Hacking Etiquette- Ethical Hacking 101

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Hacking Etiquette- Ethical Hacking 101

Hacking Etiquette- Ethical Hacking 101


Ethical hacking has and always will be a controversial topic. But that does not stop it from being one of the most efficient ways of fool proofing you website’s security issues. Generally, these people are experts in networking and internet protocol, and have been hired by an establishment to attack its website, so as to seek out potential keyholes in its security system that malicious hackers might be able to exploit. Though they use the same types of methods as their less morally aware counterparts, the main difference is that they report potential threats instead of exploiting them for personal gains.
It is also known as penetration testing, white hat hacking and red teaming.
The first instances of ethical hacking were during the 1970s, when the US Govt. used red teams to hack its own systems.

Hacking Etiquette- Ethical Hacking 101

Certified Ethical Hacker

It is a course offered by the EC-Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) which makes ethical hacking a legally certified profession. It authorizes the holder to find out weaknesses in specific systems using the same knowledge, methods, and resources as a normal hacker.
C|EH 312-50 is the Exam code. The certificate is of edition 7.1 updated on 14 -6- 2011.For more Information, go to http://www.eccouncil.org/certification/certified_ethical_hacker.aspx

The minimum requirements for the course are at least two years of job experience at a security related post.  This is important as it helps in weeding out malicious hackers. There are other screening measures also.
Even after earning the certificate, there are further background checks and other security screenings for obtaining security clearances before they are offered jobs at government agencies or private firms.

A professional ethical hacker can earn anywhere between 1.75 to 9.5 lakh rupees per year depending on his skill level and employers.


Ethical work mentality

An ethical hacker should keep the company’s interest above all other things. Having hidden agendas and exploiting the scenario for one’s own agenda is a strict no-no.

Respecting Privacy

The client –hacker relationship should be strictly confidential. Any information the hacker comes across while on the job should not be leaked in the future for any reason at all.

“Know thy Enemy “


1)      Discovery of vulnerabilities and hidden doors from a hacker’s viewpoint.

2)      Testing efficiency of current security and defenses.

3)      Efficient risk management.

4)      Enforce vendor made claims about the security of their products.


In order to protect yourself you have to be your enemy. Ethical hackers do this by thinking like a potential hacker out to damage the system. Using the same methods as the repeatedly attack the system till they finally spot a flaw. This flaw is then reported to the website owners who take corrective measures.
Security vulnerabilities may continually appear. Hackers will continue to evolve and exploit even newer vulnerabilities previously not even looked at. This is why regular testing is necessary. And that is Ethical hacking will never go out of fashion no matter how many controversies it gets into.




Developing XHTML Compliance codes

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Developing XHTML Compliance codes

There has been a huge following of XHTML compliance and the codes written for it in the recent times. Whenever you are creating any code that has compatibility issues you must understand that the codes are there to aid you and not hinder you. The extensible hypertext markup language or XHTML is broadly classified as an extension of the simple static HTML. It belongs to the XML language class that has great degree of flexibility. The importance of compliance lies in the fact that the Internet is an open field for everybody. So there cannot be thousands of different standards. So in order to maintain a homogenous environment and allow the designers to have access to some protocol which will bind their coding, we fell upon XHTML compliance codes.

Now there are numerous things on the websites that are not handwritten. The flash for example does not have any handwritten codes as such. Thus to maintain a certain level of compatibility we abide by these compliance codes. Apart from it, the internet inherently connects PCs that are based on different platforms such as MAC, Windows, etc. SO if your sites are not machine-independent it would be tough for your website to get a proper viewing response. Therefore XHTML compliance codes find its importance in any website that comes into display. More than your content if the site is not compliant to new changes you would have your work cut out and new changes would demand new codes written for your page to keep it updated.

There are simple rules that you must keep in mind while making a webpage XHTML compliant.  Firstly the XHTML documents must have an appropriate Namespace and a DOCTYPE. In general there are three primary document modes that are still in use. Strict, Transitional, Frameset are used till today and you must keep in mind that transitional is the better of the lot as it was in use in HTML documents. A DOCTYPE must have a NAMESPACE after it. NAMESPACE is just a collection of the useful attributes that may be used during the coding.

