Best Social Networking Sites of today

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Best Social Networking Sites

In today’s world, when everything has experienced the intrusion of computers and the internet, why should it be different for relationships as well? Taking the concept of social networking to a whole new level are the social networking websites. Ask the average teenager about friends and he will give you a list of cyber-relations conjured up with the help of these increasingly popular websites. Here is a look at a few of them:


This website has been found to be most popular in Brazil and India, boasting of more than a hundred million active users worldwide. Users can add videos, integrate Gtalk , upload photos and also apply themes to make their profile page attractive.


Facebook currently boasts of more than four hundred million active users worldwide. One can not only poke his friends with a message or two, but also remain engaged by addictive games and other free applications.


Myspace has more than 200 million users worldwide with unique features like the use of HTML tags to customize one’s profile page, apart from having the common applications.


With around fifty million monthly visits Twitter is fast gaining popularity , more because of it being used by celebrities to voice their thoughts.

Include feeds from your favorite social networking site in your website with Bounceweb Hosting!

RvSiteBuilder and Templates

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RvSiteBuilder and Templates


If you want to get your hosting services to the higher level, you have you have to differentiate yourself and level by providing the RVsiteBuilder as one of the value added service. With this, you will be able to save time and money and make your clients to get higher profit.

RVSiteBuilder is a great addition to any web hosting. It’s basically a sitebuilder. Take a look at what BounceWeb has to offer:
View Site Builder Templates

View Site Builder Demo

Blog component: It helps the users to maintain their online webblog, diary or a complete home page.
New step5 interface: with which you will be able to create and configure the website easily.
Help and shortcut menu: Each step contains the screenshots, shortcut menu and flash tutorials guide so that user will know how create DIY template, add Youtube etc.
New navigator system: this shows the suitable color scheme.

RvSiteBuilder Features


Tryout Module
It is a separate application, which runs on your own disk and allows the users to try out the RVsiteBuilder and there will be no need of buying a hosting account. Here, the users can try to test and if they are interested, they can buy a hosting account.  With the click of a single button, you will be able to create both hosting account along with data as well.

Customizable template
If the default templates do not fit in, you can download other templates, modify and can upload to the system. The templates that are uploaded by you can be used only you.

Completely integrated to cPanel
Based on your existing package, you will be allowed to control the user access of the RvSiteBuilder using the features of both RvSkin and WHM

Advanced WYSIWYG editor
Supports all the browsers with the equivalent gecko layout engine.
New website templates
Multi lingual support

It is a standardized type of file used by the computer software as the pre-formatted example on the base of other files.

Some of the template categories include

Art and Gallery
Beauty and Fashion
Computer and technology
Travel and leisure
Restaurant and bar
Gifts and collectibles
Health and medical
Sports and Recreation
Home and garden
Internet services
Jobs and career
Plain templates

Some of the template styles include

Two tone
DIY templates

BounceWeb offers Web Hosting with RVSiteBuilder as standard on all our web hosting plans!

Green Web hosting

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Green Web hosting

Hi all,

In today’s world, green is the way to go if you are looking for global recognition. People are now concerned about the environment and are taking adequate steps in order to protect it, and prevent further damage. The world of Information Technology, especially web hosting is also a part of it.

We have often heard people say that there is no end of information. And, with the trend of digitizing each and every information in various formats, the need to store them has led us to run servers with huge memory space and fast processors. However, such servers consume a lot of power, and thus have a direct impact on the environment. In case of website hosting, servers are known to be use up a lot of power. Thus, the concept of green web hosting grew!

Green web hosting is a new concept wherein web-hosting companies would take up their social responsibility of conserving energy. Generally servers are kept in fireproof, flood-proof, electrically insulated environments, which happen to consume a lot of energy. Thus, the process of website hosting has a great impact on the environmental resources! However, with this new concept, now we will have sustainable websites run on servers that would take initiatives in carbon offsetting, and specifically use renewable sources of energy to satisfy its needs.

