Best e-commerce applications on Joomla

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Best e-commerce applications on joomla

Joomla is an open source content management system. It is developed for publishing various contents on the intranet and World Wide Web. It also includes MVC (model view controller) framework. The core software was created in PHP and databases are maintained in MySQL. This feature rich software includes RSS feeds, news flashes, polls, blogs, search, page cashing, printer friendly view of pages, language support and many more. Over 5000 plug-ins including free and commercial ones are available.

The numerous core features and plug-ins provide an excellent platform for developing ecommerce applications. A good support from the communities and forums available online is also available. The most important are as follows

jStore & jMarket

It is a good application based on joomla. It boasts of various features. Offline payment provides an alternative solution for customers to check out their bills. The home page is highly customisable along with the customer vendor forms. There is also a provision for unregistered visitors to register after purchasing. Only specific product modules can also be displayed if required. The new check-out feature has a quick compact view of the whole buying process.

Virtue Mart

It is the open source solution to e-commerce. It is a full e-commerce engine having many unique features.

It supports full 128 bit secure socket layer (ssl) encryption -128 bit.

Tax calculation based on the zone (city or state of a particular country).

Alternative currencies can be used like PayPal or internet banking etc.

It has a JavaScript powered web administration interface.

Quick search of products along with various notifications like out of stock or special offer or product delivery time and date etc.

Multiple images and files per product can be added.

On the fly currency conversion is also supported. Besides, there is also a flexible notification display.

Different prices of the same product based on the customer groups.

Product types classification is also available to better arrange the products.

Capable of live processing of credit cards along with alternative currencies like PayPal, 2Checkout, etc.

Shipping modules include various shipping carrier options along with conversion rates. The main carriers include USPS, FedEx, Canada Post and InterShipper. Extension of the shipping modules can be done with shipping APIs.

This makes Virtue Mart the most preferred online store application. It works out of the box. High customisation is available for professional companies. It is surely the best application of its kind around.

Best e-commerce applications on joomla

Joomla Ecommerce edition

it is an extended version of the original joomla available. It has an inbuilt version of VirtueMart along with some other ecommerce development plug-ins. It is very good for beginners who do not have a proper knowledge of setting up ecommerce sites. The other tools for ecommerce also help out. This is actually the best ecommerce bundle available now.

E commerce is no doubt quite easy when you are using joomla and easier when using applications like VirtueMart. For those with a professional knowledge- it is the all powerful, and still the best also for beginners!!

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