Can Cloud and Web Operating systems be the future of computing?

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Can Cloud and Web Operating systems be the future of computing?

Computer OS is one sector where Microsoft has been an undoubted leader. Starting with Windows 95, and now Windows 7, most of the worlds’ population is using Microsoft products only. Providing a graphical user interface (GUI), easy to use interface and technologically developed and updated, Microsoft has definitely made a position for itself in this world. The only drawback is that legit copies of Microsoft’s OS are way too expensive to purchase. Even after years of release, Microsoft doesn’t lower down its prices. They remain the same out of league for some people.

Cloud computing has now become an attractive option to counter increasing OS prices. Various Open Sourced communities also have started developing OS’s to provide considerable competition. Cloud Computing has recently been developed. It’s a technique of increasing server – client relationships. It’s basically an idea where all the information is stored in the server side and the client periodically downloads it as and when required by the user. Lowering system and memory requirements, these OS’s requires constant internet connection in order to keep itself updated and running. It’s an innovative technology which is open- sourced. Many people have contributed towards its development.

Can Cloud and Web Operating systems be the future of computing?


Following point wise analysis shows why cloud and web computing can be an attractive option for many –

Instant Booting up and Resume Enabled

People generally hate waiting for the OS to load up and shut down. This feature will save precious work time and increase responsiveness.

Dynamic Web Browsing

When you wish to open up a new webpage, the URL automatically comes up as a suggestion in order to make browsing a faster and dynamic experience. https:// enabled webpage browsing (Secure Browsing) and a large number of sites can be opened in multiple tabs.

Self System Updates

The OS will always update itself from the internet sources in order to keep its apps in a working condition. Loopholes and errors are thus automatically fixed in order to provide a better user experience. Cloud computing has the advantage of thus reducing storage space at client side where information is downloaded as and when required.

Maximizing Security through Hardware

Data is now encrypted and malicious programs are run in an inbuilt Sandbox. Security is thus strengthened and therefore viruses can never penetrate such security.

Flexible Connectivity Options

Better connections provided by telecom sector will boost up the popularity of cloud computing.

Such systems are now being developed with the open source community so as to keep the OS at economical prices. This reduces the requirement of extensive hardware setup and thus avoids redundancy. Excellent services are being provided at cheap rates. Most people will prefer cloud computing once the connectivity options diverse and become more accessible at cheaper rates.

Can Cloud and Web Operating systems be the future of computing?

Companies like Google have already started developing Cloud Computing (Chrome OS) and has been launched worldwide.  With excellent results and positive feedback, cloud computing is really set to shape our future.

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