Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

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Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

Why Green Web hosting?

The statistics of World Internet usage reveals that the spider web of Internet is still frequently exploding worldwide at the rate of 400-1000% increment per year. And hence, the energy consumption for operating those servers and the relevant infrastructure setups is also day by day increasing. It is approximated that if the energy consumption due to the web hosting goes on rising at the present rat,  by 2020 the web industry will be one of the most polluting industries in the field of business. The environment of earth has been decaying continuously and we must not be late to save it. Many web industries have taken some action and played their roles in helping by recycling materials and reducing energy consumption. Green hosting is a kind of hosting which uses eco-friendly sources of power for their regular functions and activities.

In short, the web hosting companies are indirectly trying to save our mother planet by reducing the amount of carbon emission.

Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

What is Green web hosting?

While providing the hosting facilities, the Web providers consume a great quantity of energy to data centers and power servers for facilitating 24×7 services. Many other relevant facilities like enhanced security and cooling controls and setups also need a huge amount of electricity, which has a negative effect on the environment. As the name implies, the Green web hosting is the hosting solution which is powered by eco-friendly resources. These are those hosting providers which are powered by only renewable sources of energy like wind power and solar energy.

Green Web hosting: Let’s go take back our green mother planet

Advantages of using Green web hosting

If we are going through Green web hosting, certainly there must be some great advantages which make the use more efficient and preferable, some important of them are:

1)      Harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) which is released in the atmosphere is reduces due to the practice of this green web hosting as well as these companies also earn carbon credits.

2)      The artificial energy sources would be saved and could be used in future, and hence the man work would also be decreased.

3)      The website download time and function delay is minimum in this type of web hosting and unlimited email accounts and memory space are also provided.

4)      The green web hosting is one time investment and a cost effective technique.

5)      The greatest advantage would be the feeling of satisfaction among the people, by living in the greener and healthier environment.

The Green web hosting industries may run at busy and complex daily operation costs with respect to many other host providing companies but the thought of making a paperless and eco-friendly company using the renewable sources energy makes the sense of encouragement.  When it would be implemented in more than a single company operations and functions, it could decrease a lot of waste materials as well as reduce a lot on consumption of energy which will immediately help in saving and maintaining the nature. So, if saving the earth comes with some investment and long routed process, then it should not be a big deal to pay, if we are supporting a green and clean environment with the green web hosting companies.

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Bounceweb is proud to spread the news this month of October.

Today is the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), conducted every October since its establishment in 2004 in the United States of America. This is an annual awareness-raising production that aspires to encourage all and sundry to safeguard their networks and our nation’s critical cyber foundation. It will be sponsored by the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) within the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). The Department offers tips, and best practices concerning how to stay safe online.

As part of this awareness month, Bounceweb offers each, and every customer a cheap, fast, and reliable web hosting that is extremely compatible with trend software like Magento, Mambo, Joomla and WordPress.

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Categories of Web hosting and Web hosting awards

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Categories of Web hosting and Web hosting awards

The field of Web hosting is an extremely competitive one. To encourage web hosts to work better and provide better services to their customers Web hosting awards are given to the best ones in their field. Certifications are also provided to many web hosts. Any organization that organizes web hosting awards includes experienced webmasters in their panels who examine all the legitimate web hosts. Bases on their analysis in various grounds, the winners are decided. It is based on overall performance. The service provided by a web host to its customer is of utmost importance in deciding the winner. Every web host is marked for its prices, plans, guarantee, uptime, reviews of web hosting, customer support in the entire period of a year. Some even evaluate on a monthly basis.

Categories of Web hosting and Web hosting awards

Types of Web Hosting

One king of hosting is shared hosting. It is preferable because it is cheap. It works in a way in which different clients make use of the common server. Here one needs to assure that the company providing the package supports all the requirements.


The other kind of hosting is dedicated hosting. Here a client can rent a server and use it alone. This allows you to host many websites together. It is more sophisticated and preferable than shared hosting.

Categories of Web hosting and Web hosting awards

The above mentioned hosting is based on the type of sharing. Other types are also based on the platform being provided by the package. Based on this, we have Windows hosting and even Linux hosting. If the website is for business purposes then Ecommerce hosting should be preferred as it comes with business tools.

Different categories of Web Hosting Awards

There are innumerous categories of award to be won by a web host. Few of them are Budget hosting, forum hosting, blog hosting, Windows hosting, Unix hosting, PHP hosting, Email hosting, Multi-Domain hosting, Ecommerce hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller hosting etc.

