Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

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Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

The only solution to allow digital streaming of video and audio which can also be recorded and converted is an FFmpeg hosting site. This means that anyone can upload normal video formats to the server and perform a conversion to the flv or flash video format, which is essential to stream videos online. Many try to create a good video hosting site based on normal web hosting platforms, but it is very difficult to set up and loses the flexibility. With the help of an FFmpeg hosting site it is very easy to create and setup a private web page that includes streaming and online editing of video and audio.

Creating up a website with FFmpeg capabilities is not very difficult. Anyone with knowledge in webhosting can easily set up one.


Choosing a web host

The first important thing to look for is the features available in various hosting sites. Many hosting sites give a large amount of web space, others give more bandwidth, and some have many more capabilities than just simple hosting some static web pages. So according to the requirements, good choices should be made to get a good site.

FFmpeg capabilities

This is the next most important part to have a video and audio streaming website. There are many variations to what might be done with an FFmpeg web host. There are many popular libraries available like Mencoder, Mplayer,  Libvorbis, Libogg and Lamne MP3 encoder. PHP versions 4 or 5 may also be required to make dynamic scripts and give a good amount of functionality to the website.

Support for popular scripts used in video web hosting sites

Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

Many popular scripts are available. These include clone scripts of Youtube, Clipshare, Vidiscript, Rayazz, vShare, Phpmotion etc. the web hosting server should be compatible with these scripts because these enable the webmaster to easily edit, modify and create video and audio files from any other file formats.

Other features

Many web hosts also feature many other extended capabilities like flash web builder, c-panel interface for easy administration of the web server, and other utility software. Though much of these may be unnecessary for an advanced user, but it would be very helpful for a beginner. For a beginner to know everything to setup a simple video hosting site is a waste of time and energy. Better it is, if the web hosts provide the services for easy setup of the site.

Reliability of the web host

This is one of the most important criteria for a good video hosting site. Since the videos are reviewed over tens and hundreds of times so reliability of the server is must for a good service.

Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

For an inexperienced person it is very important that they pay attention to every detail and not take the things casually if they want it to be successful. This is because beginners cannot perform complex tasks or write scripts themselves, which makes them largely dependent on available codes to do their work. Hence, making the right choices will get a video hosting site up and running in a few hours.

Bounceweb provides cheap and reliable video hosting with FFmpeg hosting.

Video formats for the Web

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Video formats for the Web

With the increasing demand for multimedia on the internet, it has become important for websites to show videos that are at the same time very compatible with all platforms and can stream very fast (has a high compression rate). Here are a few video formats optimized for the Web:

1. SWF

The Shockwave Flash video format has long been popular on the internet because of its platform independent nature, with users just needing a browser plugin to view such files.

2. AVI

This is a container format , meaning a format in which the video is encoded by another codec. It is very well-supported on the Windows platform.

3. MPG

The MPEG-1 video format is very popular on the Internet. This is because it is supported on all major platforms and browsers.

4. MOV

This is the Apple Quicktime video format. Even though it requires Quicktime to run, it is quite popular due to the availability of Quicktime as free software.

5. RM

The Real video format, custom-made for Low Bandwidth connections. It has very fast streaming, but it has its cons. Because of being made for low bandwidth connections, the video quality is not high, and it can only be played by Real Player.

Run video streams on BounceWeb hosted websites!

Why opt for FFmpeg hosting?

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Why opt for FFmpeg hosting?

There are hundreds of websites that facilitate online video streaming for user uploads. It is amusing to see how different users upload videos of different format, and yet the video gets streamed in the same way. This is because most of these websites opt for FFmpeg hosting.

Features of FFmpeg hosting

1. Converts any video format

It can convert any video format (generally uploaded by the user from their local machines) to the web-optimized flv format so that they can be streamed on the website.

2. Collection of all necessary plug-ins

FFmpeg hosting contains all the necessary files, modules and plug-ins required for streaming of video, and thus no other software is required.

3. Easy to use modular approach

All the scripts and features are in form of modules that can be installed or deactivated easily without affecting other independent modules.

