Hacking Etiquette- Ethical Hacking 101

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Hacking Etiquette- Ethical Hacking 101

Hacking Etiquette- Ethical Hacking 101


Ethical hacking has and always will be a controversial topic. But that does not stop it from being one of the most efficient ways of fool proofing you website’s security issues. Generally, these people are experts in networking and internet protocol, and have been hired by an establishment to attack its website, so as to seek out potential keyholes in its security system that malicious hackers might be able to exploit. Though they use the same types of methods as their less morally aware counterparts, the main difference is that they report potential threats instead of exploiting them for personal gains.
It is also known as penetration testing, white hat hacking and red teaming.
The first instances of ethical hacking were during the 1970s, when the US Govt. used red teams to hack its own systems.

Hacking Etiquette- Ethical Hacking 101

Certified Ethical Hacker

It is a course offered by the EC-Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) which makes ethical hacking a legally certified profession. It authorizes the holder to find out weaknesses in specific systems using the same knowledge, methods, and resources as a normal hacker.
C|EH 312-50 is the Exam code. The certificate is of edition 7.1 updated on 14 -6- 2011.For more Information, go to http://www.eccouncil.org/certification/certified_ethical_hacker.aspx

The minimum requirements for the course are at least two years of job experience at a security related post.  This is important as it helps in weeding out malicious hackers. There are other screening measures also.
Even after earning the certificate, there are further background checks and other security screenings for obtaining security clearances before they are offered jobs at government agencies or private firms.

A professional ethical hacker can earn anywhere between 1.75 to 9.5 lakh rupees per year depending on his skill level and employers.


Ethical work mentality

An ethical hacker should keep the company’s interest above all other things. Having hidden agendas and exploiting the scenario for one’s own agenda is a strict no-no.

Respecting Privacy

The client –hacker relationship should be strictly confidential. Any information the hacker comes across while on the job should not be leaked in the future for any reason at all.

“Know thy Enemy “


1)      Discovery of vulnerabilities and hidden doors from a hacker’s viewpoint.

2)      Testing efficiency of current security and defenses.

3)      Efficient risk management.

4)      Enforce vendor made claims about the security of their products.


In order to protect yourself you have to be your enemy. Ethical hackers do this by thinking like a potential hacker out to damage the system. Using the same methods as the repeatedly attack the system till they finally spot a flaw. This flaw is then reported to the website owners who take corrective measures.
Security vulnerabilities may continually appear. Hackers will continue to evolve and exploit even newer vulnerabilities previously not even looked at. This is why regular testing is necessary. And that is Ethical hacking will never go out of fashion no matter how many controversies it gets into.




Social Searches and its effects on privacy

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Social Searches and its effects on privacy

Millions of people all around the globe search one thing or the other on the World Wide Web. Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft) generate large number of results for the keywords entered by users. Large parts of the searches include those of people and celebrities. This generally encircles around social networking giants like – Facebook, Twitter, Orkut or the newly arrived Google+. Recent trends show that the search engines are focusing more on showing search results of the social networks while compromising the original results. This indeed is a serious issue as it may unwantedly leak out private information to an unknown person who isn’t even interested in knowing him / her.

Social Searches and its effects on privacy

Since the integration of Google+, a user has to personalize his search options so as to lower irrelevant searches. If you search a name in Google, now it will show up the profile of the related person in Google+, along with his photos and social circles.

Some of the drawbacks of todays’ social searches are –

More focus on the social touch of the individuals

Google recently integrated Google+ in most of its searches made. It has been statistically found many times that unnecessary references are being made to the Google+ social network profiles, photos and friend circles, thus compromising original search results. Google has been giving more preference to the individuals’ ‘tweets’  than putting  up the required results which may have higher priority. This wastes precious time of the individuals and may leak out private information.

The biggest problem of ‘Spam’

Individuals looking out for a specifically tailored information may get unexpected output, known as ‘spam’. Many users may get irritated and have to forcefully modify their search outputs in order to get what they require.