Categories of Web hosting and Web hosting awards

Categories of Web hosting and Web hosting awards

Best budget hosting sward is given to companies providing plans and opportunities for starting a business. The host site is scrutinized for its plans and prices. Best forum hosting award is given to the one which hosts forums according to the disk space, bandwidth and other criteria. When it comes to blog hosting, a host should always provide easier ways to let a client start his/her blog. Windows hosting provides its users products of Windows.

Categories of Web hosting and Web hosting awards

A PHP hosting website lets its users access the maximum facilities of PHP scripting language. Similarly dedicated hosting awards are also based on the price to rent and the customer satisfaction. Any host site which lets you host many websites simultaneously qualifies for multi-domain hosting award. Reseller hosting is a very different kind of hosting. Here the user can use his or her hard disk capacity that is allotted along with the bandwidth to host other websites belonging to another host.

Web hosting awards are basically given for potential consumers to be easily to select the web hosting service they want to make use of. It also encourages all the web hosting sites to better their services.

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Search for a web host comes to an end

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Search for a web host comes to an end

These days it has become so easy to host a web. There are many options to pick up a provider for hosting and also buying the domain name but it has always been difficult to search for an absolute hosting solution. One should never blindly trust the hosts that offer unlimited services. It is always recommended to check the terms and conditions clearly because it may cause many problems later. It has become necessary to ensure everything before falling down. The basics metrics one may look for while choosing a perfect web host may include the following:

Search for a web host comes to an end


It should be ensured beforehand that the hosting company has a nice experience in webhosting so that it doesn’t vanish after hosting the website without any prior notifications.


The server must be able to serve the pages at a fast speed to the should ask for the trial account for a few days before confirming a particular host. Then a speed test can be performed by taking the domain name that is to be bound with.

Support Level

Without it, it is very difficult to survive. It is a must have service that every web hosting provider should provide. Generally the hosts offer offline as well as online support.

Online Support

The availability of the support person and its response time should be checked in the website.

Offline Support

Here the host uses a ticketing system. So, one can try submitting the ticket so as to check their response time.


After short listing the hosts’ one can now go for comparing the prices but the price may vary according to the requirements like the needed web space, bandwidth, database and FTP limits and many more.

Also the disk space of the webhost should be at least 5 GB ranging up to 20GB depending upon the requirements. Most of the hosts provide unlimited domain support. The rate of data transfer is usually 60 to 1200 GB depending on your budget and needs. Also the web hosts should provide a strong control panel so that one can manage their databases, set their email accounts and also look at the statistics of their website.

One should not even buy very costly plans that give you enough support, guarantee but one can never recover the costs. Otherwise, it’s also bad to get a cheap plan that offers everything, as these are always oversold, slow, and very less reliable. A particular host can never suit everyone as each person has different requirement so one should not go by someone else’s recommendations. Thus, one must choose for the best seller in the market and take a wise decision as the market is giving a tough competition.

Bounceweb Hosting plans include free domains for life, unlimited web space, unlimited premium bandwidth and many more!

Search for a web host comes to an end

Open Source Imaging Tools

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Open Source Imaging Tools

In today’s world where everything comes at a cost the concept of freeware or open source software comes as a major boon considering the fact that it comes free of cost and most importantly it allows the user to experiment by means  of studying, changing and improving the software.  With improved cameras being easily available at affordable rates photography as a hobby is rising in popularity among the common masses. Therefore, it is natural that imaging software that helps edit, resize, and add effects to images are becoming increasingly popular. Let us look at some very useful open source imaging tools:


GNU Image Manipulation Program is a high-end graphics application that can give a run to Adobe Photoshop on any application concerning cropping, editing, resizing and converting between image formats.


A vector graphics application, which is compatible with almost all operating systems in addition to having multi-lingual support, particularly for complex scripts.


Another freeware, which provides a wide range of format conversion, image identification, with all popular features apart from the fact that it can be manipulated by programs in any programming language.


This is another powerful tool, which apart from providing a wide array of features is very easy to use.

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The future of PHP

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The future of PHP

Hi all,

If your have been surfing websites for a long time, it’s hard not to notice the “.php” extension at the end of your website link. PHP pages are a common part of web applications, and is one of the most popular web application languages used by developers worldwide. Although, there are far superior languages and development environments that have come up in recent times, people still prefer PHP to them, just because of its simplicity. The fact that it is easier to develop of PHP environment makes it a strong argument for developers to incline towards it.

However, like always, there has been a question over the future of PHP. While some feel that its time that PHP makes way for more advanced languages and development interfaces, there are also hardcore PHP loyalists who think that the simplicity of PHP cannot be replicated by any other language. So, where do we see PHP, a few years from now? Or rather, how will PHP develop itself in keeping itself updated with the changing requirements of the World Wide Web (WWW)? Read on and we will discover some valid arguments on the future of PHP.