The XHTML compliance codes must be made keeping in mind the conventions. The tags must be written in lower case.  Numbers or figures which represent some values that are supplied in your code should be written within double quotes.

<img src=Images/caption1.jpg alt=Slide 3? width=”200″ height=”136″ >

The tags that are opened must be closed properly. It has to be kept in mind that there are some tags on HTML that do not require any closing tag however in XHTML all tags must be closed. Not only that the empty tags should also be closed in XHTML.

Compliance of codes on your website makes sure that people using computers of different kinds across the globe can see the material of your website without a technical glitch. The more your code is compliant to new environments the better is its accessibility and your site would get more views which in turn would propel you higher on search algorithms. Our tech world undergoes changes all the time. You may be building a code for a browser which might even change the next day after you publish in your website. So an XHTML compliant code would allow you to overcome the changes and up gradations made in the modern browsers.

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Generating Reports with Jasper Reporting

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Generating Reports with Jasper Reporting

Report generation is one of the most important tasks for a programmer although it is not at all popular among them. Reporting is basically making the users aware of the certain instances and data present in a program. It is in no way a task that programmers look forward but in any case it has to be done. Before there used to be commercial software for all these reporting purposes but now the Open Source community has finally made their own reporting tool for Java called JasperReports and it is a great alternative to commercial reporting tools for Java programmers.

JasperReports is in no way a tool made just to help users go open and free instead of buying commercial products, instead it is very much a better reporting tool in most cases! For instance it has got all the features that any commercial tool has like generation of dynamic reports, retrieval of data via the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) on top of supporting all the basic programming elements like variables, expressions, constants, parameters, functions etc. Moreover, it contains some extra features which are much advanced like sub-reporting, script generation and building your own custom data sources. Hence it shows a great level of planning and maturity in it.

JasperReports is basically written in XML and therefore it follows all the nuances that come with XML also. It can be categorized mostly into three sections: the first sections where all the parameters passed are to be included, the second section where the query for the processing of the data is to be entered and lastly the section for displaying the report. Each report section is sub-divided into a number of categories called bands and each of them in turn possess a handful of elements for signifying the position, size and magnitude of the instances like variables, fields and parameters.

There are three types of objects present in a JasperReport code that take care of all the operations performed in it. They are: JasperDesign for designing a report’s definition, JasperReport which compiles the JasperDesign object and JasperPrint for generating the actual report by filling in the data into the compiled JasperReport object. All of these objects can be either manually defined or can be used directly from their XML templates. Also they can be accessed and used from any piece of code used in JasperReports and this whole filling, compiling and reporting process can be done from the classes present in the JasperReports tool.

Using and installing JasperReports is also very simple and can be done easily by downloading the application from the JasperReports website and it is completely free! It can both help people in building a new report for any application from scratch or can add extra functionalities to the existing ones. Most of all it is an endeavour by the Open Source community to give the members of their community something new and alternative to the widespread commercial product and what better way to do that than helping the Open Source Java Programmers.

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Ten popular HTML5 Games available

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 Ten popular HTML5 Games available

Although HTML5 is in its infant stage when it comes to game development but still it is gaining massive ground very quickly. More and more games that are built using HTML5 are sprouting up day by day and the improvement is marvellous! Here we present the 10 best HTML5 games till date:-

3Bored: It is one of the pioneers of the HTML5 gaming industry and the remarkable feature it is known for is its supreme speed! The game involves swarming around a character with his jet powered propeller and avoids being killed by the enemies. It also has the ability to use the full browser window.

Vii: Vii is a puzzle-based game that deals with a lot of physics and a whole lot of fun! The character is trapped in a lab and has to follow the instructions to escape and get all his powers back. The game is known for its movement and sound graphic details.

Sinuous: This game is the new version of the “Snake” game that we all loved to play when we were kids. But this game cranks it up a notch by introducing revolving circles and killing blocks here and there. It is getting more and more popularity day by day.

Onslaught: A tower saving game that deals with strategising by the user, this game adds a whole new dimension to HTML5 gaming with its 8 bit frame and pixel based graphics. Its AI is also quite good as the game gets difficult as the player plays on.

