Best Modules of Drupal

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Best Modules of Drupal

Drupal provides some extremely functional modules in its core package. But often, the web designer needs to use more modules for providing the right content in his website. There are three kinds of modules in Drupal – core modules, community written modules (which are written by developers under open source license for public use), and custom modules. Some of the best Drupal modules are


This is a core module that comes with Drupal. A forum is most often needed in a website, and adds to its interactive nature. The forum module allows users to create threads and categories. Replies to the thread or other replies are shown in a graphically intuitive manner.

Web form

This module is very useful in taking flexible input from the user. The user can fill forms and submit them. This is very useful for contact sheets and registration. It features text area, radio buttons, combo box, etc.


The mistake web developers often commit is to think that the end-user is like them and can write html. But most users can’t insert images, links or format text using plain HTML. So this WYSIWIG editor comes in handy for the common layman user.

These tools make the work of both a user and a designer easier, and increase the website’s appeal!
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