Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

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Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

Why Green Web hosting?

The statistics of World Internet usage reveals that the spider web of Internet is still frequently exploding worldwide at the rate of 400-1000% increment per year. And hence, the energy consumption for operating those servers and the relevant infrastructure setups is also day by day increasing. It is approximated that if the energy consumption due to the web hosting goes on rising at the present rat,  by 2020 the web industry will be one of the most polluting industries in the field of business. The environment of earth has been decaying continuously and we must not be late to save it. Many web industries have taken some action and played their roles in helping by recycling materials and reducing energy consumption. Green hosting is a kind of hosting which uses eco-friendly sources of power for their regular functions and activities.

In short, the web hosting companies are indirectly trying to save our mother planet by reducing the amount of carbon emission.

Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

What is Green web hosting?

While providing the hosting facilities, the Web providers consume a great quantity of energy to data centers and power servers for facilitating 24×7 services. Many other relevant facilities like enhanced security and cooling controls and setups also need a huge amount of electricity, which has a negative effect on the environment. As the name implies, the Green web hosting is the hosting solution which is powered by eco-friendly resources. These are those hosting providers which are powered by only renewable sources of energy like wind power and solar energy.

Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

Advantages of using Green web hosting

If we are going through Green web hosting, certainly there must be some great advantages which make the use more efficient and preferable, some important of them are:

1)      Harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) which is released in the atmosphere is reduces due to the practice of this green web hosting as well as these companies also earn carbon credits.

2)      The artificial energy sources would be saved and could be used in future, and hence the man work would also be decreased.

3)      The website download time and function delay is minimum in this type of web hosting and unlimited email accounts and memory space are also provided.

4)      The green web hosting is one time investment and a cost effective technique.

5)      The greatest advantage would be the feeling of satisfaction among the people, by living in the greener and healthier environment.

The Green web hosting industries may run at busy and complex daily operation costs with respect to many other host providing companies but the thought of making a paperless and eco-friendly company using the renewable sources energy makes the sense of encouragement.  When it would be implemented in more than a single company operations and functions, it could decrease a lot of waste materials as well as reduce a lot on consumption of energy which will immediately help in saving and maintaining the nature. So, if saving the earth comes with some investment and long routed process, then it should not be a big deal to pay, if we are supporting a green and clean environment with the green web hosting companies.

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Use Green Web Hosting To Make Profits

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Use Green Web Hosting To Make Profits

Use Green Web Hosting To Make Profits

Green web hosting is quite a recent development in the field of web hosting. The primary concern of the people is that using internet to globalize businesses takes up resources in the form of electricity. The rate of growth of this globalization is so high, that within a few years, consumption of energy for the purpose of web hosting will surpass all other major sources of pollution. So it is crucial that these hosting companies prove that they do not adversely affect the environment in an attempt to increase sales or increase the number of customers.

Some of the ways by which you can profit by web hosting are explained below.


Renewable sources

Use Green Web Hosting To Make Profits

The main issue for any web hosting company towards environmental pollution is electricity, which uses fossil fuels. So to overcome this, they can move towards renewable sources of energy like solar panels or wind farms, which are replenished in nature, as well as eco-friendly. Moreover, they are cheaper to use, so greatly reducing the expenditure on power sources.


A centralized green web hosting company is the one in which all the green appliances are managed under a single authority. These companies benefit a lot more than those companies who only use some of the green appliances to cater the clients. As a result, this tends to decrease the daily operational cost.

Use Green Web Hosting To Make Profits


As green web hosting is gaining importance with each passing day, people are also encouraged to use their services from them and avoid the others for the protection of nature. This can be utilized in the sense that many other companies can buy shares of the green web host to upload their web sites. This will allow the web hosts to make a profit out of it.

Greater good

Usually small companies refrain themselves from getting a green web host of their own for the initial cost. But they can be encouraged to work for the greater good, so that they can altogether work for the benefit of mankind, and help each other to utilize resources efficiently. Thus it should be the main aim of any green web host to influence more companies to come forward.


Expansion is one of the ways by which a green web host can extend their limits to provide a better solution to environmental pollution. They can improvise in other ways, like acquiring certificates for installing other alternative sources, and try to reduce the cost. They can be innovative, and can go for creating large scale awareness, and increasing popularity among the people.

Green hosting is still very fresh and mostly conceptual. Though there are many companies who took initiatives to be a green host, there are several more that came forward to help them out. Recently they have been encouraging non-profit organizations to play an active role in maintaining the earth clean and green by planting trees and finding out ways of saving energy. Making profits out of it is alright, but there is still more to explore. To actually harmonize with the nature, it needs more support and collaborations and to develop the web hosting system accordingly. There is a lot of popularity yet to gain, and lot to expand and centralize in order to get the most out of it.