Space Cannon: One of the first real hits of the HTML5 gaming era, this game pretty much deals with everything that someone expects from a space invader type shoot them up. It has got a great gaming engine which requires quick reflexes and awesome anticipation from the user.

Brain Snackers: The best isometric game powered by HTML5 by a long shot, Brain Snackers has got a well-thought out storyline which is complimented by neat graphics and awesome game play. Users can actually get hold of weapons and use them to kill zombies in this game. Pretty sweet, eh?

Torus: We are all bored with Tetris right? It seems every year four to five spin-offs of this classical game hits the market and all of them go down the drain. But with Torus you get a whole new 3D feeling in HTML5 and it even manages to add many new features to Tetris.

Space Fleet: This game is a classic when it comes to extracting the juice out of HTML5’s canvas technology. It basically is a strategically controlled space flight game where the user can manage and guide fleets and attack the enemy with it.

Helicopter: This game is known for its simplicity and has been actually incorporated into many social networking sites due to its popularity. Here the helicopter can be only moved up and down to avoid the caves and walls on its path.

Asteroid: Lastly, this vintage HTML5 game is truly a classic remade and many new versions of it are still hitting the market.

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Network Traffic Control

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Network Traffic Control

It is the process of reducing bandwidth congestion by managing, controlling prioritizing and reducing the flow of traffic. Traffic management is more important than any other aspect of website hosting because the smoothness of running of the website depends on how well it is able to handle traffic during peak hours. Too much traffic can cause latency, packet loss and even end in the server crashing.

There are various techniques used for efficient traffic management like traffic shaping or packet shaping, bandwidth management, putting quotas, patches. It is necessary to first measure the total network traffic and identifies the primary causes of network congestion in order to use the above mentioned tools effectively.

Network Management techniques

Traffic shaping

A method which ensures that large downloads don’t get in the way of net access by hogging the entire bandwidth all day long. This is done by generally limiting the bandwidth allotted to that specific file.

It is very efficient in improving latency and increasing available bandwidth.  On the basis of certain criteria or priority, some kind of packet data is delayed so as to optimize speed for other packets.

General method of implementation of packet shaping includes delaying of metered traffic, such that each packet has to comply with traffic contract. And this is done by implementation of leaky bucket / token bucket methods.

 Bandwidth management

Another method of controlling and measuring the traffic on a network link so as to avoid filling the capacity of the link and prevent congestion.

This is done by Traffic classification- dividing traffic into specific groups on the basis of some criteria such that other tools of traffic shaping may be applied to each individual class.

Congestion Reduction


When the number of packets exceeds the allotted traffic size for a certain bandwidth, the excess packets are either dropped or marked for future transfer.

Persistent Session routing policy

Network Traffic Control

Requests from the same user are routed to the same server by continuing the session.

Content based routing

Network Traffic Control

Requests are routed according to the content it asks for.

Server based Routing Policy

Network Traffic Control

Requests are routed to servers based on the number of pending request and overall traffic. It is assumed that each server has the same content and is able to meet any request. This is very useful in reducing workload by regulating the number of connections to the server.

Protocol based routing

Network Traffic Control

Requests are routed based on the protocol used by the client.  FTP request go to FTP servers, HTTP goes to HTTP etc.

In order to keep PCs up to date with security fixes, a lot of patching has to be done. Worms and viruses are responsible for a lot of bandwidth clogging and congestion. That is why it is necessary to remove them early.

Another way of reducing load on servers , is by limiting the bandwidth, by giving specific quotas of bandwidth to every user, for a specific period of time. This is generally don in universities and other shared networks.

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Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

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Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Internet now-a-days has become such a necessity for the general body and hence the use of internet as the result has reached at its pinnacle. Therefore, a safe and sound implementation of internet must be undergoing so that there must not the violation of privacy destruction and data stealing. Gone are the days, when the internet safety was concerned about only the protection of computers from malware and viruses. Today, the internet’s immense range, changes in technologies and growth of social nature constantly have made people more endangered particularly to privacy violation, identity theft and even self-harassment. So, some steps must be definitely taken in account in order to rectify the issues of safety.

