Evergreen SEO Tips

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Evergreen SEO Tips

Hosting a website on the Internet is not enough to promote one’s agenda online. The simple reason behind it is that there are millions of websites on the Internet which would be available on the same category. Therefore, it is equally important to promote your website in order to get visitors for your website.

We are all aware of how search engine results redirect users to different websites based on the search keywords entered by the user. Therefore, a website owner must always aim that his/her website features among the top search results. This can be ensured only if the website is optimized for good search engine results – thus bringing the concept of search engine optimization (SEO).

In layman terms, SEO can be referred to as a technique that enhances the probability of a website to be among the first few results for keywords related to the website category. However, implementing SEO to a website is not easy and requires the website owner to be extremely meticulous about the complete procedure. It has been observed over the years that website ranking algorithm has changed tremendously over the years, resulting in many SEO techniques becoming obsolete. Here, we discuss few SEO tips and techniques that have stood the test of time and would play an important role in SEO building irrespective of the ranking algorithm in use:

  1. Content is king: There is no alternative to good content. While SEO is all about keywords and their proper placement, people often confuse it to make their website content a collage of stuffed keywords. On the contrary, one needs to ensure that the website content is of the highest quality and at the same time has optimum inclusion of keywords.
  2. Backlinks always help: The idea of SEO is to make the website links popular. One way to do so is to ensure that the website links are backtracked from several other sources. Thus, blogs, comment and social networking websites can always be easily used to ensure popularity of the link.
  3. Spamming spoils the mix: When the concept of promoting through content is taken too literally, people start spamming before realizing what they are doing. However, one must always ensure that they should promote their website with decency and in places which do not intrude on the target’s private space. Moreover, it would also impact the brand image of a website if it is considered to be spamming.
  4. Creating content out of content: A good content can always help you to generate more content on its lines. The content of your website needs to be propagated through effective mediums, and should be open to comments from users – so as to enable creation of more content around the core one. This not only increases the value of your content, but also enhances your loyal user base. However, one should always be aware about spams which may fill up comment boxes.
  5. Differentiating good from the bad: A thorough knowledge of search engine algorithms is required to understand what would be treated as a good content and what would not be. Therefore, one must always strive to keep the good content while reducing content that do not help them with search engine results.

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How to debug your web application bugs?

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How to debug your web application bugs?

A web application, once released on production for its intended users, is very likely to come across several bugs. Although, the development of an application is done with an aim to create a bug-free code, it is an inevitable part of the software development lifecycle. Therefore, it is very important to ensure proper handling of bugs.

The development team needs to devise a particular approach to debug the application. Firstly, it is always better to prevent a defect rather than fix it later. A proper defect prevention plan would need every stage of development to be thoroughly reviewed and validated. In fact, a lot of defects can be prevented in the requirement capturing stage itself. However, it is impossible to cover all ends at the initial development phases. In fact, some bugs or defects are not actually development issues in nature, but some bad data or connection issues can also cause unexpected behaviour at the application end.

However, since the objective is to minimise as many defects as possible, we need to check for defects at every stage of the development. In fact, a defect prevention tracker needs to be maintained in order to record every defect detected and fixed. In that regard, it is also important to ensure proper techniques are in place to detect all bugs. While users or testers may report bugs, some checks at the code level can also help in detecting bugs.

In fact, defect detection is the first stage of debugging an application. However, in order to perform the analysis required to find the fault, there must be enough logging present for all the components in the application. There are several issues which cannot be recreated at will, as it may manipulate user data or cause other issues. Moreover, there could be one-time issues, which could have happened under abnormal circumstances – and in order to capture required information of that particular time, logging needs to be enabled throughout the application.

Once the code is analysed and the faulty component is identified, a fix needs to be prepared. However, fixing bugs on an existing application code is tougher than writing the code in the first place, as the fix also needs to ensure that it does not impact the normal flow of other components. In other words, a thorough regression testing is required for implementing a fix in the existing code. It is most undesirable that new code defects are introduced while fixing one.

However, the whole process of bug fixing needs to be prioritized properly. The severity of the issue decides the priority with which it needs to be rectified. The frequency of the issue is one parameter that determines the severity of the issue.

