Web Security by VeriSign

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Web Security by VeriSign

VeriSign one of the most popular and well known SSL brands, provides a high quality of security for e-commerce as well as communications over intranets, extranets as well as the Internet. Given the brand’s reputation for online security, several organizations choose its services just to provide their customers with the confidence of conducting online business without any apprehensions. VeriSign customer organizations have reported a considerable increase in their transactions after deploying the VeriSign Secured Seal to inform potential customers that they could carry out their online transactions under the protection of the VeriSign SSL.

Some characteristics of the VeriSign SSL security system are-


The SSL certification is the proof that the site is not a “spoof” or a fake site, it is authentic. VeriSign’s authentication procedures are recognized throughout the industry, and a VeriSign certificate gives confidence that the site can be trusted.


A VeriSign Digital Certificate, when correctly installed, provides a secure encrypted HTTPS connection, all data using this connection will be secured against interception or eavesdropping. Using a secured link will surely boost the confidence of the customers.

High Grade Security

A VeriSign Global Certificate provides the website with a 128bit SSL encryption, which is the strongest grade of encryption available.

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Top security issues while accessing Internet over mobile devices

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Top security issues while accessing Internet over mobile devices

With a surge of smart phones in the ever expanding Mobile market it is time the world shifted from your desktop to the palm of your hand.  The conventional click is being replaced by a swipe of the hand. According to a recent survey more than 63 million urban users worldwide use their mobile for accessing the internet on a monthly basis. With the advent of 3G networks and better wireless connectivity, accessing the internet via mobile is becoming increasingly popular. However, internet access using mobile always involves a few risks.

Owing to the absence of well developed anti-virus software for mobiles they are always prone to spam, viruses and other malicious content. Such infection is usually characterised by the following abnormalities:

Abnormal Phone Bill

A large unexpected increase in the phone bill would mean that the phone account is being misused.

Freezing of handset

Sudden hanging, malfunctioning or restarting of the mobile phone indicates presence of virus in the handset

Unauthorised usage of email accounts

Unidentified e-mails and messages in the ‘sent’ folder would mean that the phone email account has been hacked.

Changes in configuration

Uncalled for changes in the user interface, background, wallpapers and color settings could either mean virus attack or remote access to the device.

However, with many new mobile operating systems up for the launch a solution to these problems should not be very far.

How to ensure security for your website

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How to ensure security for your website

With the advancement in web technologies, technical flaws have also risen that pose threat to security of websites. Security measures have been invented to prevent these flaws and provide security to websites. Here are a couple of most important security measures.

1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL is a method of providing security certificates to the client computer. All major web browsers support SSL. When a client browser visits a web page, it requests a security certificate. If the website provides a certificate, the originality of the website is verified, and the clients see a notification of the secure connection. This provides security to the client, preventing him from phishing attacks or fake transactions. The HTTPS protocol is used for SSL enabled web page surfing.

2. SQL Injection

This refers to a technique of running user-written code on the client server, issuing SQL commands on the server database. This can be used by malicious users to steal passwords or log into websites without passwords. This flaw can be easily removed by SQL injection checking. However, many web programmers overlook such flaws or write weak prevention code. Care should be taken to prevent such attacks through robust injection checking.

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RvSiteBuilder and Templates

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RvSiteBuilder and Templates


If you want to get your hosting services to the higher level, you have you have to differentiate yourself and level by providing the RVsiteBuilder as one of the value added service. With this, you will be able to save time and money and make your clients to get higher profit.

RVSiteBuilder is a great addition to any web hosting. It’s basically a sitebuilder. Take a look at what BounceWeb has to offer:
View Site Builder Templates

View Site Builder Demo

Blog component: It helps the users to maintain their online webblog, diary or a complete home page.
New step5 interface: with which you will be able to create and configure the website easily.
Help and shortcut menu: Each step contains the screenshots, shortcut menu and flash tutorials guide so that user will know how create DIY template, add Youtube etc.
New navigator system: this shows the suitable color scheme.

RvSiteBuilder Features


Tryout Module
It is a separate application, which runs on your own disk and allows the users to try out the RVsiteBuilder and there will be no need of buying a hosting account. Here, the users can try to test and if they are interested, they can buy a hosting account.  With the click of a single button, you will be able to create both hosting account along with data as well.