Some web servers are already known to run on solar as well as wind powers, and according to the statistics, they have been working as efficiently as they used to when conventional sources of energy were used. These web-hosting techniques are committed to the social change, and thus help in making the web world a sustainable place! There are other ways to address the environmental concerns. Even if it is not possible to make the web-hosting technique completely carbon-free, its effect can be neutralized by planting trees for each website that is hosted. This might seem simple, but it helps in denting future impacts on the environment.

Another aspect that most green web hosting companies take care of is reduction of the environmental footprint. Certain simple measures can be taken in order to serve the purpose.

1. Web-hosting companies can use servers that are energy-efficient. Energy saved is as good as energy produced. Thus, green web-hosting companies should look for energy-saving servers only.

2. Generators are used to provide backup to servers. Generally, diesel generators are used everywhere. However, green companies who promise to provide sustainable websites should be using propane gas generators instead.

3. Such companies should also be able to recycle their resources. A green web-hosting company should ideally generate its own energy through renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind energy. Even the offices of such companies must run on solar energy too.

Green Web-hosting is the new direction of future web hosting. With more and more people joining the World Wide Web, the need to store more information will increase exponentially. Unless, all web-hosting companies own such green business techniques, it is difficult to provide such huge amount of energy!

BounceWeb is proud to say we are a Green Web Host with great Green Web Hosting. We take the enviroment very seriously and run our servers on 100% solar and wind power.

Link Bid Script free directory script

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One of the most effective ways to manage reciprocal links on your website it to have a script manage it for you. Its okay to place your links on HTML page but using a directory script like Link Bid Script will make adding new links to the reciprocal links section of your site more efficient and you can easily keep and eye on links partners that are still linking to you and those that have stopped linking to you. Reciprocal link facility is built into LBS.

Originally created as a bid for position script, LBS still excel at its original purpose, it currently powers thousands of bid for position directory on the Internet so if you want to start a bid for position directory, link bid script is not only the only free bid for position directory scripts out there, its one of the best. It is free to use, all you need to do is download, install it and you could be profiting from your own bid for position directory with a few hours. You can download link bid script from here:

Whether you use Link Bid Script as a reciprocal link or as a bid for position directory, support is free from our support forum. The support forum also boast of various template and theme to help you make your LBS install more attractive to users.

Some of the features that make LBS a versatile linking script includes:

  • Alphabetic or web directory style categories.
  • Dedicated page for each listing.
  • Search Engine Friendly.
  • Supports instant activation.
  • Support editor reviewed approval.
  • Supports multiple payment gateways.
  • Template based for easy customisation.
  • User-friendly admin control panel.
  • CMS powered, not need to modify files directly.
  • Free to download.
  • Free upgraded
  • Free support.
  • Add AdSense code easily.

Three Websites Developers Can’t Live Without

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Three Websites Developers Can’t Live Without

Whether you are an experienced designer or someone looking to start developing, there is always more to learn. Webmonkey is an invaluable resource for the personal development of developers. There are tutorials on web basics for novices covering topics such as html documents, graphics and web standards. For the designer that has the basics covered, there is a handy reference library with cheat sheets, a glossary, color charts and browser charts. Don’t see what you are looking for? You can request an article and Webmonkey will try and find someone to write it. In addition to these features, Webmonkey has a service called monkey_bites. These bites are daily news articles geared towards developers that will help you stay well informed in an ever-evolving industry.

You have the resources to develop a high-end product but you’re having trouble getting started? Visit The Best Designs for a little inspiration. At TBD, websites are categorized by elements of CSS, Flash and design quality. New, exceptional websites are added to the Design Gallery daily. There is also a Designer Directory and a section for Featured Designers so you can learn about who is behind the sites in the Design Gallery. If you think you’ve already created a top-notch site, submit it to TBD and maybe you’ll be featured on their website. With over 300,000 page impressions per month, TBD will be sure to send some new visitors your way. Still not convinced? TBD was featured as one of the “Top Ten Design Resources” in How Design Magazine.

“From Pixels to Prose. From Coding to Content.” A List Apart is “For People Who Make Websites.” A List Apart is a web magazine that started as a mailing list that in a few short months had 16,000 designers, developers and content specialists subscribing. A few of the topics in the magazine are code, content, culture, design, process and user science. Basically, if you haven’t been to this website before, you have 282 issues of extremely well written, relevant and fascinating articles to read. You might as well start now. The very same people who read it, the community of web specialists, write A List Apart. The magazine is published on Tuesdays so you won’t need to check this site everyday. After a time, this fact will make you upset and you’ll be wondering is it Tuesday yet.