The world moving towards ‘cloud’ computing era

As the world is slowly shifting towards a transition where no information is kept by the client side, all information including photos, music collection may be uploaded to the servers and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Social searches may leak out all these information to the general public, thus infringing privacy.

Connecting Advertisers  with consumers

A simple step to make money through the advertising space – Social searches logs you into any social networking giant like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc. it takes out the information about your tastes, likes and dislikes and accordingly places suitable advertisements when a user is searching for a specific item on the search engine. This enables advertising by the brands and also lures customers to buying stuff. This all happens as we all are becoming too much internet dependent.

Social Searches and its effects on privacy

Social search has really integrated to be a part of our lives. But we cannot allow it to penetrate so deep into our lives that it may hamper our privacy. Cloud computing is an exciting option but we should bear security issues in mind. Selective allowance of private information and modifying search results is the perfect way to save you from the embarrassment of Social Search.

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What is new with Android 3.0

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What is new with Android 3.0

Android 3.0 or Honeycomb is the new and improved version of the Android platform with specific up gradation over the older android versions .It is equipped with many new features to be used for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. It is mainly a version which gives special reference to the content for interaction. Larger screen size makes the user easier to navigate .New up gradations like tabbed browsing, form auto-fill, syncing with Google chrome bookmarks, and specific mode for private browsing are available in this version. Android 3.0 features newer Google Maps 5 which is new mobile innovation with the provision for 3D interactions. It also allows access to large number of eBooks, and Google Talk, which now allows you to video and voice chat with any other enabled device (PC, tablet). The new android 3.0 version provides a truly virtual and holographic user interface and there is no hardware navigation button.


Action Bar and System Bar

Action bar contents are displayed on the top of the screen which contains the items and overflow dropdown menu for the access of the users frequently. At the bottom of the screen users have a quick access to system status, notification  and soft navigation button in a system bar and the users can use the new “lights  out mode”  to watch the video in full screen viewing. To engage the users in advanced ways it has got applications which uses extended set of UI objects, powerful graphics and media capabilities.




Customizable Home screen is another new feature, whereby the users can instantly access all parts of the system with the available five screens. Selection and manipulation of the home screen widgets, wall papers, and shortcut applications can be done by the user by using a particular visual lay out mode. Visual cues and drop shadows helps the users to adjust the lay outs of shortcuts and widgets by improving visibility.

Effective Multitasking

Multitasking is another key feature of Android 3.0. A user can launch various applications to undertake multiple tasks as well as they can use the Recent Apps list in the System Bar to visualize the tasks underway. It enables the user to quickly jump from one application context to another.

Soft Keyboard

The soft keyboard in Android 3.0 helps the user to enter the text fast and in an accurate manner. Some new keys, such as a Tab key are added to provide richer and more efficient text input. The touch-hold keys help the user to access menus with special characters.

Better connectivity option

New connectivity features are added for the convenience of the users. It has improved Wi-Fi connectivity, built in support for media / picture transfer protocol. This device lets the user to instantly synchronize media files with a USB connected camera.

Improved text selection like copy and paste options are more advanced here. Other new features include a new browser setting, camera and gallery applications etc. There is no significant difference between Smart phone and Android3.0 .

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How are Samsung’s Bada OS and Nokia’s Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

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How are Samsung’s Bada OS and Nokia’s Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

The future of operating systems and internet lies with the small gadgets which are compact and yet efficient. There are numerous open-source Operating systems available in the market for the computers. But the mobile phones are becoming smarter day by day. So in order to pave the path of prosperity for such devices, companies such as Google, Nokia and Samsung have taken the lead. The competition for the operating systems market of smart phones is really heating up. Nokia’s Symbian OS is finding it tough to compete with the Google’s Android Operating System and Apple’s iOS designed for the iPhones. Samsung has recently launched its all new open source smart phone OS named Bada which is specifically designed to compete with Android.