Customizable template
If the default templates do not fit in, you can download other templates, modify and can upload to the system. The templates that are uploaded by you can be used only you.

Completely integrated to cPanel
Based on your existing package, you will be allowed to control the user access of the RvSiteBuilder using the features of both RvSkin and WHM

Advanced WYSIWYG editor
Supports all the browsers with the equivalent gecko layout engine.
New website templates
Multi lingual support

It is a standardized type of file used by the computer software as the pre-formatted example on the base of other files.

Some of the template categories include

Art and Gallery
Beauty and Fashion
Computer and technology
Travel and leisure
Restaurant and bar
Gifts and collectibles
Health and medical
Sports and Recreation
Home and garden
Internet services
Jobs and career
Plain templates

Some of the template styles include

Two tone
DIY templates

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Make mobile-friendly view on your Joomla hosted website

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Make mobile-friendly view on your Joomla hosted website

With the number of mobile devices going past the number of desktop machines by a large margin, making a website viewable in a mobile phone is of utmost importance. However, making mobile-optimized website views are not easy because of the phone screen size. For the millions who use their cell phones to browse the web, it is a pain to zoom in and out to check things or access the mail. Moreover, the limited speed is a big factor as pages having a big size will take huge time to open, and may not open at all.

In general, mobile viewable sites should be trimmed off extra scripts, images, and should concentrate on the content representation than the design. However Joomla, one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) has a solution to all the problems of mobile browsing with the help of its extensions, namely PDA Plug-in and iPhone Auto-template Switcher and many more. Joomla is a web-content management system that is structured into different extensions. Once an extension is added to the core part of Joomla, a new feature of that extension starts working.

The PDA Plug-in comes with two different files – the original plug-in and a template. Both of them have to be installed and then some options needs to be set on the Plug-in Manager console. Some web developers like the idea of giving the users a choice between the regular version and the mobile-optimized version while the site is being visited from a mobile device. These options can be set from the plug-in manager, and if a choice is being provided, the control panel of the web space must be configured likewise. The template view of the Joomla extension would let you manipulate how the site would look on a mobile device. You can set the modules that would come up in the mobile-optimized website, with the minimum number of modules being one and the maximum being five. However, the challenge for the extension right now is to support newer mobile platforms that are being launched currently.

The other extension that was mentioned earlier takes care of the problem mentioned above. The iPhone Auto-template Switcher is specifically made for iPhone, which have revolutionized the process of mobile Internet browsing. Although it is targeted to the iPhone users at large, it is not exclusively for iPhone. Its basic functionality is that it can toggle between three different templates according to user preferences and browser choices. It currently supports the popular Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and the iPhone browser. However, users of a few other browsers can also use it. The installation to Joomla is very simple, but you need to make some modifications in the core Joomla package and also install templates since the original extension does not come with one.

Joomla has certain other extensions like simulators to help one see whether the plug-ins are working properly or not. Besides, they also have a huge collection of mobile optimized templates to choose from. Mobile websites have definitely become easier to make, courtesy Joomla!

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Advanced features of phpmyadmin

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Advanced features of phpmyadmin

As you may accept realized, the PHP accent revolves about the axial affair of practicality. PHP is about providing the programmer with the all-important accoutrement to get the job done in a quick and able fashion. Five important characteristics making in PHP’s :
1. Familiarity
2. Simplicity
3. Efficiency
4. Security
5. Flexibility

Installing PhpMyAdmin Advanced Features

To install the advanced features of phpMyAdmin you have to create a special control database that PMA uses to store bookmarks and relationships etc… PMA comes with a script called create_tables.sql that include the relevant sql statements to set these tables up. Gradually, when you install phpMyAdmin directly from source, this create_tables.sql script can be found in the scripts sub-folder.
Firstly, unzip and run the create_tables.sql file:
cd /usr/share/doc/phpmyadmin/examples
sudo gunzip create_tables_mysql_4_1_2+.sql.gz
mysql -u root -p < create_tables_mysql_4_1_2+.sql
Then setup a user/password for phpMyAdmin to use:
mysql -u root -p -e ‘GRANT SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE ON `phpmyadmin`.* TO ‘pma’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY “password”‘
Then edit the config file, and uncomment the extra features options for your chosen server, and add the individual / password you setup in the previous step. If you haven’t edited this enter before you may requirement to also uncomment the rest of the server definition.
sudo vim /etc/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php
Setting up foreign keys in phpMyAdmin?
InnoDB allows you to add a fresh foreign key constraint to a table by using ALTER TABLE:
ALTER TABLE tbl_name
[index_name] (index_col_name, …)
REFERENCES tbl_name (index_col_name,…)
[ON DELETE reference_option]
[ON UPDATE reference_option]
On the other hand, if MyISAM has main advantages over InnoDB in your context, why would you need to create foreign key constraints at all. You can handle this on the model level of your application.
Create a sample database using your PMA, into this database run the following SQL query:
CREATE TABLE `profiles` (
`id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`content` mediumtext NOT NULL,