Some web applications which deal with critical information such as financial and demographic data of the users need to be very efficient with bug fixing techniques. The amount of time a defect is present in the application, it translates into bad user experience, and also could lead into large amount of business loss. Thus, debugging the application should be treated with high importance by the application development team.

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What web promises on the field of healthcare

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What web promises on the field of healthcare

In today’s world INTERNET plays a very important role in our daily life. It has become a part and parcel of our daily routine. Be it pizza, be it entertainment or any information, whatever we want are now available online just only a “click” of our mouse away. Everything we do, everything we want, from hair pin to health care services are available on the net.

What web promises on the field of healthcare

21st Century Health Care: Boons of Internet

Men of today’s era have higher standards of living, more money in the pocket than before, more exposed to globalization and modernization. One thing which is very closely embedded in all these is computer. Now people have more access to the internet. Owing to all this modern health care facilities are now available online.

Now people can locate hospitals and what are the services available there, just by simply sitting at home and surfing the net. Now people can communicate with their doctors simply via emails at very low costs. Consumers can also know about the drugs and medicines available in the market and can know about the substitute of a particular prescribed drug in case of its unavailability.

It not only helped the patients or in terms of economics the consumers but also helped the doctors. It helped the doctors to keep in touch with their patients through emails. Moreover they can monitor their patients even when they are away by simply getting their reports online. Not only these but a doctor can also go for a video conferencing even during surgeries to consult with other and more experienced doctors who are very far away. Internet has almost become successful in turning world into a global village.

What web promises on the field of healthcare

21st Century Health Care: Banes of Internet

With all the good things follow some bad thing, just like darkness following light. People searching for medicines online for particular illness are flooded with choices and they do not know which one to take. Moreover a doctor can diagnose a disease better when he is physically near the patient. Online reception medical reports and diagnosing a disease based on it reduces the efficiency of the doctor. Again consulting a doctor from very far away through internet may result into confusion. For example he may prescribe some medicines which are available in the region of his work but unavailable at the patients’ end and he might not know the substitutes which are available at the patients’ end.


Though there are many difficulties and drawbacks in using the medical services online, but in near future it will prove to be very cheap and effective medium of communication between the patient and the doctor. It will be possible for the near and dear ones of a patient to monitor him at the hospital by simply sitting at home. With advent of newer and better technology a patient can easily communicate with the doctor via video conferencing which though available today but not widespread among the common masses. To conclude with one thing can be said that is the internet is growing by leaps and bounds, it is affecting all the aspects of our lives and so the health care system can’t be left out.

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Top web threats of this decade

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Top web threats of this decade

With the booming rise in popularity of the World Wide Web, many kinds of threats have arisen pertaining to it. Here are the top web threats of this decade –

1. Phishing

Phishing is short for Password Fishing, using the analogy of the way it functions to fishing. A fake web page which pretends to be the website with which you own an account (often is a clone of it) asks you for your password and steals it. High forms of phising do not even let you understand that your password was stolen, redirecting you to the correct page once the password is stolen

2. Identity Theft

In this case, a person uses another person’s or organisation’s identity on a web service to take benefits of the account. This kind of theft is often commercial in nature. This has even been used by terrorsts to mislead security forces by using other people’s accounts for transactions or mailing.

3. Fake profiles on social networking websites

Many people over the world have reported abuses where profiles were created on networking websites using their identity and sometimes their images, and the victims were defamed or abused publicly. This is all the more dangerous because it is very easy to carry out.

Going Green – Do it for Your Eco Lifestyle

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Going Green – Do it for Your Eco Lifestyle


Are you going green?

You will be able to notice many ads on TVs or buses regarding the people who are going green. But what actually does going green means?

You can go green by many ways. In fact, going green is one of the simplest topics. Most of the people will be doing many things for going green, but they would not have realized that.
So, which are the ways you think will be quite helpful to our environment? Let us find out the things that we might want to do or we might be already doing, without realizing that it is helpful for environment too apart from us.

One Specific Reason to Go Green

One good example for this case are women who wanted to eat some organics during their pregnancy. This is something, which they usually do for helping the baby. Hence, there will be no chemicals or steroids used in the things that they purchase. Well but they would have never realized that they are helping the environment on the other hand by avoiding some harmful chemicals.