PHP Facts and the Future

1. One of the advantages of the PHP language is its vast online community. There are around 20 million web applications that use PHP. Developers all over use the language to create scripts. Many useful software applications like video-streaming applications and content management systems are known to be based on PHP, the most popular example being Drupal. Although, developers in the community can add PHP scripts and suggest changes or add new features in the core PHP package, only about 450 programmers can approve such changes. The organization Zend looks after the packaging issues of PHP. So, in terms of development, there are enough developers, and also administrators who can protect the original package from getting dilute with sub-standard codes.

2. The fact that PHP has stayed at the top, and managed to fend off challenges from much hyped-up languages like Java and ColdFusion, it is safe to suggest that it will continue to do so in the future as well. As we recently saw, PHP came up with the Model-View-Container framework of its own in order to counter the threat from Ruby-on-Rails, it again goes to show how simple the language is, and how easy is it to replicate any new “technologically” advanced interfaces and frameworks that come up now and then.

3. Other languages like Java are considered to be superior because of its extended scope. PHP is generally viewed to be limited with web applications only. However, one can create standalone desktop applications with the help of PHP and GTK. Even some open source programming frameworks now support PHP projects in their tool. Thus, PHP is slowly and steadily coming out its web application boundary, to conquer the standalone application space.

Thus, it is pretty safe to say that, PHP, which is known to withstand the test of time, is good enough for the future as well. Simplicity, as they say, is very complex to achieve. And, PHP happens to achieve that very strongly!

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Advantages of Ajax Hosting

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Advantages of Ajax Hosting

Hi all,

As website users, we all want fast web pages. Generally, while submitting an online form, it takes a minute or two for the new page to load and the data to get stored in the database. How would it be if we could mark only a specific part of the web page that would reload and submit data to the server? If you are thinking on those lines, then we are talking about Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or more popularly known as AJAX.

AJAX hosting has made websites interact with users in a faster way. It is possible to connect and communicate with the server while the user is typing on his keyboard to enter certain details. For example, prompting hints for form fields work on the above principle. So, it is quite essential for web developers to have Ajax applications on their websites. This hosting of Ajax based applications on the server is technically known as Ajax hosting.

Positives on AJAX Hosting

1. Faster web pages – As already discussed, the main argument for Ajax applications is the speed with which the work is done. The whole page doesn’t need to communicate with the server, and thus only the specific part of the application is loaded. So, the static portion of the website can be kept intact without getting reloaded every time. This becomes a great advantage when the Internet connection is very slow.

2. Lesser bandwidth – Less the amount of data transferred from the server to the client machine and vice versa, lesser will be the amount. Only a specific part of the data communicates with the server and the database directly.

3. Supports real time applications – Prior to Ajax applications, some of the facilities that we have now would not have been possible. Maps are generally good examples of such real time applications. The user is in a continuous activity of entering details and all this while the details get to the server, and the response comes within seconds. This is really a great advantage for real time application developers.

4. Integration with scripting languages – To communicate with the server, we may also need scripting language too. Languages like PHP, ASP, Perl, etc support Ajax, making them Ajax applications too. Integrating Ajax with these languages is pretty easy, thus it is easy to migrate to Ajax based applications.

5. Promotes structured web pages – The design, content and the interactive parts are generally well defined and thus they can be treated separately while developing the website. However, the degree of association can be specified by the web developer himself, thus easing ways of internal communication between website components.

Ajax has revolutionized the world of Internet. Its faster, better, more efficient and opens up avenues for many new & innovative real-time applications. Ajax web Hosting is slowly becoming an indispensable part of the web hosting process.

BounceWeb provides high quality Ajax Hosting

Creating CSS templates in Joomla

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Creating CSS templates in Joomla

Hi all,

In the world of Content Management Systems, it is no more a difficult task to build a website. With CMS like Joomla, you could probably create a brand new site of yours within a day. Joomla comes with a lot of in-built features, and what makes is so popular is the fact that you can add third-party features to the core Joomla component in the form of extensions.

Apart from extensions, Joomla users can choose from different templates for their websites. Templates are just like dresses that are pre-made and can be used on any content. However, making templates for Joomla websites are more challenging! Generally Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) is purely used for the purpose. So, how do we create a CSS template for Joomla? Read on to know more.

The templates are stored in the “template” directory of the Joomla installation package. So, if you are creating a new template, make sure that you create a folder under the “template” directory. In most cases, the name of the folder is the name of your template as well! Now, Joomla templates require a few files to be created.

a. index.php – This happens to be the main section of the complete Joomla template. It will specify the module positions and also the location of your css files.

b. templateDetails.xml – This XML file contains data about the complete template. This helps the Joomla application to extract information about the template.

c. css folder – This folder contains all the css files required for the template. In the most basic template, you will find a single file named .css

These files can be created on any text editor and then uploaded to the control panel of your web host! However, besides knowing CSS, one must also know certain aspects of Joomla, PHP and XML to create the above files.