CREATE TABLE `users` (
`id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`name` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`profile_id` int(11) default NULL,

Hopefully this helps you with a short intro to the Advanced Features of PHPmyAdmin

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Three Websites Developers Can’t Live Without

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Three Websites Developers Can’t Live Without


Whether you are an experienced designer or someone looking to start developing, there is always more to learn. Webmonkey is an invaluable resource for the personal development of developers. There are tutorials on web basics for novices covering topics such as html documents, graphics and web standards. For the designer that has the basics covered, there is a handy reference library with cheat sheets, a glossary, color charts and browser charts. Don’t see what you are looking for? You can request an article and Webmonkey will try and find someone to write it. In addition to these features, Webmonkey has a service called monkey_bites. These bites are daily news articles geared towards developers that will help you stay well informed in an ever-evolving industry.


You have the resources to develop a high-end product but you’re having trouble getting started? Visit The Best Designs for a little inspiration. At TBD, websites are categorized by elements of CSS, Flash and design quality. New, exceptional websites are added to the Design Gallery daily. There is also a Designer Directory and a section for Featured Designers so you can learn about who is behind the sites in the Design Gallery. If you think you’ve already created a top-notch site, submit it to TBD and maybe you’ll be featured on their website. With over 300,000 page impressions per month, TBD will be sure to send some new visitors your way. Still not convinced? TBD was featured as one of the “Top Ten Design Resources” in How Design Magazine.


“From Pixels to Prose. From Coding to Content.” A List Apart is “For People Who Make Websites.” A List Apart is a web magazine that started as a mailing list that in a few short months had 16,000 designers, developers and content specialists subscribing. A few of the topics in the magazine are code, content, culture, design, process and user science. Basically, if you haven’t been to this website before, you have 282 issues of extremely well written, relevant and fascinating articles to read. You might as well start now. The very same people who read it, the community of web specialists, write A List Apart. The magazine is published on Tuesdays so you won’t need to check this site everyday. After a time, this fact will make you upset and you’ll be wondering is it Tuesday yet.


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So you want to be a retrogamer, huh? Good. Now pay close attention to what I have to say. Retro gaming, as you have already guessed, is derived from the words retrogressive gaming, whereby gamers collect and play games from a by-gone era. It’s all about gaming hits (and near hits) from the past decades rediscovered and replayed. These games had at one point caught everyone`s attention but have now been overshadowed by other more recent games. Retrogaming is all about exploring gaming archives, dusting off diskettes in search of ancient gaming gems. Its all about long forgotten consoles likes commodore 64s and Sinclair zx spectrum +3, super Nintendo and Atari- the forefathers of modern day gaming consoles. Retro gaming is all about reliving the gaming fantasies of a past age, seeing life through the eyes of gamers from the past.
So now that you know what retro gaming is, I have to tell you straight up, it’s not for everybody. It takes a certain kind of person to appreciate a gaming masterpiece despite its obvious technological disadvantages. In today’s hi-tech world, it’s so easy to let yourself be swept away by the fanatical wave for the latest technological gimmick so much that in the quest for newer stuff, we hardly get to appreciate what we already have. Today`s games are built for comparatively superior platforms and come loaded with tones of features, options etc, but behind all that glitter, beyond the eye catching graphics, there’s nothing but hot air. It takes a really open and highly appreciative mind to see beauty where others only see low resolution graphics.
Having said that, I would like to take the pleasure to introduce you to a retro gaming hotspot, namely abandonia.com