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Five Things To Do To Ensure Green Hosting

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Five Things To Do To Ensure Green Hosting

Green hosting can be described as an eco-friendly addition in the field of hosting where a website actually tries to prove that in the attempt to lure customers they are not having any negative impact on the customers.  It is a revolutionary technology involving renewable sources of energy to power data centres.  The main intention of green hosting is to stop the emission of carbon by the different web hosting providers into the environment. Web hosts can go green by using servers which use renewable energy and purchasing a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) or a carbon credit. With this, the web hosting can go green by using energy efficient electric appliances, planting trees and by using less paper work.


Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s)

Service providers take innumerable actions for green hosting, the most common one being earning renewable energy credits. Every green hosting company should purchase RECs as it certifies that the company has purchased renewable sources of energy from an electrical company.  Though the green hosting company directly may not use the renewable energy but this effort causes reduction of carbon emissions and dependence on non-renewable energy source.

Offsetting carbon usage

Web hosting companies should get their site certified by a carbon dioxide status site which negates the effect of the site to the environment.  These companies help by increasing the energy efficiency by contributing to a program which removes the effect of the green house gases from the atmosphere. We can also promote green hosting by offering eco-incentive to visitors to the site.



Less Energy Consumption

There exist many a green hosting firms which take active measures to reduce their daily energy consumption. This can usually be done in office environment by using fewer computers and other appliances. This can be done by using solar energy in some part of the office and totally eliminating the use of paper which can be easily done in today’s technical world through emails and the use of internet. The data centres can also upgrade their server and rely more on propane gas than on petrol or diesel. Electronic security systems and the internet connections need a major amount of energy so companies may devise their own method to generate renewable source of energy.

Encouraging Green Lifestyle Changes

The website or blog maybe about any random topic but we can always ensure that it has information for the users to use their computer efficiently so that they reduce the effect on the environment. Simplifying the site by using images with low resolution and uploading files of small size also decreases loading time thereby reducing the energy consumption. Site designing with white space also consumes less energy compared to other colours. There are many green hosting sites which offer printer friendly content that uses less paper.

Speeding up Site

Slow sites consume more time as well energy than the search engines.  The more time the users spend waiting for the server to upload more energy is consumed adding onto the negative effect for the environment. Green hosting firm should adopt ways to speed up the sites and blogs.

All these efforts will not bring about green hosting in one day but these efforts to improve the environment will be appreciated and the impact will be significant to reduce the carbon emissions.

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Five tips to ensure a green web

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Five tips to ensure a green web

Green web has given a new definition to today’s world of internet marketing strategies. Various online hubs for various companies have opened to promote their green web products. Just like other marketing strategies, launching green websites requires a proper planning for perfect execution, optimization and improvement of the site.

We all know that global warming is one of the major problems that our planet is facing. Due to the excessive burning of fossil fuels and growing industrialization the pollution level is increasing day by day.  Thus due to the green house effect the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day. It has been calculated that every year the temperature of the earth is increasing by 1%. This is a matter of great concern as this increase in temperature may led to melting of ice in the arctic region resulting in floods and other modes of destruction. Thus any site providing any information about the serious problem of environmental pollution is highly encouraged and comes under “green web hosting”. Thus green web aims at creating a pollution free environment.

Five tips to ensure a green web

1. Resource Optimization

Green web hosting may be used to ensures that the needs of the customers are met keeping in consideration the stock of the resources. It first analyzes the amount of resources needed via virtual simulation and then it offers resources to meet that necessary need not wasting any resource. Thus excess use of resources is prevented resulting in less pollution and also preserves the resource for future generation. Thus we should give more stress on Green Web Hosting.

2. Renewable Energy

Those resources which never get exhausted are called Renewable Energy. The main advantage of using Renewable Energy is that they create relatively less pollution compared to non- Renewable Energy like solar energy, hydro energy, and wind energy. Propane is also another Renewable source of Energy. Thus green web can be used to spread awareness among the people about the advantages of using Renewable source of energy.

3. Efficient Machines

We all know that data storing servers consumes relatively a very high amount of power thus resulting in more wastage of resources and creating more pollution. Thus green web prefers those machines which work at relatively lower power supply thus less amount of carbon dioxide and heat is produced. This helps us in two ways, first one is causes reduction in pollution and secondly it saves the energy.  It also focuses on well maintenance of the machine, so that it can be used for longer period of time.

4. Service Levels

The security levels of green web hosting are better that other hosting. The secured part of the site are not publicly visible to all, one has to go through all the security procedure to access those parts. Thus security and privacy of the green web are properly maintained.

5. Measuring performance and reliability

The performance and maintenance of green web is same as non green web hosting. It mainly aims at customer’s service to get their full satisfaction. Also minimum down payment is required for such sites without compromising any service.

Bounceweb promises to be always a green webhost.