1. The index.php file will contain certain tags that are specific to Joomla only. For example, will display the main content in any web page created in Joomla, thus all styles associated with the main content can be applied on it.

2. The XML file will contain a lot of information like the version that is suited to the template, the name, author, description, list of files present in the template directory, and the positions enabled in the template. These information should be filled up in order to be recognized by the core Joomla components.

3. The basic design of the page will be contained in the CSS files of the css folder. The design that you want to provide to the template must be coded in a clear way and also should conform to the W3C standards.

More than anything else, imagination is what makes a great template. Joomla, being an efficient tool for developers too, keeps the content section separated from the design section, thereby making it easy for designers to concentrate on their creativity to come up with great templates.

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Bounceweb.Com Is Now Faster, Efficient And Greener Than Ever Before

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Bounceweb.Com Is Now Faster, Efficient And Greener Than Ever Before

Protecting this planet from extinction is everyone’s responsibility. With pollution and consumption of non-renewable resources on the high, it is high time to act. When eco-friendliness is adopted in every walks of life, why should be the web hosting left behind?, according to the professionals of

TX, Date – “We have been providing reliable web hosting solution through all these years to a wide base of customers worldwide. With our FFmpeg Web Hosting that helps the users to create sites like youtube, we have gained huge popularity. FFmpeg Web Hosting is widely used worldwide today. Seeing the harsh changes in the environment that conventional web hosting creates, we have decided to become environmentally responsible because we know the fact that for all these years we were conquering the earth and now we are beating it to death. That is the reason why we have started this green initiative. We call this initiative as Green Web Hosting. This phrase may seem odd to you and so I will explain the initiative in detail soon. For the moment of truth, we are really very proud to be the first to start a Green Web Hosting program” says Mr. Joey Smith of

Speaking about the Green Web Hosting initiative in more detail, MR. Joey Smith said “The phrase ‘green energy web hosting’ just explains all about this initiative. The green energy web hosting reduces the impacts of web hosting in the environment. Many people have a misconception that web hosting has nothing to do with the environment. The true fact is that the conventional web hosting exploits the natures non-renewable resources and adds a great deal to environment pollution. Coming to the exploitation of non-renewable resources, the conventional web hosting makes use of huge electricity. If the conventional web hosting is used continuously for some more years to come, we will end up in energy crisis that we wouldn’t have even imagined. Another major impact that the conventional web hosting can make n the environment is leaving carbon footprints. The carbon emissions from the conventional web hosting methods contribute a lot to global warming. While several initiatives are started to control global warming, web hosting is left unattended. Foreseeing the future, our Green Web Hosting is the seed of solution to care the environment. This Green Web Hosting makes use of very less electricity when compared to the conventional ones. Moreover, the Green Web Hosting leaves zero carbon footprints.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Joey Smith said, “All our servers are upgraded atleast Intel Core2Quad 9550 with 8GB RAM and full RAID redundancy which allows FFmpeg hosting. For the convenience of the web developers, we have also added the much needed PHP settings, software like ffmpeg, flvtool2, mplayer, etc to our collection.”

“Good Planets are hard to find, don’t blow it” says Mr. Joey Smith.


Bounceweb Web Hosting was formed in May of 1999 when the Internet was still small and relatively new. Today they are one of the popular Hospedagem de Sites.

For more information, visit


Green webhosting at

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Did you know that Datacenters like Bounceweb use about 4% of the world’s electricity? It’s true folks! It takes a lot of power to not only run the servers here but also to cool them. It’s sad to see that only about 3% of the webhosting companies out there are aware of the problem (or care) and are doing something about it. 

At we are very aware of the climate changes on our planet and we wanted to do something about it. We have partnered with 3 Degrees a leader in clean energy to help reduce our carbon foootprint. As a matter of fact, not only are we reducing our carbon emissions, we are completely offsetting them with clean wind power energy. That means that we no longer emit any emissions that we do not clean up.

Sure it’s more expensive for us to operate this way (31% more added to our over head) but you won’t pay a dime more. We are just doing our part to help clean up our planet and provide a safe and healthy environment for our children and yours.

So if you are not with, the least you could do for all of us is demand clean energy use from your hosting provider. That’s right email them, call them, write them a letter. Just let them know that you to care about the environment and your impact. If they don’t listen it might be time you find somebody who does.


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