The important steps are as follows:

Protection from Viruses and Malwares

A good and basic defense against the general threats on internet is practicing a good antivirus program, or anti-malware software. It protects the computer from corrupt websites, tainted email attachments, net worm viruses, spyware and many more. In the dense traffic of antiviruses in the market, a antivirus software can be used which must protect against fishing sites, viruses, malware and has a good firewall, spam filtering as well as anti-spyware tools with latest updates.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Protecting e-mails from Scams and Spam

Now-a-days, a great no. of emails are spam, it’s because it’s very inexpensive and easy for a spammer sending an spammed email to many people simultaneously as well as anonymously, and the malware phishing and scams  are generally included in spam. So certain steps must be carried out to effectively reduce the spam in our inbox, like:

  • Using a spam blocker in the e-mail.
  • One must not reply to the spams and must not follow the links.
  • Keep turned off the image and the preview pane.
  • Check the spam folder and clearing those spams regularly.
  • Turn on the firewall of the pc.
  • Never download the unexpected attachment if required download it after scanning.

Protection against monetary and online transaction crimes

The internet has facilitated the common public with shopping, banking and other financial transactions online very conveniently. But as far as the money is concerned, it must be made sure that the transaction operation is in safe hands with some precautions:

  • Before sending any sensitive or financial information online a user must confirm the “https” before the site address, which assures that the information is encrypted.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

  • Notice the “security symbol” in the address bar (shown below in Mozilla firefox), which is a verification of a secure website by the browser before any transaction.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

  • Compose strong passwords and never share them.
  • Find the SSL certificate of the site and look for the “issued for”, “issued to” and “validity”.
  • Use a pop-up blocker, if not then never reply to the pop-ups messages.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Password safety

The steps for avoiding password misuse and theft must be implemented as passwords plays a very important role:


  • Never use the same type of password for every account.
  • Avoid using the predictable password pattern.
  • Include symbols, numbers and both upper and lowercase alphabets.
  • Never set passwords at any disclosed place or at public view.

Internet safety: Keep safe, Be safe

Protection against the cyber addiction

Cyber addiction is mushrooming day by day which does not only kills the precious time of the people, especially teenagers but taking many shapes of internet crimes also these are the major sources of data theft. It can be reduced by the self-assessment and a few efforts of users, like:

  • Avoiding online gambling
  • Avoiding online gaming(money involving).
  •  Avoiding porn sites, as these are the main sources of major Trojans and viruses.
  • Using the social networking sites consciously.

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Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability

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Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability

Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability


Introduction and working

Cloud hosting is a cloud computing based web hosting service presented from a connected servers’ group. It is also Known as Cluster hosting. The term “Cloud hosting” is not exactly  defined till now and so the definition varies. It is delivered by a multi-server system which is fully redundant, whereby the resources are scalable dynamically and can be virtualized.

As it is known that the dedicated servers do have resources but very limited. The limit confines on the number of hard drives or processors that a user can save on a dedicated server. It is not possible to run 100k no. of websites from just one dedicated server. But it can be done with cloud hosting, in which one can add the hardware of same server to a cloud, and the total capacity or power of the cloud just increases. All the servers and computers resources are shared in the cloud, and hence, billions and billions of sites can be virtually hosted by a reseller hosting company which looks like just one server, but indeed it is a cloud of many hundreds of servers.

A Cloud hosting provider basically measures the compute cycles, which is an indicator measuring the time of processing which the applications need.

Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability


Characteristics of Cloud Hosting:

It uses the Advanced Dynamic computing infrastructure.

It facilitates On demand self-managed and self-service platform.

The approach of IT service-center is followed.

Consumption-based billing mechanism.

It allows Resource sharing and grouping.

Spacious and wide Network Access.

Rapid and frequent Elastic behavior.

Parallel sharing possible, dissimilar to the traditional hosting.

Advantages :

Cloud hosting provides very good scalability. The resources can be easily increased or decreased without displacing the websites to other servers.

It costs only for the resources which a user needs.

There is no need to install any hardware or software. Instead, cloud facilitates the user with the software or hardware he requires.

Deployment of servers can be done at any instant.

The cloud can tackle the problems of Traffic spikes.

