Best four Download managers for the average geek

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Download managers we all need them. Can`t live without them, especially when one needs to get stuff from the net via a slow connection so how does one get about selecting an appropriate download manager? No sweat, pal, no sweat. I already did some researching so you don’t have to. Try out these hardy downloader’s. The only problem you might be facing is getting enough free space to accommodate all the downloading you are about to do

Down them all

This is actually a Mozilla Firefox add-on, but it sure comes in handy when one needs to download stuff on the go. Its greatest strength is the fact that its an add – on and not a program per se, meaning that as long as one has Firefox running you can easily set it up regardless of computer restrictions put in place by your boss, network admin, whoever who would let you install programs on the PC. Get it running and you will be downloading stuff in a jiffy – long live Mozilla Firefox

Download accelerator plus

A great program that lets you download stuff accelerated speeds. Its only drawback is that it is resource heavy and tends to slow down the system a bit. It has a great interface and what’s more, it allows one to search for downloads from specific sites at a click of a button

Free Download Manager

It’s a good download manager made better by the fact that it’s free. Free-free. A light program that gets the job done easily and quickly. It has an appealing interface that is easy on the eye and does not bog one down with endless options and choices to make. It will suffice for the average geek on download patrol. It also comes with a neat download basket where one drags and drops a download link and it starts downloading. Neat

Internet Download

The IDM, as it so fondly known, takes the day when it comes to download managers. Its relatively light but surprisingly robust downloads with a simple enough interface, its efficiency is made better by its simple straightforward menus which enable one to make changes easily and rapidly it also comes with a drop basket enabling one to easily download explorer menus, making it easier to start downloads. What more can I say wait, did I mention that it can be obtained for free?

You go find out its golden goodness for yourself pal. It makes me want to cry with joy.

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