4. Porting external scripts is easy

Although FFmpeg hosting provides a lot of video scripts, more advanced video scripts obtained externally can be easily ported into the existing Ffmpeg hosting.

5. It is free

FFmpeg is a open source GPL licensed software and thus there would be no license or copyright issues, and can be modified as per the website requirements.

FFmpeg is the best option which lets website admins do a lot without getting into the intricacies or the technical details.

BounceWeb provides affortable and efficient FFmpeg hosting service.

Creating Your Own YouTube Site

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Creating Your Own YouTube Site


You will be able to get in on the same way of moneymaking action that websites like YouTube have already experienced, just by simply creating out your own video website. With the help of YouTube script, you will be able to create the site where you can post the videos you like and can allow others to post or view their favorite videos as well. By doing so, in mean time you can earn profit in a big time from the whole operation done by you.

Here is how you can get started with creating your own YouTube Site

1. Firstly, you have to find good domain name. A domain name of dot com would be catchy, clever or cool and will go a long way. Making your own YouTube site in the long is not only popular but it is also a moneymaker. One of the best and simplest ways to increase the traffic to your website is by having a memorable and clever name so that people will be able to type it easily and also can remember to visit the site more often.

2. To host your website, you have to find a good web hosting service. If you want to get your website rolling, you need to have the services of a good hosting company, as you will be running a YouTube script website; you will want a hosting provider who can handle the huge amount of traffic having various features. Do not go for a cheaper service as they will have limited features. Always go with good hosting provider.

3. Get an e-book or a viral video program, which will be helpful in providing the steps that are necessary for setting up your own YouTube website. These things will definitely save lots of time and money, as you have to do lots of research and trial in figuring the best ways to set up a site. A viral video program or an e-book will definitely show all the means that are available to make money from your own YouTube video site. So, get going with your site and earn money.

BounceWeb provides everything you need for your own YouTube clone video hosting!

How to Start your Own Video Site with PHPmotion

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How to Start your Own Video Site with PHPmotion

PHPmotion is a content management system and is one of the free PHPmotion Media Sharing CMS. It supports various other types of media as well.

In order to start your own video website using the PHPmotion, you will have to have the following requirements

Servers – Linux/Unix server

PHP 4.3 or above (it can include the support of CLI as well)
MySQL database server
Libogg + Libvorbis
LAME MP3 Encoder
GD library or else higher than that
Should be able to run the background process

PHP settings

Upload_max_file size should be 100M
Open_basedir = (no value)
Post maximum size = 100M
Maximum execution time = 1500
Safe_mode = off
Session_gc maximum life time = 14000
Enable_dl = on
Thread safety = disabled

The process of installation
Firstly, you need to have the domain name and hosting with the FFmpeg support. You have to determine who will host the website because sometimes you might receive free domain name. Some of the hosting companies will host your website free of cost or for a nominal fee so that they will take advantage from your website by putting up the advertisements. Consider a good package for your website sp that it handles all type of queries.

You must download the program from the internet.

Open the FTP program and long into the FTP account. The entire content of the PHPmotion into your or public HTML folder. Allow the PHPmotion to overwrite anything that is available there and depending upon the connection speed, it takes some time and after uploading, proceed next.

If the hosting works with the cPanel, login to the cPanel account. Most of them have CPanel, some do not have this facility, and you can go with MySQL database. If you have a MySQL account already, proceed further with the next step.

Now you must change the mode using the CHMOD command. It is a shell command in UNIX and in unix-like environments. When it is executed, it changes the file and mode of them.
Another best way to do is by using the cPanel (it provides the graphical interface).

BounceWeb has PHPmotion Hosting and FFmpeg Hosting for your video site. We can also install PHPmotion for you, ask us for a quote!

PHPmotion and Video Hosting

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PHPmotion and Video Hosting


PHPmotion Video Hosting

PHPmotion is one of the free video sharing software, which has the support for various other media files such as mp3/audio sharing. It is a content management system (or the media CMS application) so that it allows you to create your own video sharing website, picture-sharing website, music sharing website etc and you can run it on your own. Having little knowledge you will be able to have the sites like YouTube, hi5, veoh, daily motion etc and best of all, it is 100% free and is available for download on the internet.