Various technologies can be implemented together which cannot be used together without the help cloud hosting. For instance, .asp and .php files can be applied on the same website, even in the same folder.

Cloud Hosting: A long jump to simplicity and affordability


It isn’t yet explored and hence it is not yet offered or used widely.

It lacks in root access which signifies that it has less control.

The sites which use it can still have the downtime even if the links between servers get disconnected.

It doesn’t have a long competition history in market because it is very new.

Simplifying further, it uses a many servers all of them connected together (forming a cloud), and the sites on the servers may utilize the resources from all the servers in that particular cloud. Hard drives, processing power, and memory are shared. Servers are editable easily removable when, and if one server is out of order, then sites can use its resources from other available servers instead, which is effectively minimizing the costs and maintenances so making it more and more affordable.

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SEO webhosting admiring search engines

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SEO webhosting admiring search engines

SEO webhosting admiring search engines

SEO stands for Search engine optimization which is combinations of text for webpage marketing which accentuates skillful manipulation of  the word of the pages  so that it can be placed among the very first results in the search list of a user and that is what essentially applied on the SEO web hosting.

It is the art and technique of hosting the marketing attempts across many IP ranges using multiple server names, which ensures the true success of any online corporate.

The SEO hosting enables the webmasters for hosting websites from a single control panel and assigning a specific, but personal different class C IP address to each account.

It uses both conventional and non-conventional processes to improve the website optimization, by increasing the sales and traffic. It can comprise the generation of various genuine web pages text and content, multi-websites on various IPs, or other SEO scheme. SEO hosting takes a lot for optimizing any website for the search engines, that’s why it’s important.

How is it different from the traditional hosting methods

In the traditional web hosting a user generally share IP address or the user can access to only few IP addresses, but through SEO webhosting a user can explore its boundaries to many IP addresses.


SEO webhosting admiring search engines

If a user requires specific customization and some certain technical network setup’s such as tunneling IP’s or colo’ing a server, many normal methods do not provide such type of service or specification for the user.

Unlike the traditional one, with the dedicated server of SEO, the website of user looks more unique in the search engine spiders’ eyes, as it is hosted with the provided dedicated Class C IP address, which is the apple of the spiders’ eyes.

 Multiple IPs facilities packages

As we see, the reputed  search engines provides better internet search rankings to the related websites when an individual links to another by means of  a different Class C IP address, through which links between the sites owned by that particular individual or company seems to be from disconnected sites.

SEO webhosting admiring search engines

Some web hosts offer a branded private name servers on disjoined Class C IP addresses. Thus, Webmasters can host many different  sites through the same server as well as on the same web host, but theoretically, search engine spiders would not be able to distinguish between the websites which are hosted or owned together.

Advantages of SEO hosting

With a SEO hosting a user gets the dedicated IP addresses, that makes the difference equivalent to owning a home  on the other hand renting a house.

SEO webhosting admiring search engines

With SEO hosting user gets a very Unique Class C IP addresses, that conveys the best way of hosting the website with the support of SEO marketing campaign.

With SEO hosting a user is shielded from connectivity and downtime  problems and his/her website  optimizes very expeditiously  to have a larger Internet presence gain.

But some cons generally exist everywhere, so same as here, it is typically costs more than the basic hosting options which is provided by most service providers and the expense flies high with the no. of IPs and platform, VPS, dedicated server, making the costs its biggest disadvantage.


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IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

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IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

When an online organization considers its cloud security, it should determine the best working options comparing all the aspects  of the cloud computing functionality and the decision must be selected taking care of the business requirements and demands. Cloud computing service is categorized in three business driven models of cloud computing: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as a service (SaaS). The terms are generally used to depict the various combinations of services and levels of cloud computing. This classification helps to choose the best combinations for various data, processes and applications according to the functionality of the business.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

It is also sometimes referred to as Hardware as a  Service (HaaS). It is a provision model  whereby  equipment  are outsourced  and are used to help operations, including hardware, storage, networking components  and servers in an business organization. The equipment is owned by the service provider and is responsible for  running, housing, and the maintenance of the equipment. It is mainly a physical server box used as hosted information storage solution, whereby computing resources  and base hardware are offered by the cloud provider . The client generally pays on the basis of per-use, and can maintain the operating systems and other applications and can run through equipment of provider.

