Boosting your organization’s brand value by video promotion

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Boosting your organization’s brand value by video promotion

Visual effects always create a greater impact on our minds. A video stays for a longer period of time in our minds than a still photo. Thus to create longer lasting effect about one’s product in people’s mind, using of video clips is a good idea. It is very essential to build a good brand image. A reputed brand image does half the work of marketing of the product. Today, video promotion is the best technique for building the reputation of the brand. Any scale of businesses, be it small, medium or large can be easily done by video offers. An effective video demonstrating about the product goes a long way in building solid reputation of the brand. Successful video strategies attract customers, business partners and financiers easily.

So, let us see, what are the various aspects, that make video promotion so effective in raising an organization’s brand value.

Boosting your organization's brand value by video promotion

Video promotion better than print promotion

It is a known fact that 100% of the population is not educated, so they cannot read the advertisement of the product that comes in the written form. No matter how effectively one writes the advertisement, it is rendered useless if one does not know how to read it and often times people do not find it interesting to read about a product, they prefer to watch a video, which is more lively. A video about the product has the power to communicate better than the printed written advertisement. It is a direct form of communication with the audience and it reaches out to more number of people.


Boosting your organization's brand value by video promotion

Cost- effectiveness of video promotion

It is always easier to update video than something that is in written form. Videos can be shared very easily. Thus, if the video advertisement of a company succeeds in impressing someone of the audience then it can easily impress a much larger group of mass by just sharing the video. And the traditional print promotion is more expensive than the video promotion so it is better to resort to the latter.

The quality and characteristics of the video

An effective corporate video should be informative, short, and engaging so as to create a good impact. The presentation should be creative with the interesting facts woven in it rather than just a long straightforward facts narrated about the organization. The quality of the video also matters a lot. If the quality is poor then many customers will refrain from watching it.

Boosting your organization's brand value by video promotion

YouTube the platform

YouTube has millions of viewers every day. Corporate houses use YouTube and share the video with the targeted customers.

Way to produce the best video for one’s organization

The best way to produce the best and the most effective video is by handing over the job of making the video to an expert professional of video production and promotion organization. The creation, editing, production and then the promotion should be done by expert hands.

Thus if an organization can bag the best video which is crisp and short and yet it conveys all the information that it has to convey to the public, it can boost the organization’s brand value and name.

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The importance of Online Video marketing

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The importance of Online Video marketing

Designing marketing strategies is one of the most important ways of penetrating a product into a market wisely and effectively. Demand of a product depends on the willingness of an individual and the ability to buy the particular product. Todays’ market has very high competition. Same product is being manufactured under different brand tags. The company which has gained customer satisfaction is the leader of the emerging market. A company has to look into various factors for making its position secure in the economic sector. Advertisements and promotional videos play a very important role in making the consumer aware of a particular product. Online Video Marketing strategies are therefore very effective in building a consumer base.

The importance of Online Video marketing

Services like Google’s YouTube are one of the most efficient services of online video marketing.

Following points will show how Online Video Marketing can build up your consumer base –

Videos can be more interactive

A Video is surely more interactive than a photo ad or a banner. Moving animated objects with sound definitely attracts a larger crowd of interest. Using these tools, people can get to know more about a particular product of their interests and compare with other firms manufacturing the same product.

For e.g. – Nokia launches a new phone into the market. Extensive banner and ad posters can never do the same effect when compared to a video posted in YouTube or an advertisement in T.V. People can graphically analyze the pros and cons of the product and take decisions accordingly.

High Portability and Cross Platform performance

Billions of computer users across the world can get access to the video anytime or anywhere without any performance issue. The invent of High-Definition Videos and advanced animations have added a treat to the eyes. Eye candy graphics on large LCD and LED T.V.’s surely attract people. Ability of the marketing video to run anywhere makes it highly portable.

For e.g. – The video made can run in both T.V. as well as the computer. A larger crowd is thus approached and thus people get aware of the particular product.

Startup of a small business

Many small companies need some startup endorsements and advertisements. Uploading a video giving a quick peek into all the products and services provided by the company into YouTube can give a kick start to the firms’ economy. Initial startup is required by all small firms in order to compete in the market dominated by the larger ones.

Google Search Page integration

Many companies have started providing services of making online marketing videos and integrating them into search engines’ pages. They guarantee optimized search engine results page one rankings. With reasonable pricing, these firms have really boosted up the economy of major firms in the marketing field.

For e.g. – Flimp provides these services.

Online Marketing Videos is really a nice strategy to build up economic and marketing strategies. Combined with quality service provision, a company can gain very high customer satisfaction and hence build up a respectable position and emerge as the market leader.