Benefits of Hosting with Siteframe

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Benefits of Hosting with Siteframe

Siteframe is just a lightweight CMS (Content Management System) that is especially designed for the speedy deployment of various community based Websites. With the help of Siteframe a group of users will be able to share their own photographs, stories, send e-mail, participate in various activities and also can conduct various activities for the users. All these are enabled by this Siteframe Hosting is by providing content managements that are entirely based on the web so that anyone can create their own content even without learning the HTML.


If you have written any content on the Siteframe Hosting, Siteframe will automatically take care of appropriate image sizing and creates thumbnails as well.

The administrator of the website will be able to determine the types and kinds of content that will be very well supported for better functioning.

Using the simple macros that are available in the Siteframe Hosting, carious types of contents will able to or can be linked-up to one-another user.


This Siteframe Hosting will encourage and also looks into the growth of any kind of online-communities. This growth will be encouraged by allowing the community members to upload their content and also will allow editing their contents as well. These contents may include files, links, articles and even pictures.

These online-community members can also optionally rate and comment the content and also can communicate with other members through e-mail as well.

In this Siteframe Hosting, all the members of the online community can be in touch with all the regular newsletters that are generated by the Website automatically. This is one of the biggest benefits of using the Siteframe Hosting.


Hosting with Siteframe Hosting, you will be able to design the entire appearance of your websites and it is done by just separating the entire content from the presentation. Using any type of HTML editor, pages can be designed in the way that will be suitable for you and you can even replace your content with the set of simple replacements as well.

You have the provisions to change the entire appearance of any page in your website or the messages that are generated by the Siteframe by just simply editing the templates that are appropriate.


Top 5 energy drinks for Geeks

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He has been at it all day long and the whole night thought

He is tired, but must not give up since the fate of the entire Universe (ok-cyberspace) hangs in the balance. This geek must finish writing the code he’s been working on, he must hack a given site or he must penetrate a given network…… but he feels so drained. He can hardly press a key on the keyboard, let alone drag the mouse cursor. What he needs is a revitalizing dose of pure energy to revamp his entire being. Mustering his remaining strength, he uses his free hand (the one not permanently attached to the mouse) to reach out for his favorite drink….. the effect is instantaneous. The worn out geek is instantly recharged ready to resume his noble task of securing cyberspace thanks to the energy drinks.

At this point one is tempted to ask what exactly is a geek’s favourite energy drink. Well after intensive research involving many geeks (contacted via e-mail as always) here’s a list to work with.

1. Super Mario energy drink

Yes, of course. So obvious. This drink is immensely popular among the netizens, the main reasons being, I suspect the name and the printed image on its can. I mean geeks were weaned off nintendo and grew off super Mario. The energy boost comes from the sentimental value attached to the Mario character, although some geeks SWEAR by the processor on their motherboard that the drink adds on extra 1up to your existence (ok, If you didn’t do super Mario, you just won’t get it – so stop trying ok?) – lets proceed to another level, shall we?

Duff Energy drinks

-Duff! The mug that wont get u drunk when you chug !

Duff. Homer Simpson. Sentimental value at work here.

Most geeks watched the Simpson on T.V back when they still had a life apart from their PCs, and duff energy drink seems like the best way to recapture lost glory. Well, duh!

3. Red bull

This is for the hot hombres of computer world, the geeks that feel they have to make a statement, without getting off their butts .Stack up several cans of red bulls and feel your geeky pals into thinking you have a life. Nice trick, Einstein.

4. Shark

It’s all in the name. Aggression, ferocity, viciousness and a big dose of appeal. Geeks take this to make themselves feel great when they actually are feeling a bit like a certain input device (mouse, not keyboard, you idiot). Thing is, I’ve never seen a shark wearing glasses.