Some important features of IaaS are:

Automatic administrative functions.

Utility computing facility( cost signifies the amount of resources consumed) and billing model

Services are policy based

Virtualization of Desktop.

Dynamic scaling.


IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

Platform as a service(PaaS)

It is a way of renting  operating systems, storage, hardware and network capacity. This service model allows the user  to rent associated services as well as virtualized servers  to run the present applications or development  and test of  new ones, as it provides application developer tools and hence it reduces costs with the incompatibility problems. It is an outgrowth of SaaS and lies between the IaaS and SaaS, can be said intermediate. It provides an integrated development and pre- installed setup, which allows a user to manage the underlying infrastructure and hardware with the options deployed on the internet. The most versatile instance of  PaaS is Facebook.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

Advantages of PaaS:

Operating system features is editable and easily up-gradable.

The primary focus is on security, data protection, storage and database integration.

Its services can be used from various international sources.

Application hosting, testing, deployment and development environment.

Overall expense can be reduced by conjugation of program development attempts.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice

Software as a service(SaaS)

It is a software distribution model whereby  the service provider hosts the applications and makes it available to users  over  the Internet. It is somewhat is related to the ASP (application service provider). It is basically concentrated on management of  access to the business applications. The capacity provided to the user is to utilize the  applications of the provider which run on a cloud infrastructure without any management procedures. The consumers of the cloud do not supposed to manage the infrastructure of the cloud and platform over which the applications run, which easily eliminates the requirement to install and run  the applications on the cloud and this simplifies the support and maintenance. Gmail can be taken as the popular example of SaaS.

Advantages of SaaS:

Simplified administration and collaboration.

Updated automatically and patch management

Global accessibility and compatibility.

Software application and data are centrally hosted.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS: Cloud computing with choice


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How should next generation email look like?

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How should next generation email look like?

Over the years, the concept of emails has taken a drastic change. There was a time when Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail used to be market leaders with a total of 2-4 MB email space. Interestingly, people were happy with the space provided, and everything was working out fine until Google entered the scenario with 1GB free space. It changed the whole scenario altogether and suddenly, everyone started using Gmail!

Apart from the huge mailbox size, what attracted people were the new user interface, the smooth operations and new innovations every now and then. Soon after, Google launched Google Talk, which is its Internet messaging service, and then quite intelligently, integrated it with the Google mail box. This ensured that people would not have to switch between windows to work on mail and chat.

While Google came up with extremely impressive innovations, what forced the world to revisit the concept of emailing altogether was the entry of social networking giants such as Facebook. Initially, it was just a sharing among friends, but with innovations within the social networking websites, the inevitable question came up if social networking feeds had the power to make the current emailing system obsolete in the near future?

At the first glance, it would seem to be a ridiculous idea as because mailing is predominant in the personal and corporate sphere, while social networking is present only in people’s personal domain. However, the core concept of both emailing and social sharing is the same – people propagate their message to intended recipients through mediums like text, images, videos and other formats. However, as one may argue, a mailbox provides a sense of security, which cannot be guaranteed by a open social networking feed.

However, looking at the bigger picture, what seems to be more likely that, emailing would have to replace a lot of its concepts by bringing in fresh concepts from the social networking feeds. The user interface is definitely going to be centred on the user’s social circle, rather than the current data-centric approach. Moreover, it should be easier to handle large amount of data – as social circles would help in efficient classification of data.

On the flip side, as pointed out earlier, there could be a few security tradeoffs that need to be worked out before we move on to the next version of email communication. Users should always have the control over what they receive and what they want to share with the rest of the world.

The need for a revolutionary version of email system is very much required as it can be observed that emails relating to one’s private life are now being replaced by social networking feeds. The forwarded mails containing several funny content are now being shared on Facebook rather than intruding people’s inbox. In one way, people may argue that it has taken off the unnecessary stuff out of the mailbox, but it also has dented the popularity of mailboxes to a large extent. Unless, emailing system are ready to embrace the latest Internet trends, it could face tough times ahead.

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