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Top 10 3D Painting

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Brace yourself with a one of a kind 3D Painting. These artworks are fantastic, and it will truly mesmerize you with every bit of its details. Enjoy viewing the pictures after the jump.

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Adobe Photoshop – Recording and Batch Processing Guide

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Do you like editing pictures? Do you have tons of images to edit in terms of size, brightness, or rotation? Fortunately, this guide we have here will help you in the most efficient, and fastest way to edit the image.

BATCH PROCESSING in PHOTOSHOP captures the edge off repititious tasks. It can be done if you have recorded actions for your ADOBE photoshop. The ACTION of PHOTOSHOP is a powerful feature that can save you time, and effort. Have a jump below and take a look at our short tutorial of how to record your actions in PHOTOSHOP.

NOTE: This tutorial was written using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS4. However, they still have the same concept in other versions.

To RECORD AN ACTION, click WINDOW then ACTION (do this action if the ACTION PALETTE is not visible on your screen)

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Looking deeper into Adobe Photoshop

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Looking deeper into Adobe Photoshop

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP is software from the company ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED, which is an American company, based at San Jose, California. It was founded in December 1982. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP is an image editor.  In the year, 2003 Adobe went for rebranding of Photoshop and named it Photoshop CS where CS stands for “Creative Suite”. It is used widely by the Professionals whose domain of work is graphics designing. They use this software for designing purposes even for website designing.

Adobe Photoshop


In the year 1987, a PhD student from University Of Michigan named THOMAS KNOLL was working on some kind of project, which would display on a monochrome display some grayscale images. He was using a program DISPLAY. Here came into the picture his brother JOHN KNOLL. He was an employee at INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC (ILM). He advised Thomas to convert this program into full fledged graphics software. This was when Thomas took leave from his studies and helped his brother to develop graphics software named IMAGE PRO in the year 1988. But this software was renamed as PHOTOSHOP.

Later that year John travelled to Silicon Valley to promote his software. He presented his software in front of the engineers at APPLE and then to Russel Brown of ADOBE. Russel was an art director at ADOBE. Finally, ADOBE bought the software in September 1988. John took up the job of Plug-ins in California and Thomas stayed at ANN ARBOR doing the program code. It was in 1990 that PHOTOSHOP 1.0 was released exclusively for Macintosh.

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop has a wide variety of application in the field of graphics editing. It links up with other adobe software for the purpose of animation, media editing, and authoring. Adobe Photoshop produces file in the format .PSD, which is its native file format. It has a lot of imaging options available with it, which includes layers with masks, ICC profile. It also has features like colour spaces, spot colours, transparency, text, duotones and many more.

Now let us talk about some of its features, which came after rebranding it with the name CREATIVE SUITE in the year 2003. We will be talking about few of its CS.

CS 3

CS 3 came as a market strategy to improve Photoshop’s sales. It came with new features which had better co-ordination with the software ADOBE BRIDGE. Its new features included streamlined interface, it also had better print control features and moreover it worked quite well with ADOBE READER i.e. with .PDF format files.

Adobe Photoshop

CS 4

Now CS 4 came up with a new feature perhaps first of its own kind and that was 3D engine. It provided the user with an opportunity to work in 3D. It also included wrapping up of 2D images or objects around 3D.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

CS 5

CS 5 the latest version of the Photoshop was to be launched on 12 April 2010. It is assumed to use strong CUDA technologies.

Adobe Photoshop

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP comes in two versions: BASIC & EXTENDED. The EXTENDED version has extra features added to it. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP is undoubted the most Graphics software being used by the professionals.

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Top web-optimized image formats

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Top web-optimized image formats

The World Wide Web offers huge content in terms of images to a user. But the limited internet bandwidth imposes a new kind factor as to what image formats are used for the web. Initially, bitmap images were used on the web. As time passed, the following image formats developed as the most popular on the web. They are optimized for size, and also so that a preview of the image can be shown while it is still being loaded.


This is the most widely used image format on the web, because this was the first image format custom-made for the web. It has very low size and high compression rate of around 80-90%. However, it uses lossy compression, so image quality is degraded slightly.


This is an old standard and is still heavily used because it is small in size and allows for animation. This is often useful when showing a video with a very few frames, and is used quite often for this purpose.


This is a new image format that uses a lossless compression algorithm. It has a good compression factor and allows for transparency. It is gaining popularity and is set to take over JPEG as the web image format of the future.

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Browser pecularities of CSS

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Browser pecularities of CSS

CSS is highly regarded as the most important factor that changed website designs and optimized it as well. However, there are certain aspects of CSS that are differently interpreted in different browsers. We take a lot at the browser pecularities of CSS.

1. Nested table

The content nested inside a table does not always inherit the specifications of a FONT tag. In case the user wants the effects of the FONT tag to be applicable everywhere, it also must be individually applied to every table cell as in case of Netscape, while in case of Opera, all FONT attributes affect the nested content.