1. Lucozade boost

Comes in a trendy bottle, attractive packaging and a great tasting flavor to stimulate your taste buds. It’s everything a geek wishes for (if only it was named after some star trek characters –say Obi wa Kenobi or even R2- D2). May I add that even geeks’ mothers like it, not for themselves , but in the vain hope that it will motivate their sons to engage in some athletic undertakings .Hate to burst your bubble , ma`am, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Once Again cyberspace is saved, thanks to

Addicted to e-books? The best free e-book sites

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There comes a time in the life of the average human life where one is required to obtain some knowledge that is hidden in some book somewhere. when that time comes most people just pop into the nearest bookshop and hope that they can get the books they require there. Mostly they are disappointed .Now, for the lucky cookie who has access to the internet, things may seem a little easier, but where exactly on the net can they get the book(s) for free,if I may be so bold to ask.we’ll cookie, that’s where I come in. Here is a list of the most fab ebook sites to quell anyone’s craving for reading. Don’t turn the page, Mr. bookworm, for here we go

Planet PDF

This site is composed mainly of many classics that have been illuminating human minds for countless ages – not the Bible or the Vedas, Mr. Yoda, just timeless pieces of work like the wizard of OZ and other such classics. Its amazing the number of people who have Zero knowledge on supposedly classic writing. If you need some light entertainment there is where you need to be. All the books are in PDF (Portable document format- for your information) form


A great collection of books on various topics from business to Art of religion. The only thing that marks this sites claim to fame is the size of its database.


This sites boasts of a great number of books in different categories from fiction to technical books its all here the site has an appealing layout that is easy on the eye. It just so great

Project Gutenberg

Boast perhaps the largest collection of free books on the net most of the books there are in the public domain, having outlined their copyright terms from Sun Tzus Art of war to Edward Lasker’s blue book of Chess to the Grimm fairly tales collection. Its all there a word of warning though don’t go there expecting to find the latest book on Java. It’s more like an archive really. However, it makes for interesting reading if you really want to read something not so up to date

Well, well, well. The name says it all. Free e-book sot head three right away, the books are categorised into various categories from adult comics to Japanese to psychology to martial Arts. Books everywhere. The best feature it boast is one whereby one sees the book cover displayed and on clicking it one gets a short description of its contents as well as the download link

There you have it, bookworms. I give unto thee power to find a free e-book to your satisfaction. Here now is my command. Go ye and read a book

Best four Download managers for the average geek

Download managers we all need them. Can`t live without them, especially when one needs to get stuff from the net via a slow connection so how does one get about selecting an appropriate download manager? No sweat, pal, no sweat. I already did some researching so you don’t have to. Try out these hardy downloader’s. The only problem you might be facing is getting enough free space to accommodate all the downloading you are about to do

Down them all

This is actually a Mozilla Firefox add-on, but it sure comes in handy when one needs to download stuff on the go. Its greatest strength is the fact that its an add – on and not a program per se, meaning that as long as one has Firefox running you can easily set it up regardless of computer restrictions put in place by your boss, network admin, whoever who would let you install programs on the PC. Get it running and you will be downloading stuff in a jiffy – long live Mozilla Firefox

Download accelerator plus

A great program that lets you download stuff accelerated speeds. Its only drawback is that it is resource heavy and tends to slow down the system a bit. It has a great interface and what’s more, it allows one to search for downloads from specific sites at a click of a button

Free Download Manager

It’s a good download manager made better by the fact that it’s free. Free-free. A light program that gets the job done easily and quickly. It has an appealing interface that is easy on the eye and does not bog one down with endless options and choices to make. It will suffice for the average geek on download patrol. It also comes with a neat download basket where one drags and drops a download link and it starts downloading. Neat

Internet Download

The IDM, as it so fondly known, takes the day when it comes to download managers. Its relatively light but surprisingly robust downloads with a simple enough interface, its efficiency is made better by its simple straightforward menus which enable one to make changes easily and rapidly it also comes with a drop basket enabling one to easily download explorer menus, making it easier to start downloads. What more can I say wait, did I mention that it can be obtained for free?

You go find out its golden goodness for yourself pal. It makes me want to cry with joy.

