Best Web Hosting Option: Windows or Linux?

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Best Web Hosting Option: Windows or Linux?

Websites on the Internet are actually hosted on servers, which are computer terminals, modified specially for this purpose. And even servers require their own operating system packages for proper functioning. As we all know, Windows and Linux are two of the most operating system platforms available. Consequently, both of them have their own versions of web hosting packages for servers. However, the fact remains that your choice between these two platforms should be influenced by the requirements of your website and not by what others have to say about it.

Microsoft has its unique version of Windows server operating systems, like the Windows 2000 Server edition, the Advanced Server edition and the Windows 2003 Sever edition. Just like its popular operating system, Microsoft Windows Server editions are known to have intuitive, simple interfaces which allow new users to efficiently administer their websites with minimum hassles. Apart from the usual diverse range of Microsoft’s built in software packages, the Windows Server edition also allows Active Server Page execution, which allows the server terminal to execute scripts for dynamic web content. Another advantage that Microsoft offers is the integration with SQL database, which is one of the most advanced as well as efficient database management packages available. Windows Server edition also provides the usual ASP and .NET support, as well as Microsoft Access Support for database administration and IIS Web Server support.

Best Web Hosting Option: Windows or Linux?
However, there is one significant disadvantage if you want to opt for Windows Server hosting options, and that is the pricing of the product. You will require an investment of around a few thousand dollars to get a Windows Server operated hosting server online. Apart from that, the usual support packages like firewalls, remote administration modules, ASPmail and other features have to be purchased over and above the server operating software. This is a significant disadvantage, especially for small scale businesses and start up businesses.

Linux operated servers are also common in the internet. Actually, Linux is not an exclusive operating system, but a common term used to denote a variety of operating system platforms, which actually use the Linux kernel. The kernel is open source, that is, available free of cost for modification; users or developers modify it according to some end usage purposes. This is the reason that there a variety of Linux based operating systems available in the market – Red Hat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu being some of the most popular ones. The principal advantage that Linux has is its compatibility with the PHP language, which is very popular in the programming world. Apart from that, Linux based servers usually have a tight level of security, and are generally believed to be less vulnerable than their Windows based counterparts. And once again, the price factor gives it a major advantage over Windows; almost all the Linux based packages, barring a select few, come free of cost. This includes operating system software, firewalls, Apache, Sendmail and a lot of other features that can be obtained free of cost.

Best Web Hosting Option: Windows or Linux?
The disadvantage of Linux based servers is that these require much more expertise on the part of the server administrator. Most packages require the administrators to operate the server via a remote shell prompt, similar to DOS. GUI usage is minimum.

Best Web Hosting Option: Windows or Linux?

So, it is apparent that it is not a question about which operating system is superior in terms of facilities, it is more a question of what your website requires, that will help you take a decision.

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