How are Samsung's Bada OS and Nokia's Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

Strictly speaking Android has got a major hold on market share because of which the other operating systems are playing the catching up game. Due to the popularity of Android other operating Systems have to reinvent their technologies. Firstly Nokia is in dire need of new injection of applications to sustain with its Symbian operating system. It is gradually losing its foothold in the market. The Android is proving to be more than a handful for Nokia. Still Symbian with its new range of Smart phones such as E7 and N8 is trying really hard to give a tough fight to the comparatively new Operating systems such as Android and iOS that have arrived in the market.

How are Samsung's Bada OS and Nokia's Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

If we take a look at the Samsung Bada OS that has been launched recently by the South Korea based company we would find that it has a much improved performance in comparison to the age old Nokia Symbian OS. However the Samsung Wave is working absolutely fine with Bada and is perhaps outperforming some major smart phones designed across the globe.

Smart phones are a high end market and therefore the opportunities are also limited to a certain extent. In spite of such major disadvantages that the market faces Google Android has virtually gripped every such smart phone user’s imagination. Android does eat up the battery a bit too much in comparison to the other operating systems yet it provides the widest list of widgets and other functionalities that is unimaginable in other smart other smart phone OS.  Android and iOS of Apple has a vital lead over Symbian since it is an open source OS. Because of this many smart devices are trying to get a hold on the Android and incorporate them in their devices.

How are Samsung's Bada OS and Nokia's Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

The first look and the best possible experience of BADA can be generated on the Samsung Wave. Yet after you spend a good bit of time with Bada you would still miss the Android somewhere if you have explored Android fully.

How are Samsung's Bada OS and Nokia's Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

There is always room for improvement for both Bada and Symbian. Bada and Symbian OS can take heart from the fact that the developer support for such non-Android operating systems has increased vastly in comparison to the past few years. For instance Apple iOS has increased the application store for its devices. Bada being a new OS compared to Symbian it is finding it hard to merge seamlessly with other phones apart from Samsung. But it’s sure that if the OS can present itself in the best possible way then it can easily take on Symbian and Android one at a time. There are a handful of phones that are using Bada as their operating system so time would tell if Samsung is really able to compete in the highly competitive market of smart phone OS.

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Top 10 3D Painting

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Brace yourself with a one of a kind 3D Painting. These artworks are fantastic, and it will truly mesmerize you with every bit of its details. Enjoy viewing the pictures after the jump.

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Exploring the different phases of application development

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Exploring the different phases of application development

An application is basically a collection of programs which satisfy certain requirements. The process of developing an application begins with gathering the requirements and then designing the application, simultaneously with the code development and ends with the testing of the application

While designing an application, there are many ways to classify the data requirements which an application needs to operate on. The applications process and manipulate data and then present the results. A few types of requirements are; accessibility, availability, security, connectivity, portability, performance objectives, failure prevention and fault analysis, etc. Each application design has a separate case but may have many unique requirements, which may also be common to all the applications of the same system. Also it is because they have the same installation, which is connected to the external systems.


Designing starts with first analyzing the characteristics of the application. The best designs are those that start with the end result in mind. One must know what is to be down before starting the design.  Once all the requirements have been analyzed and verified and the application design is produced, the process passes on to the coding requirements.

Exploring the different phases of application development

In this phase the programmers take into account the programming requirements and then start with the iterative process of revising, testing, coding, etc. A common misconception is that the coding part of an application development is the most important and time consuming part. Programmers also deal with quality factors and have to take care of the code in virtue of its readability and maintainability.

Exploring the different phases of application development


Testing is a very important aspect of any application development. Every program is tested through a series of tests run by formal users. This is done to ensure the usability and functionality from a user point of view. Testing is basically the validation and verification of the developed software. Also “testing” is not only ensuring the quality assurance of the code but also about the quality of the design, the GUI, etc.