Geeky Gamer’s Strategy Heaven

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To all wannabe geeky gamers, the word is out. The top five all time favourite strategy games have been listed. The best part of it, they can be obtained for free, Yes, free! from various sites across the web. Roll in your tongue, Bob, you are about to be hit in the face with the wettest, coolest piece of classic strategy games ever!!!

KKND Krossfire

Krazy stuff! Set in a post-apocalyptic world, where three main races: Humans, Bots and Mutants battle it out for resource supremacy, you are bound to have endless hours of fun. One can play as any of the three races. Although overall gameplay gets sort of monotonous after a few battles, it still kicks A**!!

Civilisation II Gold Edition

Civilisation – The game that took strategy to a new level. Add that to more complex gameplay, interesting scenatios better A.I and you have a game worth spending hours on. Great!! – The graphics are a bit down but we understand seeing as it was developed in a foregone millenium.

Dune II

Set from the Sci-fi book of the same name, Dune II boasts an impressive array of options. It’s a bit slow in initial gameplay development but once the ball starts rolling, the action won’t stop – Coool! Graphics are so down that they would make a caveman cry but who cares, we are here for the gameplay, not for the eye candy – Superb!

UFO – Enemy Unknown

Aliens invade Earth. An organisation is formed to fight back. Do research, develop and craft weapons to fight back. Aliens, UFOs, mind control, super-advanced technology – a geek’s wet dream come true – plus, it’s a turn based game meaning you get to lay it as you like it. Wicked!!


Netstorm – What can I say, I invested a big portion of my life in the game and it still attracts me. It’s all about battling for supremacy amid flying islands. It’s got as much strategy as chess and enough gameplay action to whet anyone’s appetite. I must warn you though, the exhilirating feeling of triumph one gets after a netstorm battle can be quite addictive. Go ahead, Take a whiff, Game junkie. Come get some!

Web Master Tools

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Web Master Tools

The webmaster is the individual responsible with the general management of a website, and they need web master tools. Most webmasters are the original developers of the websites they manage. The webmaster is responsible with keeping the website up-to-date, user support, monitoring traffic through the site among other responsibilities. This task requires expertise both in training and experience. For any webmasters to be able to carry out these tasks efficiently, he or she needs to have functional webmaster tools. The webmaster has the option of either installing webmaster tools or downloading them from the internet.

Right from the first step of designing the website, the webmaster must have the appropriate web master tools. Having of the right webmaster tools, expertise and experience is the secret to developing an excellent website. The application of the right webmaster tools is not an option, one has to have them. It is for this reason that the webmaster has to ensure that he has all required tools before starting the process of developing a website. Web development tools are part of the webmaster tools.

The webmaster has several editorial responsibilities. The webmaster is faced with the responsibility of ensuring that all the content information on website is satisfactory. The text, images, and motion pictures available on the website are administered by the webmaster. This is what is referred as editorial responsibility. Just like a magazine or a newspaper editor. It is a demanding responsibility and can only be made possible with the application of suitable webmaster tools.

The webmaster also has to ensure that all users visiting the website are satisfied. Each user visiting the website has to get the necessary support. User support is a responsibility of the webmaster. The website must be able to serve the interest of all users. The webmasters needs to use specific tools to ensure that this is guaranteed. For example if the user want to download utilities, the utilities have to be available and downloadable. If the user is purchasing a product the webmaster has to ensure that the transaction is well completed.

The website must be found to be presentable by all internet users. This is another vital responsibility of the webmaster. If the site has any photographic images, all the photographic images have to be clearly visible. The webmaster may need to have specific webmasters tools to ensure that all images are clear when uploaded in the site. To guarantee such quality provision, the webmaster needs to have the appropriate webmaster tools available for application when uploading all photographic images.

The webmaster is also faced with the responsibility of ensuring that they attract most users to their website. They do this by optimizing their website to be attractive to search engines.  Search engines are used by users who navigate the internet in search of suitable websites to suit their need. The webmaster needs webmaster tools to optimize the website from time to time and attract most users to the website at all times. Optimizing is a continuous process and the webmaster has to keep up with the change in trend. It is very competitive and each webmaster has to be creative in order to get the attention of most. The webmasters tools applicable to website optimizing are considered to be very important.

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