2. Table structure

In Netscape, a table is not rendered unless the entire table structure is received, while Internet Explorer tries to render the table as it receives it from the server. This can be overcome by breaking the table into smaller fragments, if possible.

3. Border Color

The BORDERCOLOR attribute affects IE and Netscape differently. In IE, both the interior and exterior border colors are affected, while in Netscape, only the outer edge of the exterior ‘box’ border of the table is affected by the tag.

4. Hyperlinks

In case of earlier Netscape versions, colored hyperlinks worked only when FONT COLOR is applied inside the hyperlink, while in some versions of IE, coloring hyperlinks does not work at all.

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A List Of Top Template Sites

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A List Of Top Template Sites

Template List

This website offers you wide range of templates including free website templates, free flash templates, free Photoshop templates and many other free templates as well. Here, you will be able to download the templates easily.
Here, you will get the templates for free or at discount rate
Here, you will be able to download free web templates directly. There are thousands of professional free and Photoshop templates.
Photoshop templates include free graphics, free logo templates, free web templates and free flash templates.
The free templates include Flash Site Templates, Clean Style Templates, 3D Style Templates, themes, DHTML templates, CSS templates and logo templates.
This website is a great source for all kinds of templates. They are available for free and at discount rates.
This is the site where you will find most of the comprehensive listings of templates. There’s a huge collection of free template where you can download.
In this website, you will find whole lot of free and impressive templates

Big List of Free Web Site Templates

Get great templates from this website.
The other websites that offer the top templates are listed below

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How to Choose the Right Graphic Design Software

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How to Choose the Right Graphic Design Software

Graphic design is the art or process of text and picture combination to bring out a certain message. This is mainly done on book covers, newspapers, magazines, logos, for advertisement.
In order to design graphics, you need graphic design software; these are programs that enhance graphic design, therefore top graphic design software is a program that brings out quality and standard graphics these includes: adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator, Corel draw, adobe PageMaker and many others.

Best graphic design software is chosen depending on:

Task- what are you designing? high quality graphics require software like adobe Photoshop and illustrator.
Operating system- can your current operating system support the particular graphic software? The software has to be compatible with the operating system being used.
Price- do you have enough money to obtain the desired software?
Memory- can you machine support the normal running of that given graphic software?
Features-are there the required features in that particular software to meet you end needs?

Adobe, Corel and quark express are the top graphic design software on the market today. They are mainly considered because of their professional page layout, their price and user interface.
Adobe graphic design:-we have different types of adobe graphic design including adobe PageMaker, adobe Photoshop, and adobe illustrator.
Adobe PageMaker:-this is top page layout software that can be used in businesses, offices, homes and schools for creating high and quality graphics.
Adobe Photoshop graphic software designed to meet the needs of different professional in different fields of operations such as photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and amateur photographers.
Adobe illustrator software that supports the use of lines, points, curves, shapes to create images on the computer.
Corel graphic design- we have only one graphic design in the Corel category, Coral draw.
Other top graphic design software include: acrobat, dimension, dream weaver, frame maker, front page, and shock wave.

Achieving quality graphics

In order to have quality graphics the user has to consider the following factors:
Creativity- designers need to be more creative that is how can they use the images and the text to bring out a message that matches the text and the image used. He/ she has to base on the right composition.
Quality- the designer has to base on producing quality graphics that can fetch good prices if they are to be sold and those that attractive to peoples eye.
Type of software- software that has many features is considered most as compared to the one with less features hence the designer has to choose the type of software that will give variety of features to the graphic being designed.
Time designers need enough time to figure on what they are to design and also spent enough time on the graphic in order to come up with appealing designs.
Skills do the designer have enough skill on graphic designing, skilled designers will automatically come up with high and quality graphics as compared to unskilled designers.
Type of software-the software has to be the one capable of producing high-quality graphics, for example Corel draw has the ability to produce quality graphics as compared to acrobat.

Technology is growing day and night and more quality graphic design software are being designed day and night. Designers are not limited to using only one version of the software.

How to use Marquee Select Tool in Adobe Photoshop

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How to use Marquee Select Tool in Adobe Photoshop

A relatively simple tool, Marquee select tool is used to select areas of an image that can be copied, cut cropped or selected.Therea are four options to select the different types of the tool;rectangle,elliptical single row or single column. Hold on the left mouse key and select on the drop down menu the tool to use. Select an area of the image you want to work with. Hold down the shift key and drag the selected tool to create a desired square or a rectangle, hold down the space bar and drag the mouse to move the selection and to continue resizing release the space bar. One can modify the selection through adding or subtracting from it and lastly apply different uses to that area.