Farmers usually make use of pesticides and other stuffs for the nourishment of their plants. It will be something good when maintained organically. Although it costs a bit higher, there will be no harmful chemicals floated with its usage and as a result, it saves our environment by avoiding pollution. Some researches carried out on the usage of organics while planting have proved that there are more possibilities for soil to retain the water. Hence, it will also result in healthy and rapid growth of plants.
What about the water that flows during the rainfall? It is a known fact that it reaches the lakes and streams. As a result, it would have washed out all the harmful chemical contents present in the pesticides resulting again in healthier growth of plants. This article would have surely helped you in realizing the effect on our environment due to organic eatables.

Going Green Movement

Nowadays, you may have noticed that the government is deeply engaged in hiking the fuel prices including gas. Hence, many have found their solutions by getting into the special money saving cars called hybrid cars. This type of car will guarantee you the maximum mileage for the amount of gas that you have used. Well what role does it play in going green? As these cars produce and emits very low amount of harmful gases, they will reduce the harmful effects caused by the green house effect.
People also go green for their own reasons. Although it does mean that they are bad persons, it tells that they have failed to know the importance of our environment. This article is to show that going green is not a tough task. People should necessarily follow the steps to go green from this point of time. So wake up and look for your convenient way to go green. It will make sure that you have played at least a minute role in saving this world from green house effect.

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Using Alternative Energy Sources Can Save Money and Energy

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Using Alternative Energy Sources Can Save Money and Energy

The old technologies make use of the fossils in order to generate power or energy. Since the same old technology was in use for many years, the fossil fuels have exhausted. Coal formation needs millions of years and it cannot be produced artificially. Using non-renewable resources for power production have to be minimized and everybody has to look for alternative energy sources.

Energy Drainers

The air conditioning systems, refrigerators and other electrical products and appliances that we usually use contribute to global warming. If the temperature of our planet keeps increasing at a faster rate, it will result in terrible climate changes and several of the islands will be drowned. By using smart energy saving methods, you can not only save a lot of money but also can lessen global warming or can stop totally. Using alterative energy saving techniques, energy efficiency could be enhanced. Since less energy is consumed, you can save a lot of money. Everybody on the Earth have to take the responsibility to make use of the solar, bio energy and wind power energy.

These types of energy sources are always available and renewable. Since energy efficiency concerns a lot of governments and organizations, many experts have come up with several solutions in order to combat energy saving problems. Whereas there is no single system or solution which can help to save energy, but a combination of solutions have to be used to get better energy efficiency.

Technology and People Come Together

It is the right time for everybody to come together to fight for power saving reduction. There are a lot of cases where efficient energy saving techniques has been put into practice in order to save energy and in order to obtain clean energy use alternative energy sources. Without the need to reinvent the wheel, individuals and enterprises looking for energy saving solutions could get access to the new technology to enhance energy efficiency.

Solar and Wind Energy

Using solar energy and wind power energy is encouraged in domestic purposes in order to save on power bills.  If a lot of people show their eagerness in making use their own wind power energy or station or solar energy at home, they can get power for free as wind or solar energy is a renewable resource. In addition, solar powered chargers or stoves are now commonly used to save energy.

Start Eco Living

When everybody tries to conserve energy and enhance energy efficiency, the want to use depleting resources will be very much reduced. In addition, clean energy will emit less toxic gases reducing global warming and therefore the future generation can live happily and comfortably in the inhabitable planet. So, try keep your home clean and don not throw any waste materials on the roads or outside. Plant more and more trees in order to get clean air, to repair our ozone layer and for future generations. Using alternative sources of energy can not only help you to save non renewable resources of energy but you save a lot of money and can live healthily.

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The Necessity of Green Living

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The Necessity of Green Living


Why going green is necessary these days

Nowadays it seems that the fashionable trend in living is going natural or green. It means most of the people are going to opt for less waste, cleaner energy, eco friendly building materials, paints, flooring and energy efficient appliances.

