Benighted Google Services seeking limelight

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Benighted Google Services seeking limelight

Benighted Google Services seeking limelight

Google has explored itself from a leading search engine into an quintessential powerhouse of the web, furnishing the latest web technologies. And as all know, today Google is the emperor of the Web market. There are very rare fields in the internet which is left untouched by Google. Different users use Google for different purposes depending on their motive of use. The most common web services by Google which are popular and are used in a large scale are mainly  : Google search, Google mail, Google images, Google Docs, Google maps, etc. But there are many more services which haven’t got much attention than they deserve and can be proven essentially facilitated  for the users. Some of the services which need just a polish of attention to shine in the market are given below:

Google Patent search

This service provides users a search engine for patents on different topics and also allows to download and explore patents from different fields such as physics, chemistry, medicine, technology, biotech and much more. This service is useful for researches , in which users can read and download the data  in the docx or pdf format.

Benighted Google Services seeking limelight

Google Swirl

Google images is successfully satisfy all our needs related to the search of visuals, but a time comes when an image search does not provide the precise image what a user is looking for. Google swirl, which was said to be(but not proven) similar to Bing, was launched in 2009 as a component of Google lab’s has many essential features. Although, Google Swirl is still under Development.

Benighted Google Services seeking limelight

 Benighted Google Services seeking limelightGoogle fast Flip

It is a service which facilitates users to browse blogs, news, famous topics in a format of print magazine both in phone and mobile phones. By this service, a user can browse through more than one article until he finds something he likes, and apart from it he can also search for his favorite topics to find the related articles. Google provide this service by collaborating with publishers like The Atlantic, New york times, Washington post, etc.

Benighted Google Services seeking limelight

Google Boutiques

This service is definitely a very attractive and facilitating service for women. It consists of the online shop (personalized by Google), which has a collection of fabulous fashion items from across the globe. The most interesting part is that one can search and buy items classified by color, sizes, pattern, and much more.

Benighted Google Services seeking limelight

Google Panoramio

This service works best for the tourism and travel. It was Acquired by Google in 2007.  It allows any user to explore places, cities, monuments, and much more through photography accessed by Google Earth and Google Maps. The user who needs to check out any destination before planning to purchase plane tickets for the destination can take the benefit of the service.

Benighted Google Services seeking limelight

Google music search

The search for music and songs ends here, as the Google Music provides a search engine where a user can search any desired music on the web. It also provides the feature to search  categorized by artists, albums and songs. The latest songs can easily be found at this place.

Benighted Google Services seeking limelightSimilarly, there are much more Google services which need attention and of course the response of users to explore in the web such as: Google’s -Book search, catalogs, calculator, Froogle, Definitions, Currency conversions, Squared, etc.

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