Exploring the different phases of application development

Every application developed enters its final phase when the development team documents the internal design of the application for future enhancement and maintenance. Good application documentation allows the application in various level of abstraction, allowing the user to understand the functioning of the application and to assess the areas where implementation is required. Documentation may consist of two parts, user training and operational procedures. In the former the users familiarize with the new application and the later enables the operations to take over responsibility for the smooth running of the application.


In the production, all the changes and the enhancements are implemented and maintenance is performed. The testing process is rigorous before entering into the production phase.

The entire development process can be broken down to the following steps.

Gather requirements.

User, hardware and software requirements

Perform analysis.

Develop the design in its various iterations:

1)       High-level design

2)       Detailed design

Hand over the design to application programmers.

Design Phase

Code and test application.

Perform user tests


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BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

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Research In Motion (RIM) Company, a global leader when it comes to wireless innovation, will be unleashing five new BlackBerry Smartphones in conjunction with the release of the new Blackberry 7 Operating system. The smartphone releases are two new Bold smartphones, and three new Torch smartphones.

Truly, RIM Company has revolutionized the mobile industry with this kind of innovation. They have patented the market with their product that uses a one-of-a-kind technology that can bring happiness to its consumers. The Blackberry 7 OS is the latest operating system, and they are being used by the new product line-up of smartphones such as Bold 9900, and 9930. This two new smartphones is the thinnest phones to ever come from RIM Company. It features a dynamic improved design, full keyboard, and a touch screen display system.

Along in this line up are the new Torch Models like 9810, 9850, and 9860. This product features a larger screen, slide-out keyboard, and you can experience more fluid animations, and stunning graphics because of the Liquid Graphics technology. Furthermore, these Torch Models have an incredible multimedia system that can pump up your adrenalin.

The Blackberry 7 smartphones truly deserve a spot for being award-winning gadgets. They are used by millions of customers across the globe to stay connected to other people, and for recreational use.

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Top 10 Green Cars of 2011

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Gasoline Prices are like a rocket that goes sky-high, and that is why many people are changing their vehicle to green cars. This type of eco-friendly vehicles have more options with better fuel efficiency, and this trend has helped thousands of consumers to understand the best options when it comes to choosing a car.

We have a Green Car list here that was recently unveiled by KBB.com, and they are ranked by their MPG or MPG-equivalent.

The 2012 Ford Focus is currently ranked as top 10. It has an impressive fuel economy that is mated with remarkable handling capability. It also features a state-of-the-art entertainment, and communications system.

Ranked as number 9 is the 2012 Fiat 500. It may be small, and less powerful than a Mini Cooper, but it definitely has a style of its own. This car offers an engine that can boost its horsepower up to 101hp. Don’t be deceived by its looks because this car is still one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles that you will see this year.

On number 8 is the 2011 Hyundai Elantra. It is a compact car that can deliver a highway fuel economies of at least 40 miles per gallon. This car features an attractive system, and it has an impressive body kit of bold sheet metal that is perfectly blended by stylish interior.

This car is so lucky to have a spot in number seven. The 2011 Volskwagen Golf TDI features a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engine, and the qualities of the interior are truly classy.

Featuring an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 39 mpg is the 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This model features an outstanding fuel economy that can deliver driving dynamics, and comfort. Furthermore, it has a SYNC, and navigation system.

It rated as the third most fuel-efficient hybrid on the road is the 2011 Honda Insight. It has an MSRP of $24,000 that is packed up with additional features. This car is the most affordable hybrid car on the market.

On number four is a model from Lexus. It features a sporty, and yet a little premium hatchback look. The 2011 Lexus CT 200h has the same speed as the Toyota Prius, but this has a remarkable character for being athletic, and at the same time as responsive.

This type of vehicle uses a fuel-saving technology. It can allow you to drive normally without worrying a thing on visiting the gas station regularly. The 2011 Toyota Prius was given the segment as ” heavyweight.”