Features of PHPmotion

It is 100% free and can be easily downloaded to use
The design of PHPmotion is based on templates so that you will be able o change the feel and look of it.
PHPmotion has the fully featured admin so that they manage your site.
It supports mp3 audio fully
For easy edition, it is fully based on the CSS  template
Supports play lists as well.

Video hosting

Video hosting is a service, which allows the individuals to upload the video clips over to a website. Then the video host will save the video on the server and shows different types of codes to individuals to allow others so that they can view the video. Mainly the video hosting is done using a website so that many people will be able to view or share the videos and those websites doing this works are called as video sharing website

Video hosting has become popular all over because most of the users don’t have unlimited web space or have paid service. The video hosting service is becoming even more popular because of the forums, blogs and many other interactive pages as well.
Purpose of video hosting
Will be able to save cost on bandwidth and often can eliminate the entire cost.
Can create a common place
Can make the experience of uploading and streaming of the videos hassle free as it would normally require the advanced programming knowledge. It can be achieved commonly achieved through the web browser with little or not experience in programming.

BounceWeb has YouTube Clone Demos to illustrate video hosting. Please check out our PHPmotion Hosting

Top 5 Video Hosting Scripts

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Top 5 Video Hosting Scripts



With the MediaMAX video sharing script, you will not only be able to share videos but pictures, photo and audio as well.
MediaMAX is multilingual.
This script is available in both the Spanish and English language packs. You will be able to easily remove the ones you don’t want and can add new ones. You can easily add multiple languages. All the files are stored in single file for each of the language, so you have to add one file per language.


YouTube is the site, which has taken the world by storms with its popularity for amazing videos and sharing. It’s not a script, but using YouTube video hosting script will enable you to host your own YouTube like website and can earn money as well. Using the YouTube script is very simple and easily you can create the website.


It is a video hosting script, which is entirely different from other wannabes. It is different because, it is not limited to just hosting and sharing of videos but even photos, pictures, audio etc can also be hosted or shared and thus it makes Rayzz and ultimate video hosting script.

Features of Rayzz

It is all in one networking site along with forum, video, audio blog and many others.
While you are browsing, you will be able to add videos to the quicklinks and can be saved in the play lists so that it can be watched.
Search can be conducted for audio, photo and video at one place
Dedicated support is available
Easily customizable
Setting up is very easy.
Attractive user interface
Can earn money by putting up ads on the websites
Funny videos and pictures
Every one like to watch videos online as it will be the best way to catch the attention of many people. For this purpose, the funny videos and pictures hosting script will help you to build a video website allows you to share the videos and pictures with others as well.

Clip Share

It is one of the top video hosting scripts available and it is very easy to use. It helps to build the website and is very user friendly as well.

BounceWeb provides ffmpeg hosting for all the best video hosting scripts including PHPmotion Hosting

RvSiteBuilder and Templates

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RvSiteBuilder and Templates


If you want to get your hosting services to the higher level, you have you have to differentiate yourself and level by providing the RVsiteBuilder as one of the value added service. With this, you will be able to save time and money and make your clients to get higher profit.

RVSiteBuilder is a great addition to any web hosting. It’s basically a sitebuilder. Take a look at what BounceWeb has to offer:
View Site Builder Templates

View Site Builder Demo

Blog component: It helps the users to maintain their online webblog, diary or a complete home page.
New step5 interface: with which you will be able to create and configure the website easily.
Help and shortcut menu: Each step contains the screenshots, shortcut menu and flash tutorials guide so that user will know how create DIY template, add Youtube etc.
New navigator system: this shows the suitable color scheme.

RvSiteBuilder Features


Tryout Module
It is a separate application, which runs on your own disk and allows the users to try out the RVsiteBuilder and there will be no need of buying a hosting account. Here, the users can try to test and if they are interested, they can buy a hosting account.  With the click of a single button, you will be able to create both hosting account along with data as well.