Whether you support or not support the global warming theory, one thing that you cannot dispute is the apparent savings, both in your finances and the environment, which making some easy and if you are ready, not very simple, green improvements to your house or condo. His not only will help you to live long but it will also make your house or home more attractive to prospective buyers if you have to decide to sell. Maybe the simplest thing that you can do to start saving energy and money is to change your old bulbs with a new one, which are more energy efficient.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

The latest compact fluorescent bulbs are obtainable in the market in different sizes and style. They save a lot of energy than the normal bulbs and they last longer than the ordinary bulbs. Latest compact fluorescent bulbs use less than twenty percent of the energy than the ordinary bulbs uses. You can fix timers on the outside lights.

Reduce Water Consumption

In order to enhance water consumption, you can fix low flush toilets and you can install aerators to your faucets or you can buy a new one, which already comes with the aerators. This device helps in mixing the air with the water flow that produce more pressure with less water. You can change your old showerheads in the bathroom with the low flow heads.

A general water heater will run continuously in order to keep the water hot all the times, making this electric appliance one of the very expensive to operate in your home. You could either enhance the heating efficiency of the water tank you presently have by wrapping the pipes or adding insulation around the tank.
You can also replace your old water heaters with a new one which only heats the water when it is needed and not constantly. Tankless models or heaters can save up to fifty percent of energy than the older models and can function very well. There are solar power water heater are available in the market for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

You can also take additional step in order to conserve water by fixing a rainwater collection system to your landscaped plants and lawn and ensuring that you only plant native species, which are tolerant of local weather conditions, will help your outdoor environment.

Kitchen Energy Tweaks

Another major area where you can save a lot of energy is your kitchen. Replacing all your kitchen appliances with an energy efficient kitchen appliances  could help you to save am lot of electricity and will function n more efficiently. A refrigerator can consume more electricity than any other electric appliances in your home.  Today there are several home appliances are available in market, which are more energy efficient and works more efficiently.

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Laptops Going Green

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Laptops Going Green

By making some simple decisions, you can help your environment. You can go green with your computers and laptops. This could be done by selecting laptops, which are eco friendly, and runs long. The latest green laptops or notebooks take the concept of eco friendly notebook computer to the next level. Although green laptops are smaller than the ordinary laptops but still they last longer on a single charge. The best part about these green laptops is that they completely abide by all almost all the environmental rules and regulations.

These small footprints, lighter weight, ultraportble notebooks are intrinsically greener than larger footprint, heavier products for some reasons:

They are made to provide the desired performance when consuming lesser materials for producing and less energy for distribution and shipment. Requirements for packing are also reduced, saving energy and materials. Notebooks do not use a lot of power as a personal computer or desktops, this is because the green laptops processor use about 35W or less, when compared to desktops CPU that uses about 65W or more. The additional benefit is that it reduces your electric bill.

Less harmful components

Even if, notebooks are more energy efficient than the personal computers or desktops, however the are no greener than personal computers or desktops in other regards. The mainly contain the same dangerous components and they are not effortlessly recycled. But, there are several greener notebooks are available in the market today.

Nowadays, solar energy are used in several things like car, electronic items, computers and laptops, heating and lightings and various other purposes. Solar energy is a clean form of energy which are available in abundant. Today, there are several laptops and computer are available in the market, which are powered by solar cells. These can save a lot of money and energy that is used by ordinary computers and laptops.
The green laptops are uses mercury free LEDs in order to illuminate display. This saves a lot of energy, and enables for a thinner screen. Green laptops are made up of solid-state drive, which are faster, reliable and much lighter than the ordinary drive. Green laptop come with a low voltage processor and has enhanced ‘battery stretch’ software for energy savings.

Some of the laptops are aluminum case, which are easily recyclable and highly wanted by recyclers. All the materials that are used for packing are ninety percent are recyclable.

Switching from a desktop to a green laptop is a very good method to enhance your productivity and also in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that you add to each year. Let us be a part in reducing greenhouse gases that we produce and save our Mother Earth. Going green does not mean that you have to give up on several aspects of your life; it means we have to stop and think a while on how to make a difference in our world. Make some or the other activity, which helps in conserving energy and nature.  Let us save our planet by going green.