Get ready to be electrified by the wonders of the 2011 Chevy Volt. This car has a tasteful vision of the future inside, and out. This is powered by an electric motor that can run up 35 miles on a single charge.

On our top of the list features a triple groundbreaking combination of range, room, and price. The 2011 Nissan Leaf is the first all-electric car for the masses. This car is the real deal when it comes to the category of Green Cars.

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B2B Marketing websites and their contribution to growth of companies

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B2B Marketing websites and their contribution to growth of companies

B2B Marketing websites and their contribution to growth of companies

B2B marketing is another term for business to business marketing or industrial marketing. Business Marketing includes individuals, firms, MNC’s, organizations both commercial as well as government basically create different categories and varieties of products based on their usage and sell them to other organizations. They even make use of these products internally in their very own companies in order to support the marketing of another major product or even any program or scheme. Business or industrial marketing came into picture around the 19th century. The major factor supporting the growth of B2B marketing is the introduction of new policies and schemes and revolutions in the market. The evolution of internet has also boosted the growth of business to business marketing. There are many B2B websites which help buyers globally access suppliers or manufacturers.

B2B Marketing websites and their contribution to growth of companies

Different B2B Marketing Schemes

The different categories of marketing schemes in business marketing include branding, product or services, pricing, people, promotion, campaigning plans, measurements of results and many more. Branding in B2B marketing is not same as other marketing schemes.


It differs in inclusion of divisional and corporate brands. In product schemes we try for saving more cost and generating more revenue. When pricing is concerned, the desired value can be obtained by supporting a second class product with the best products.


B2B Marketing websites and their contribution to growth of companies


Working of B2B websites

For example a certain consumer wants to place a particular order for furniture. It can connect to a B2B website and look for furniture exporters around the world and place their order from any firm of their choice. Even companies can search for consumers on this website based on the product details given by the consumer.

Membership facilities

A B2B website also has membership options available. One is the free membership and the other is premium membership. The free membership accounts can be created without any payment but the facilities availed by the users would be lesser than the facilities being provided to the users having a premium account.

B2B Marketing websites and their contribution to growth of companies

Popularizing B2B marketing websites

Some companies have websites which upon looking give a feeling of being more powerful than the others. Websites are the first impression a company makes on its buyers. A very well designed and user friendly website draws more attention and thus potential buyers towards itself than the companies with average websites. The first thing anyone would look at is the design of the website. Most of them are professionally designed. The next thing a buyer would look for is the success rate of the product which should also be updated from time to time.

The website should show a clear picture of what the company does and how it differs from the others in this competitive market. It needs to advertise it products on the website too and the products list should be placed in a very eye catchy location of the page. The buyer would also try obtaining the contact details of the company for further details.

For a company to have a B2B website is a must if it wants to have a profitable business and creating a website is just another step for the company’s growth.

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Mobile Devices that make emailing and browsing easier

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Mobile Devices that make emailing and browsing easier

The mobile market is now considered to be one of the fastest expanding and profitable markets in the world. With virtually everybody above the age of twelve possessing a mobile, there has been a rapid increase in the number and variety of mobile sets and connections available. With a wide array of smart phones hitting the market browsing the net is now just a swipe-of-the-finger away. The World Wide Web no longer rests on your desktop; it now cuddles on your palm.


Manufactured by Apple, this multi-touch screen phone is equipped with internet browsing and is multimedia enabled. Being 3G enabled it supports very high speed internet and smooth connectivity in addition to sporting a high resolution camera.

Nexus One

A smart phone manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation that uses the Google based Android Open Source Mobile Operating System the phone sports a sleek design in addition to supporting high speed internet browsing and fast data transfer.


Samsung and Nokia manufactures mobiles in a wide range starting from ordinary phones to those having state-of –the art internet browsing and downloading capabilities. Their high end models Samsung Omnia and N-97 has packed in a lot of features within a reasonable price and boasts of a large market share.

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