BlackBerry 7 Smartphones

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Research In Motion (RIM) Company, a global leader when it comes to wireless innovation, will be unleashing five new BlackBerry Smartphones in conjunction with the release of the new Blackberry 7 Operating system. The smartphone releases are two new Bold smartphones, and three new Torch smartphones.

Truly, RIM Company has revolutionized the mobile industry with this kind of innovation. They have patented the market with their product that uses a one-of-a-kind technology that can bring happiness to its consumers. The Blackberry 7 OS is the latest operating system, and they are being used by the new product line-up of smartphones such as Bold 9900, and 9930. This two new smartphones is the thinnest phones to ever come from RIM Company. It features a dynamic improved design, full keyboard, and a touch screen display system.

Along in this line up are the new Torch Models like 9810, 9850, and 9860. This product features a larger screen, slide-out keyboard, and you can experience more fluid animations, and stunning graphics because of the Liquid Graphics technology. Furthermore, these Torch Models have an incredible multimedia system that can pump up your adrenalin.

The Blackberry 7 smartphones truly deserve a spot for being award-winning gadgets. They are used by millions of customers across the globe to stay connected to other people, and for recreational use.

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