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In our last post, we looked at the basics of retro gaming. Just in case you missed that, here is a recap of the main points.
Retrogressive gaming or retro gaming is all about rediscovering gaming masterpieces from the previous decades. It’s all about old school gaming, back to the games that helped establish the now deeply entrenched gaming culture among the youth, in the words of a retro gamer, its back to the fundamentals, baby.
We mentioned the fact that it takes a really open and appreciative mind to appreciate the glory of old games, so obviously not everybody can be a retro gamer. I am making the assumption that since you have gotten this far into the discussion at hand; it is fair to say that you at least have a hint of interest (if not roaring enthusiasm) for retrogaming. You have come to learn what it’s all about. You think you have what it takes to take up retro gaming as a hobby, you want to be a collector or player, but are wondering where to start. The Chinese have a well known saying that goes something like this: the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The time has come for you to take that initial step. Fortunately for you, I am here to point you in the right direction.
The first outpost in cyberspace that one encounters when exploring the vast galaxy of retro gaming is definitely abandonia.com. This will be your primary base for quite a while. It is the place where you will get to learn the latest retro gaming trends, the hottest re-discoveries, collect the coolest games, swap old games, everything. Don’t let the name fool you, though. Though the site deals with so called abandon ware (abandoned software), it does not mean that the site itself is abandoned. It is a thriving community abuzz with the activities of a great many swarms of eager retro gamers. In fact, the only thing that the site won’t do for a retro gamer is cleaning their dirty laundry, but then again, who is complaining?!
Ok, rookie, you have entered the coordinates of the outpost (site) into your command center (oh, search engine-I really have to stop watching star trek movies).you are at the outpost in no time. Within no time you begin to explore the site, which is well designed and relatively easy to navigate through. The best thing about this site is that it displays screenshots of the games as well as providing a short review that tells you exactly what to expect from each game. The reviews also come with extra information such as the size of the games and whether it’s compatible with windows xp among other such stuff. Just in case you see a game you would like to check out that isn’t compatible with windows xp, the site provides a program by the name of dosbox which acts as a dos emulator, allowing one to play all dos- based games hassle free.
The site also ranks games according to popularity, number of downloads, year of release etc. this makes it way much easier to navigate through the games database, which is large, to say the least.
There you have it. Retrogaming for beginners. Get out there rookie, go start life as a retro gamer!!


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Computers are without a doubt the greatest invention that man ever came up with. Ever since the Garden of Eden, mankind has had the unique distinction of having the power to imagine things as he would like them to be, and then turn his imagination into reality. Indeed, there is a saying among us philosophers that today`s realities were yesterdays imaginations. True, all true, but there are always great responsibilities associated with the possession of great powers, and the power of thought is no exception. It did not take man long to realize that he would always be accountable for all events brought about by his thoughts, and since he didn’t like the idea very much, he decided that he would think up a machine that would do all the thinking for him, thus shifting responsibility to the machine, while he would get to enjoy the benefits accrued from it’s efforts. What a brilliant idea! It took centuries of mind boggling effort, but it was finally achieved. Man had succeeded in creating a machine that would, in essence, make decisions for him. He decided to name the amazing device the computer.
Computers are used all over the world for all manners of jobs. They have managed to infiltrate every workplace, every home, every waking minute of mankind. Hardly a minute passes by without their effect being felt. When we wake up in the morning, they are there, waiting for us, ready to do our bidding. They brew our coffee, they warm our breakfast, they run our cars. In the office we find them, and they help us our daily bread. After a long, hard, tiring day they are waiting for us in our homes, to heat up our food, to entertain us or even give us the latest updates of things happening in far off lands. They are basically running our lives, and every day they are getting better at it. They are getting smaller but smarter, faster but more reliable. Where will it all end? Computers are good, no doubt about that. They are really great when it comes to making some work easier, but is it possible that we are getting to a point whereby we rely too much on their abilities, and lose out on the chance to exploit our own natural potential? Is it possible that by letting computers make decisions for us, we actually risk losing the power to make decisions, the great ability that distinguishes man from beast. There is always that risk that we may turn out to be slaves to technology and not its master. There is always that risk that technology, for all its advances and all the good that it has done to man, may in the long run turn out to be the greatest single threat to his existence.
Computers bring about great possibilities, both for good and for evil. We cannot just distance ourselves from them, since we will lose out on all their benefits. However, we need to be able to control their overall effect in our lives, since, after all, they are our servants and we are the masters, right?

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