Customizable template
If the default templates do not fit in, you can download other templates, modify and can upload to the system. The templates that are uploaded by you can be used only you.

Completely integrated to cPanel
Based on your existing package, you will be allowed to control the user access of the RvSiteBuilder using the features of both RvSkin and WHM

Advanced WYSIWYG editor
Supports all the browsers with the equivalent gecko layout engine.
New website templates
Multi lingual support

It is a standardized type of file used by the computer software as the pre-formatted example on the base of other files.

Some of the template categories include

Art and Gallery
Beauty and Fashion
Computer and technology
Travel and leisure
Restaurant and bar
Gifts and collectibles
Health and medical
Sports and Recreation
Home and garden
Internet services
Jobs and career
Plain templates

Some of the template styles include

Two tone
DIY templates

BounceWeb offers Web Hosting with RVSiteBuilder as standard on all our web hosting plans!

Installing FFMPEG, Mencoder, GPAC for 3gp video conversion server for CentOS

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Installing FFMPEG, Mencoder, GPAC for 3gp video conversion server for CentOS

# install dependencies
yum -y install gcc gmake make libcpp libgcc libstdc++ gcc4 gcc4-c++ gcc4-gfortran subversion patch zlib-devel

# get encoding software
cd /usr/local/src


tar xf gpac-0.4.5.tar.gz
tar jxvf amrnb-
tar jxvf essential-20071007.tar.bz2

svn checkout svn:// ffmpeg
svn checkout svn:// mplayer

# install encoding software

mkdir /usr/local/lib/codecs/
mv /usr/local/src/essential-20071007/* /usr/local/lib/codecs/
chmod -R 755 /usr/local/lib/codecs/
mkdir /usr/local/src/tmp
chmod 777 /usr/local/src/tmp
export TMPDIR=/usr/local/src/tmp

cd /usr/local/src/amrnb-
make && make install

cd /usr/local/src/mplayer
svn update
make && make install

cd /usr/local/src/ffmpeg/
./configure –enable-libamr-nb –disable-mmx –enable-nonfree
make && make install

cd ./gpac
make && make install

# update library links
echo /usr/local/lib > /etc/

Boonex Dolphin

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Boonex Dolphin

It is one of the best community software
Myspace, Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, Odeo etc are all in one and are customizable and will be under your control.  Here you will be limited only by the imagination but not by the software. Boonex Dolphin is a smart community builder and it is free universal open source software that will help you to build any type of community.  Using this software you will be able to launch quickly the successful and unique website with a variety of options and features.
Social Network and Online Dating Software
Create social networks, dating sites, video sharing portals and you name it and the list goes on. Boonex Dolphin includes various features of dating script and also adds more. You will be able to build your dream site and will be able to deploy it immediately with great ease and elegance that the Boonex Dolphin can provide you for free.
Open Borders. Open community. Open source.
If you wan to build your own community site, then the Boonex Dolphin provides the sophisticated tools to do it. With the help of this software you will be able to go further with the great power of open source, helpful, large and pretty active community- the Boonex Unity.
Your community can be energized with the world’s coolest multimedia and audio or video applications.
You needn’t have your website to be dull. To all the community members, you can offer them the advanced web communication tools. With live video, allow your members to talk online or else to upload and even share the music and video files, with the help of Boonex Dolphin; you will be able to make your website  one of the addictive communications venue.
You can add the impressive video chat facility for your community.
With the help of Boonex Dolphin, nothing will be left out to your imagination because there are private rooms, live streaming videos, chat, interchangeable smile sets, and full screen mode of video and importantly offers absolutely customization flexibility.

Boonex Dolphin offers:

Private Talk along with Video Streaming
Video Recorder + Video Player
Offers Music Player, shoutbox, White Board, Desktop Applications and presence
The software offers 100% AJAX Forums, Video Sharing, Photo Sharing, Blogs, Music Sharing, Search Events, Polls, Friends, Mailbox, Groups, Powerful Admin Panel, Customizable Profiles, Languages and Design Templates.

Get your Boonex Dolphin Hosting

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