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How Can You Support Going Natural or Green and Preserve Energy

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How Can You Support Going Natural or Green and Preserve Energy


The common awareness of Going Green is green revolution in all worries pertaining to water, land and air. The use of natural resources prudently is the primary concern including fighting pollution and recycling.  Many products are produced out of recycled materials and entrepreneur and other owners are becoming more anxious and aware of the significant roles they play in order to find ways in the conservation of the natural resources.

Nowadays, the essence of going natural does not only concern the nature but also painting your home with green. There are several types of paints are available in the market that are eco friendly. These paints contain fewer solvents and they do not emit toxic chemicals or gas into the air. They are made to have less odor or smell, lower levels of organic substances and they could resist mildew. The stains or dirt’s could be cleaned by using water and ordinary soap therefore, avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals.

Make use of the car only when it is necessary and don’t use unnecessarily. Leave you car at your house, instead you can bike, walk, roller skate, ride in bus or skateboard. In this method you are not only reducing pollutions but also you can save a lot of money and can have routine physical exercise.

Turn off the lights and other appliances when it is not necessary and always close the refrigerator in order to save electricity. There are several energy saving appliances are available in the market today such as sensors, power automation system and other appliances. The energy that you save through improved efficiencies in usage and electronic appliances not only saves a lot of the money but also helps to lessen the amount of energy that is required for generating electric power.

Try to purchase recycled products such as plastics or papers. Try to make use of them until they are usable. Reusing is one of the best ways that you can reduce pollution and can keep your environment clean. Through this method, you could carefully you can make use of the old things or can donate to somebody else who are in need. By this method you can save a lot of money instead of buying new ones.

Try to reduce using high energy-consuming appliances such as computers and air conditioner. Turn them off when they are not in use or idle.

Avoid burning branches, dried leaves, plastics, papers and other of trees as they increase pollution.
Use alternative energy resources such as winder power energy, solar energy and bio energy. Solar energy is a clean form of energy.  This energy does not emit toxic gases into the air. All these energy are renewable and are available in abundant.

In summary, Going Green turns around in every part of our life. There are a lot of avenues to encourage the Green in different proportions ranging from conservation of natural resources to wise use of energy and natural resources which make life possible.

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We have all seen them. We have used them at some point. We might even be the proud owners of several units. Cell phones. A blessing from god above which has revolutionized human life as we know it. I am sure that Alexander graham bell, even in his wildest dreams, never envisioned what his invention, the telephone, would eventually morph into. Marconi, even as he did his experiments in wireless communication, did not fully realize the great possibilities afforded by his experiments. The modern cell phone is indeed a technological masterpiece, if you really think about it. If anyone had walked over to Mr. graham bell and told him that in the future, it would be possible to hold a conversation with a person halfway across the world, he would have labeled them a lunatic and proceeded to have you taken to the nearest asylum, or he would have at least laughed in your face and called you a fool. However, we know that what may have seemed an incredible feat in the past is now reality, in the form of cell phones. It is amazing how fast the devices are getting assimilated into everyday life. With increasing technological advances, the devices are getting cheaper and cheaper and all the while their processing power, their memory capacities and other features are increasing. It is no big deal today to watch television broadcasts on the devices, listen to music, send e-mails read documents and make appointment, all using your cell phones. It gets better than that. Cell phones, also referred to as mobile phones, are changing the way people carry out their day to day activities. Not only do they enhance communication, but they are also changing other facets of life not necessarily linked with communication. Take banking, for instance. Ever since the creation of these noble institutions, most transactions took place within the banking halls. Not so today. With the advent of electronic funds transfer (eft) and mobile banking, one can make all manners of financial transactions from thousands of miles away, thus saving time and avoiding the hassles of queues and bouncing cheques. Take the example set by one Kenyan company, namely safaricom. Safaricom, a mobile network service provider has introduced an innovative mobile banking service to its customers under the name of m-pesa.the service allows customers to deposit money into their phones and to withdraw it when needed. It also allows for funds transfers between customers. As is expected, the service has caused quite a stir in the third world country`s banking industry, and most banks have been forced to either develop similar services or partner with safaricom m-pesa service.
Indeed, cell phones are here to stay. What remains to be seen is how people will react to the changes that they bring about.

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