usually the apps have a forum that people go and talk about the game.

My advice to you is, whatever you do BE CAREFUL. As with anything online people are not always who they say they are. Even if you have been talking to this person for years online always be cautious with giving out more information that Facebook requests, there’s a reason why they don’t ask everything. It doesn’t matter if you are 13 or 60 there are always predators out there looking to hurt someone.

3 Ways To Live Longer and Healthier

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There are 3 ways to extend your life extensively without too much effort for the most part. We at Bounceweb did the hardest part, get the information for you, and if you follow it, your life will only get better.

1. Get deep, well rested sleep. Always make an effort to sleep well. Start off by our series of getting a better sleep part 1, getting a better sleep part 2, getting a better sleep part 3. There is a very simple reason to do this, during our sleep we heal, and the more we heal everything that needs to be healed after a tough day. There is proof that if you sleep well, that the chance of all disease lowers! Not just one or two, but all diseases!

Deep Sleep Always Wins!

Deep Sleep Always Wins!

2. Train for strength. Strength training isn’t just for body builders, if you build your physical strength you also build your cardiovascular health by the act of training your strength, and the stronger you are the better you perform physically and mentally. This is due to the the energy conversion systems our bodies use. Every cell of ours is surrounded by this thing called a mitochondria, which can be looked at like the power plants of our bodies. The mitochondria turn what we eat into energy we use, the more strength we have, the more efficient the energy conversion process is. This energy is used for everything we do, including our fabulous brains. Converting energy well equals a longer life.

Mitochondria - Energy Galore!

Mitochondria - Energy Galore!

Strength Training Is Hardcore For Life, a Longer Life

Strength Training Is Hardcore For Life, a Longer Life

3. Intake less calories. Did you really need to supersize your meal? Was the triple stacked burger really necessary? If you eat less calories you WILL live longer, this is proven in lab mice, worms, and rats and now there is evidence that humans who eat less live longer too. Now there is some common sense that must be applied. Not eating anything but water or deciding to stick your finger in your mouth to orally extract calories is out of the question, but getting all your nutrients, proteins, etc that your body required to function at the highest level without eating more than require will guarantee a longer life. There are some arguments about intake of calories, and burning the same amount to be just as good as in-taking less calories, but remember, when you expend your calories your cells produce a by product called free radicals that basically destroy your cells. Eat less, live longer.

Eat Less, and Live Longer

Eat Less, and Live Longer

When we work on computers so much, we have to watch out for our health. Be good, and live a long and healthy life.

Get The Best Sleep: Part 3

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This is the last part on how to get the best sleep. I hope you enjoyed this, and your mind, body and soul thanks you.

Best Sleep Tip #1: Keep a regular wake and sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time, even on the weekends. This might be tricky and hard because not too many people can sleep on time when it comes to weekends, but your body clock and body will thank you for this. If you sleep from 12:00AM to 8:00AM everyday, then on Friday night you sleep at 4:00AM because and wake up at 12:00PM (getting 8 hours of sleep), your body does not heal as well because it was over exhausted by staying up til 4:00AM! Then on Monday it’s agony again when you have to go back to work.

Best Sleep Tip #2: Don’t eat anything heavy before bedtime. It might be tempting to eat the last 5 pieces of delicious double chocolate fudge topped off with whip cream cake, and it will probably put you to sleep even if you aren’t tired, but it won’t help you with your sleep at all as the food will turn into energy, get you jumpy (sugars!), and lower your quality of sleep.

Best Sleep Tip #3: Develop a sleep routine. Events always trigger events. For example if you see a hungry lion running towards you (first event), you will then respond by running for your life or climbing up a tree/building/rhino (second event). How about if you had a sleep ritual, such as listening to some ocean waves while stretching (event 1), and then going to sleep after (event 2), if you kept on doing this on a nightly basis then it will eventually become habitual, and when you do the first event, the second will follow.

Here’s to your sleep!

Get The Best Sleep: Part 2

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There’s more to getting the best sleep. Here is part 2 on tips for getting the best sleep.

Best Sleep Tip #1: Make sure your bed is big enough, and comfortable. Naturally we move around quite a bit when we sleep, so make sure you have room so you don’t hang your arms and legs over and cut off circulation.

Best Sleep Tip #2: Pillows, blankets and sheets should be optimal for you. Invest in these items, make sure the fabric is soft, the pillow is made for your style of sleep, for example back sleepers and side sleepers need different pillows. Also blankets are different, some are for people who like to sleep warm, some are for people who like to sleep cool.

Best Sleep Tip #3: Your room should be quiet and dark when you sleep. You could also put some ambient noise such as static from a radio to drown out noise form the outside if needed.

Best Sleep Tip #4: Only sleep on your bed. Don’t study there, don’t eat there, don’t associate your bed with anything but sleep.

Get The Best Sleep: Part 1

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Without doubt sleep is very important, so lets make an effort to get the best sleep. We need sleep to heal, rest, energize, and function during the day.

Best Sleep Tip #1: Exercise during the day. All your need is 30 minutes a day to sleep better. When you do exercise make sure you do not do it 2 hours of less prior to your sleep or you may have trouble falling asleep.

Best Sleep Tip #2: Make sure you get enough light (mainly sunlight) during the day to help sleep during the night. This will help our internal body clock determine the production of melatonin and keep us awake during the day so we can rest better at night.

Best Sleep Tip #3: Try not to nap during the day, or if you have to nap, then do you best to do it early afternoon, and keep them around 20 minutes, give or take a few minutes. This rule applies especially to those who have trouble sleeping at night.

Best Sleep Tip #4: Don’t smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and have caffeine 2-4 hours prior to sleeping. Cigarettes contain the stimulant nicotine, and can keep you awake. Alcohol will help you sleep to begin with, but the overall quality of sleep is reduced due to to it, so your body, mind and spirit will not be rested well. Caffeine is also a stimulant, and it’s proven to “wake you up” 10-20 minutes after taking it.

Of course, if you have serious sleeping problems consult a doctor. More sleeping tips to come, but for now, sleep well!

5 Ways To Make A Bad Day Good

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Sometimes your day just does not go the way you want, and it seems like nothing can change it, but there is nothing further from the truth. Here are 5 surefire ways to brighten up your day.

  1. Smile. When you smile you feel positive and look better. Just try it, smile right now and stay smiling for 1 minute, try and see if you can stay feeling bad. Look in the mirror and positive feelings and thoughts will just resonate throughout you.
  2. Go for a walk. Exercise is not only good for your body, but it’s also proven to relieve stress. Also it’s proven to make you smarter. Just 3 hours of walking per week and you will have better blood flow and lower cholesterol.
  3. Talk to a friend. Sometimes you just want to keep it in, but if you talk with a friend and let it out, it will make you feel better. People sometimes tend to hold things in their mind, and it eats away at them. Letting it out relieves the pressure, and allows your mind to fill with more positive things.
  4. Think positive. Yes this might sound very straight forward, and maybe even obvious, but it’s not. If you’re having a bad day, you usually tend to have bad thoughts, it’s like the chicken and the egg… or was that the egg then the chicken? Think positive about everything, and only positive things will come to you.
  5. Stretch. Go ahead, there are a lot of good videos on You Tube that teach you how to stretch, go ahead and follow one after a bad day, and I can guarantee you that you will feel better after.

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